Annisa Trihapsari

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Annisa TrihapsariLovely actress Annisa Trihapsari formally becomes a jilbaber.

Annisa Trihapsari, having recently become a mother, has decided to give thanks to God for sending her a child, and for giving her such as lovely husband, by choosing to wear the Muslim headscarf whenever she goes about.

Annisa Trihapsari
Annisa Trihapsari, various parts semi-visible.

Annisa says she actually started wearing the jilbab after marrying Sultan Djorghi but the birth of her child has made her even more determined to cover herself up in public, as thanks to God.

My mother used to tell me to wear the jilbab but I didn’t want to, but since I got married I’ve had the conviction that I should cover my aurat, so that my husband doesn’t worry when I am away, so he knows his wife conceals her modesty.

Her husband Sultan Djorghi is said to be very pleased Annisa covers up, and it makes them a happier couple, Annisa Trihapsari says.

Annisa Trihapsari
Annisa Trihapsari, jilbabed.

Annisa, as an actress, hopes that prospective employers will understand her situation and provide her with roles where the wearing of the scarf is possible. inilah

13 Comments on “Annisa Trihapsari”

  1. kinch says:

    Looks a bit well-used in the hat and in any case it’s all downhill (physically) from now on given her age… so I guess she’s doing us all a favour by covering it up 😀

  2. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Maybe something went wrong during childbirth.

  3. Lairedion says:

    Wearing jilbab is useless. Allah thinks all women are whores and only half worth a man so why bother.

  4. timdog says:

    An aquaintence of mine claimed to have invented the term “Jil-babe” for any attractive female of the headscarf-wearing persuassion… he wasn’t that funny, so I suspect he stole it from someone else; still, it’s a good term… I don’t think Annisa really qualifies as a Jil-babe though…

  5. kinch says:

    To the extent that jilbabs are positively off-putting and @#$#-shrinking, one cannot fault them for performing their advertised function.

    Lairedion: Sounds like the old guy in the sky has lived for at least 50 summers and grown weary of Block M.

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    timdog said

    An aquaintence of mine claimed to have invented the term “Jil-babe” for any attractive female of the headscarf-wearing persuassion…

    Policewomen in Aceh wearing the jilbab are now called jailbabes.

  7. timdog says:

    Jailbabes… awesome…
    Incidentally, as a purely random aside (I haven’t done one of them for a while), in North Korea to be a traffic policeperson, you must be tall, female, and attractive… and to be a member of Colonel Gadaffi’s personal bodyguard team you must also be female and attractive (and must also wear a retro pseudo-military uniform and look like a backing dancer from a Robert Palmer video)… There you go – there’s my random aside…
    Don’t think Annisa would make it as a North Korean traffic cop or a Gadaffi bodyguard, with or without the tea-towel…

  8. Lairedion says:

    dewa said:

    Policewomen in Aceh wearing the jilbab are now called jailbabes

    She can always apply for such a position in Indonesia’s own Afghanistan should she fail to get proper roles with her new looks.

  9. tya says:

    Well, very good for her …
    Just don’t understand why the people especially who sent email or gave comment to her , very annoying and bad thinking….
    Why we didn’t respect her choice n support her?
    Isn’t it hard to do that?

    That suppose to do as moslem people, respect herself as a women and be good wife n mother, whoever talked bad about Allah … let Allah punish them.

  10. funny says:

    well if it’s her choice then its her choice. more power for her.

    but since you are quite passionate about this issue, tya;

    would u support those that decided not to wear it?

    Allah does hate hypocrate, yes?

  11. PTCND says:

    She looks modest in jilbab.
    For those like to wear bikinis , shorts and porn like artists just go ahead and make your day! Who cares

  12. gerie says:

    use less…just for covered her bitchy….same with her mother..bitchy…people always cover their sin,run to their relogion….

  13. tikaperwita says:

    I ever saw her at a mall with a fashionable abaya and head scarf. Very elegant, according to the Shari’a and still beautiful… subhanallah… i hope she stick in her beliefs and become better every day, no matter what people say. it’s not their business…

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