Persuasion Techniques

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How the Sharia authorities of Aceh persuade citizens to get on with their religious obligations.

Loud Persuasion

In the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Natsir Ilyas of the Sharia & Prosperous Families Office explains that efforts to enforce Islamic sharia law continue:

We use various methods of persuasion to encourage people to live by sharia.

Some of the tactics used are routine raids on places where sin is thought to be going on as well as sending around Sharia Office cars with loudspeakers attached to the roofs.

For the latter method, every Friday from around 9am officers of the Wilayatul Hisbah (WH), usually female ones, go about armed with loudspeakers and loudly remind males that it is Friday and therefore they must perform prayers in a mosque.

Then again at 12.00 another sweep is made, and any straggling men who have failed to duck out of sight are again directed towards the nearest mosque.

However it seems these persuasion techniques only meet with limited success, with many men still said to be shirking.

Women are not required to pray in mosques on Fridays however they are required to cover their heads, arms and legs every day of the week. Occasional raids are carried out in busy places and since the beginning of 2008 about 1000 women have been caught and given a verbal dressing down. antara

Gentle Persuasion

In this music video a young Acehnese woman jiggles about and sings of the importance of sharia for women, and of keeping western ways at bay.

7 Comments on “Persuasion Techniques”

  1. sputjam says:

    The islam of today is not the islam of mohamed, abraham, moses or jesus. God forbids idol worship, whilst today’s moslem promotes it. God warns mankind against preachers/imams/religious scholars in the koran, but today’s moslem ignore this. There are no holy places in he koran, nor houses of worship. You can communicate with God anywhere, anytime and in any direction. Today’s moslem waste time and money building mosque and spending their time in it.

    Islamic preachers dare not debate openly on the relegion of islam as it is full of hypocrisy. God calls mankind not to submit themselves to religion, but to serve God by doing good deeds and be righteous and virtuos and to distance from evil deeds. It is a simple set of instructions which only those truly guided can undestand.

    Only those who are above religion can truly see the evil that permeates through these institution.

  2. Shloka says:

    LOL! LOL! LOL! “Jiggles about” very rightly describes what this woman is doing. These colorful jilbabs in pastel shades look rather nice, compared to dreary black hijabs or worse niqabs. In India, at least from what I’ve observed, middle class and richer women don’t wear any sort of Islamic clothes, while poorer or rural women wear the black burkha very often the niqab as well.

    There aren’t any black burkhas or niqabs in Indonesia and Malaysia, are there?

  3. perseus says:

    Unbelievable video. So shaking your booty for the camera is ok if you wear a jilbab?

    Is it fair dinkum or a spoof??

    Pretty chick though – would not mind getting her out of that fugly jilbab…

  4. David says:

    The lyrics of the song are the most interesting bit.. anyone can read Acehnese? I can get bits of it, but not all. She’s singing about obeying Islamic law, that women must cover their aurat, must wear jilbab, mustn’t wear tight clothes. They must guard against western culture, then she says something about churches di awak barat, jak bak gereja, not sure exactly what, don’t know what on earth she’s singing about churches for… Although of course she’s just put there in front of the camera, someone else no doubt wrote the thing.

  5. diego says:

    Oh, thanks to the video, now I know the right pronounciation of syariat. I used to pronounce it sya-ri-at, plain. Now I’ll try to do it correctly, with the nasal sound,… syoriyyaaat.

  6. Purba Negoro says:

    Diego- very amusing.

    People- don’t be Sheeple. This is not Singa-bore.
    Please be sensible not emotive immature bellicose and indeed belly-cose Ostrayans.

    This is a ploy by Nationalist parties to give full leaash to Islamic morons so they weill alienate themslves amnongst their own demographic.

    Watch and learn from the masters- this is how it is done with Western moral masturbator looking over Idnonesia’s shoulder.

    We cannot simply shove them onto pikes anymore- Western armchair activist wet their trousers and cry foul and lament their human rights.

    Patience- Sabar, ya? Do not allow yourselves to be ruled by reactionary emotion- like a Westerner.

    Sit. Watch. Wait. Contemplate. Enjoy the skill of the dhalang master puppeteer. The battle scene is still some time away.

  7. muhammad ali says:

    Islamic preachers dare not debate openly on the relegion of islam as it is full of hypocrisy.

    This is not true. There are many Islamic scholars here in the US engaged in religious debat. Please look up in Adnan Rashid, Zakiri Naik, Shabir Ally, Jalal, Nadir Ahmad, Yusuf Estes, and many more all ready for a debate. Here try this link, I love this Adnan Vs Joy Smith debate in Hyde Park:

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