Censorship of Films & East Timor

Jan 11th, 2006, in News, by

The banning or censoring of three films about Indonesia’s role in East Timor.

Three films dealing with the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, two documentaries and one animated project, have been banned from a film festival in Jakarta next month because it is feared they will “reopen old wounds”, or, more likely, because the government does not wish people to see at least some of the truth of Indonesia’s sometimes disgraceful role in East Timor.

Titie Said, head of Indonesia’s film sensor board, said:

We feared the films might ‘reopen old wounds’ at a time when a bridge of friendship is being built between East Timor and Indonesia.

This is the first time since the days of the Suharto regime that whole films have been banned for political reasons, in recent times the censorship board has confined itself to ordering cuts only. The board head said however that the film makers were free to resubmit the films.

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  1. Felis says:

    Can the Indonesians face the truth?

  2. si bibir mer says:

    They don’t even dare to expose domestic religion injustice, how can you expect Indonesian government to expose East Timor injustice?
    Have you ever heard the religious massarce of Situbondo when many Moslem clerics and their people massarce Christians and burn their churches? Will they ever get exposed? No. Indonesian Moslem are only good and quick to recite the name of their God, but not to follow God himself.

  3. riyoz says:

    I’ve watched john pilger’s movie about east timor “death of a nation” it quite enlihtening….no it’s not about muslim killing christians, coz’ suharto’s general who carried out operation comodo, gen. LB Moerdani, is a catholic, and most members of csis where suharto got his reccomendations are non-muslims….it’s about a brutal military dictatorship invading a portion of a small island with a green light to go and full-support from govts of us and australian, even the indonesian people at that time don’t have a clue about what’s been going on in east timor….you see, during the suharto years flow of informations are controlled by the govt, the indonesians are suppressed by suharto, in 84 the regime even slaughtered muslims in Tanjung Priok, and govt intels created it’s own ‘muslim terrorist’ group by the name of ‘komando jihad’ as a pretext for suppressing other muslims in this country….

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