Adinda Bakrie & Seng-Hoo Ong

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LampungAdinda Bakrie marries Seng-Hoo Ong in lavish style in a multi-billion rupiah affair.

The niece of Coordinating Social Affairs minister Aburizal Bakrie, and daughter of former PT Lapindo Brantas owner Indra Usmansyah Bakrie and restauranteur Gaby Djorgie, Adinda Bakrie married Seng-Hoo Ong on July 25th, her new husband himself belonging to a wealthy business family, in Singapore.

Adinda Bakrie & Seng-Hoo Ong.

Wearing traditional clothes in the Lampung style the couple later presided over a lavish reception held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, attended by much of the Jakarta political and economic elite, including, among others:

  • Jusuf Kalla, vice president
  • Agung Laksono, parliament co-chairman
  • AM Fatwa, parliament co-chairman
  • Anwar Nasution, head of Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan
  • Agus Martowardoyo, Bank Mandiri director
  • Hatta Rajasa, State Secretary
  • Chairul Tanjung, businessman
  • Jero Wacik, Tourism minister
  • Surya Dharma Ali, Koperasi minister
  • Bachtiar Chamsyah, Social Affairs minister
  • Ali Alatas, ex-Foreign minister

While some of the performers who entertained the crowd included Vina Panduwinata, Christopher Abimanyu, Memes, and Mike from Indonesian Idol, assisted by the Twilight Orchestra.

The wedding and reception is estimated to have cost about 20 billion rupiah, or over 2 million dollars, with a fair share of this amount likely going to the hired wedding planner from Hollywood, Preston Bailey, who has previously been contracted by Donald Trump, for one or other of Trump’s weddings. waspada

Win Hendarso, the regent of Sidoarjo – the location of the never-ending Lapindo Brantas mudflow disaster – did not attend, perhaps because he wasn’t invited, but sent a bouquet of flowers anyway. inilah

38 Comments on “Adinda Bakrie & Seng-Hoo Ong”

  1. dragonwall says:

    Whatever the girls father did I am sure it has nothing to do with the groom. The person may be from England, Australia or any country.

    Of course this is a marriage of political and economic motivation.

    So what kind of political motivation, that ARB is going to takeover Singapore! or what?

    Why else would any attractive woman settle for such hideous features, lady-hands, sharing cosmetic products and a lifetime of premature ejaculation and prepubescent genitalia.

    You pencil dick two bit GFN ancient homosapien. I am trying to figure out how could that be unless you had that experience of his premature ejaculation with you so called prepubescent genitalia in order to come up with such a wonderful and yet dissatisfied expression.

    As per Seng Hoo- why did his family flee to Singapore after making money in Indonesia?

    And you are sure he is an Indonesian who had flee to Singapore. Can you differentiate between fleeing and emigration.

    Parasitic exploitation of the pribumi, illegality and immorality obviously did not figure high in Bakrie’s mind.

    So you are saying that ARB did not make any background check before his daughter wed someone whom you call parasitic exploiter! of the Pribumi! and that you thought of illegality and immorality persist in the mind of a lunatic?

    So, which is the better epithet: Gold digger or traitor?

    Tell me which epithet you prefer? Gold digger or traitor. I think both will suit you fine right!

    This expressly show by way of speech you had a bias thinking that I consider blatantlly baseless and unproven. Care to comment..

  2. JRob says:

    Anyone who thinks this girl is beautiful by any standard should go see her in person.

    Money sure can buy you everything.

  3. m3LL says:

    My God!!! He’s damn ugly!!! And yes, her hair is in her lunch… Who’s richer anyway? he or she? She is daughter of the RICHEST man in Indonesia??? Who could be richer in this country?? I think getting a rich guy to be her husband is not her point of marrying ugly Seng.

  4. roseb says:

    For someone who has dated ugly man, I have to say most of the time they are much nicer, smarter etc. Most times, physical attributes doesn’t really count for women as much as it is for men. We tend to like guys who has more in the brain area than muscle. Although not knowing these couple personally, I think we should congratulate them in their future instead of condemning their lavish wedding. It’s their money, let them use it however they want it.

  5. Rizal Escobar says:

    I totally agree with the comment by Mal Kulu…be rational people and let not the anger committed by others punish these two newly weds!!! Seng is a fine gentleman and Adinda must’ve seen something special in him that others don’t. What transpired with Lapindo was truly unfortunate and my heartiest condolences to the victims.

  6. andre says:

    Of course they will need no prenup agreement, they wealth are belongs to their each family, nothing to be shared if they ever got divorce and some of their wealth are actually belongs to pubic they got from Coruption and Nepotism
    they got nothing to loose

  7. Oigal says:

    It’s their money, let them use it however they want it.

    Plenty of people would be prepared to debate that point

  8. Syekh Memuji says:

    Did they get married in order to establish a new Firm in the Future? Lapindo Seng?

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