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Jakarta Governor’s one-fingered salute sparks outrage.

Fauzi Bowo says Foke You!
Fµ©|< You

Jakarta Governor, Dr Fauzi Bowo (a.k.a. Foke, Fuzzy Bozo), has unleashed a storm of criticism after the above image circulated through Twitter.

The unusual picture was taken moments after Dr Bowo had presented a prize to the young adults in the photo, winners of a music competition.

When asked later why he had flipped the bird, the politician pleaded his innocenceThe Jakarta Post:

I have no idea what the gesture means, even until now. I just followed the band members gesturing the middle finger. Apparently all band members do that, don’t they?

It remains to be seen whether Jakartan voters will give Dr Bowo the finger in return; the first round of the Jakarta Governor election is on 11 July 2012.

Meanwhile, a rival candidate for the Jakarta Governor election also likes using hand gestures.

However, Mr Joko Widodo (PDIP’s candidate and currently the Mayor of Solo), has shown more experience and form.

Joko Widodo and Slank

He recently visited local rock band Slank and copied the band members’ less offensive gesture to the cameras.

Joko Widodo Metal

Mr Widodo is possibly Indonesia’s only metal-loving mayor – note also the Napalm Death t-shirt. Last year, he publicly expressed his wish for Metallica to play a concert in Solo.yorissebastian

Such sentiments would not go down well in many parts of Indonesia, especially Aceh. However, Mr Widodo remains popular in Solo; he has a reputation as a can-do mayor who helps the poor, reduces government red-tape/bureaucracy and rejects the perks of office in favour of a modest lifestyle.

9 Comments on “Foke You”

  1. David says:

    Fuzzy has a history of spontaneously joining in on the fun wherever he is, even church…


  2. madrotter says:

    Mr Widodo seems like he’s a nice fella:)

  3. Chris says:

    Fuzzy has a history of spontaneously joining in on the fun wherever he is, even church…

    Does Fuzzy only do it before an election, or is he perpetually “all things to all people” ?

  4. David says:

    I’d like to see him visiting a strip club one week before the election day.. almost doesn’t bear thinking about.

  5. madrotter says:

    next visit to another “sister city” !

  6. bonni says:

    And yet he’s still that stupid… He doesn’t even know what it means like he didn’t understand the substance of women wearing short skirts, traffic jam, floods, etc… That dummy… I’d rather Joko Wi…

  7. Chris says:

    Thanks Bonnie for your comment.

    For IM readers who aren’t aware of Fauzi’s opinion on short skirts, here it is:

    Governor advises women to dress accordingly

  8. Rob says:

    Joko Widodo throws the horns in a Napalm Death t-shirt? He seems like my kind of dude.

  9. Dark Angel says:

    Joko will bring “wind of change” to Jakarta and Indonesia politics…GB him!

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