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Results for the East Java election and photos of some campaign banners, posters and slogans for each team.

Predicted, unofficial results for the East Java governor’s election held on July 23rd:

  • Soekarwo-Saifullah Yusuf (Partai Demokrat, PAN, (& PKS)) – 27%
  • Khofifah Indar Parawansa-Mudjiono (PPP & PKPB, PBR, PNBK, PPNUI, PKPI, PDS, Partai Merdeka, PNI Marhaenisme, Partai Pelopor, PBSD, PSI) – 25%
  • Sutjipto-Ridwan Hisyam (PDI Perjuangan) – 21%
  • Soenarjo-Ali Maschan Musa (Golkar) – 19%
  • Achmady-Suhartono (PKB-Gus Dur) – 8%

Turnout was around 60%. okezone

Results seemed to be based largely on how popular and well-known each figure was, with party affiliation playing little role, even during the campaign, except in the case of Sutjipto-Ridwan Hisyam, nominated by PDI Perjuangan, and to a lesser and entirely hopeless extent, in the candidacy of Achmady, nominated by PKB-Gus Dur.

Because no candidate won at least 30% a run-off election will have to be staged, between “Uncle Karwo” (Pakde Karwo/Soekarwo) and Khofifah, with the former thought more likely to win, splitting the “Islamic” vote with Khofifah, but taking the bulk of the abangan/”nationalist” vote. okezone

Pakde Karwo

Soekarwo (Pakde Karwo) and Saifullah Yusuf (Gus Ipul) are fairly well known figures in the province and had worked long and hard to build up support in the Islamic/pesantren community in rural/provincial areas. Corruption allegations against “Uncle Karwo” did likely weaken his campaign somewhat, preventing him taking the election in the first round.

They were nominated by the Partai Demokrat and Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN), and were also supported by the Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS).

The moustache duo.

Food stall banner. “I love Uncle Karwo”.


Khofifah Indar Parawansa from the Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP) and Brigadier General (ret.) Mudjiono entered the race fairly late, just managing to pass the 15% electoral threshold (after the PKS chose not to support her, because of her sex) allowing them to participate by cobbling together a motley coalition of a dozen odd minor parties that included the evangelical Christians of the Partai Damai Sejahtera (PDS) and the youthful gentlemen of the Partai Patriot.

The ticket’s main slogan – “Prosperous Stable Peaceful, Together”.

The love of a mother lasts, even if it comes across a little smug.

Squaring it with Islam. “Religion does not forbid a woman from becoming Governor”.

One of the few posters where it was (sort of) clear which main party was supporting Khofifah – the Kabah party, PPP.

Leather jacket man appeared on a great number of election banners even though he wasn’t running for office. He is from the Partai Patriot (the “Party of youth”), which seemed to go all-out for Khofifah.


Sutjipto and Ridwan Hisyam are not particularly well-known figures and their campaign relied on the appeal of Megawati and the core support of the PDI Perjuangan. Unlike the other candidates, almost all their promotional material featured party attributes, flags, as well as photos of Megawati and Sukarno.

The pairing won the largest share of votes in the provincial capital Surabaya, and in southern, less santri-ised areas like Tulungagung, Trenggalek, and Blitar, and in areas near the Party’s base of Central Java like Magetan and Kediri.

The Sutjipto-Ridwan Hisyam team won the prize for the fanciest and most imposing banners.

Cak Useri votes PDI-P.

Local boy.


Soenarjo-Ali Maschan Musa from Golkar ran a non-descript campaign with some fairly low-key offers to make medicine, schooling, and various other things, “free”, and polled relatively well for Golkar in East Java.

Please vote for us.


Achmady, from Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB), is little known outside of Lamongan, and the PKB ran a seemingly poorly organised and barely visible campaign. Their dismal showing in the party’s strongest province is a considerable blow to Gus Dur and his daughter Yenny Wahid.

Some stickers on a pole, little else to be seen of the Achmady campaign in Surabaya.

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  1. bukakelambu says:

    LOL that #3 guy (the one on the right) looks exactly like someone who would drain the provincial government coffers dry, i know i shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but i couldn’t help it! ANYWAY, i miss authentic indonesian nasi campur alot! So if i were to vote i would probably coblos the first guy!


  2. Lairedion says:

    “Agama Tidak Melarang Perempuan untuk Menjadi Gubernur”?

    But Islam does. I’m gutted with Khofifah. She’s not showing the spirit of True Muslimas by trying to run for gubernur in stead of devoting her time to “kasih ibu sepanjang masa.”

    You gotta love those food stall banners. Wong cilik understand very well it’s all about food and drinks.

  3. Rambutan says:

    Whoever wins, the coffers will be ‘drained dry’.

  4. Odinius says:

    There’s still something in the coffers?

  5. ultratupai says:

    Please, bring back Soekarno.

  6. bigwhiteinfidel says:

    They’re all a bunch of corrupt bastards. The painful thing was I had to look at their ugly mugs on posters for so long here in East Java. I did laugh when I came back from a holiday in Bali in May though. All the posters went up while I was there and on the way home from Juanda I saw the poster for number 5 with Gus Ipul on it. I thought about changing some of the posters from Gus Ipul to Gus “Upil”. Nevermind….I thought it was funny. I’ll go back to work now.

  7. gOObers says:

    Who are these people? Are they the member of Srimulat?

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