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Who would be the best running mate for Megawati in the 2009 election.

Megawati is determined to run once again for president in 2009, and her chances of success largely seem to depend on forming the best coalition, and having an appealing running-mate, or at least one more appealing than her 2004 partner, dull . These are the names which are usually mentioned in this respect:

  • Akbar Tandjung
  • Wiranto
  • Sultan Hamengkubuwono X
  • Hidayat Nur Wahid
  • Sutiyoso

Other figures who have been mentioned in the past:

  • Agung Laksono
  • Jusuf Kalla
  • Din Syamsuddin

Megawati’s best chance of success is thought to lie in an alliance with Hidayat Nurwahid of the PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), with Maruarar Sirait of the PDIP suggesting the two would be an unbeatable team, with the PKS strong in the towns, the PDIP strong in the villages.

Hidayat Nur Wahid
Hidayat Nur Wahid

However Mohamad Nabil of the Centre for Religion and Culture at UIN says the PKS in joining up with Megawati would ruin its reputation for consistency, given that it has in the past rejected the idea that women can lead (see Khofifah Indar Parawansa), it’s most loyal supporters would lose faith in it, and see it as a “sell out”, a mean power grab.

Yudi Latif from the Reform Institute says the secular nationalism of the PDIP and the Islamism of the PKS cannot be reconciled. inilah

A recent poll by Indo Barometer, in the wake of fuel price increases, puts Megawati’s support at 30%, as opposed to president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 20%. jakartapost

21 Comments on “Mega 2009”

  1. kinch says:


  2. Jacko says:

    Sultan would be the best running mate!

  3. kinch says:

    A good question regarding the above list is: Which (if any) would you swerve to avoid if you seen transfixed in the headlights of your hypothetical Hummer?

    I suspect this is the kind of refined debate Patung had in mind when he posted this depressing article.

  4. kinch says:

    saw him transfixed even… don’t want that Language Cop Farah getting on my case… she ever did that once before and now it hurts when I sit down.

  5. kinch says:

    Is it against Indonesian Law (such as it is) to speculate publicly on Mega’s IQ?

  6. timdog says:

    I don’t think it’s particularly taboo to suggest that the lady is of limited intellectual resources; even Gus Dur did it when he was President: “Aren’t we a funny pair to be running a country – I can’t see; Megawati can’t speak – hahahahahah!” (those may not have been his exact words, but it was something like that).
    It’ll be interesting to see if she wins – I suppose that will be the point at which we really see whether or not Indonesia is interested in the dynastic “democracy” that typifies South Asia (where underqualified ladies hold sway over politics purely on account of who Daddy was). Admittedly the big two from that part of the world were formidible monstrosities in a way that Mega certainly is not, but the Bangladeshi ones are of a similar style…
    Ideally she needs to get shot – I don’t mean that in a “kill Megawati – she’s evil!” kind of way; it would just gaurantee a future presidency for one of her kids… or all of them – a la India…
    If it turns out that Indonesia is up for this sort of thing then I suggest that Tutut has another go at standing for presidency, possibly with Tommy as her running mate…

  7. Mullah Omar says:

    Abu bakr basheer!!!

  8. Andrew says:

    I didn’t see anything out of her time serving as president a few years ago (anyone, remind me if I failed to see any contribution she made), why would anyone choose her again? She’s like a lame duck, sitting there doing nothing. Unfortunately, politics isn’t a function of brain or capability.

  9. Vara Jambak says:

    Prof. Dr. Dewi Fortuna Anwar.
    peneliti, sangat cerdas, intelektual Islam, dihormati di dunia internasional, pernah menjabat penasehat presiden, bukan militer, bukan sultan dan bukan “Islam” yang mewakili kepentingan penguasa “Arab” seperti “Charta Medina” atau “Piagam Jakarta”

  10. tomaculum says:

    Maria Elka Pangestu for President and Mega as Vice?

  11. Rambutan says:

    Taufiq Kiemas

  12. shorty says:

    if mega and pdi-p were smart they wouldn’t be casting the net for a vice presidential running mate.

    face it, she has limited political skills, populist appeal based on sentiment and emotion, not ability. her party support base is too small to ensure stability in the top job, and to withstand censure from the mpr/dpr.

    these weaknesses are also her strengths…….

    maybe she/pdi-p should look for a strong presidential candidate to do a deal…mega for vp, but in return for me/my party’s support we want these concessions…..

    it could be an attractive proposition for a front running candidate….mega delivers the pdi-p vote (a shoe in for example for golkar), and you get a vp not after your hat!

    mega, these questions are for you…

    if you shoot for the top you may not get it, or at best have to compromise on your party’s agenda. do a deal for vp, and you can assure some of your party’s political agenda.

    so, back to the questions..

    are you pursuing pres for egotistical reasons


    do you have a genuine desire to change/improve ri?

    and if so

    which of these alternatives would best achieve your party’s goals?

  13. kinch says:

    right… but these are questions an intelligent person would ask. next please!

  14. Odinius says:

    Din Syamsuddin

    worst idea ever. no wait…

    Hidayat Nur Wahid

    worst idea ever!

  15. Odinius says:

    If she picks Din or HNW, it will just underscore that no party in Indonesia stands for anything. I already think that’s the case, but at this point we could just bury the corpse.

  16. Purba Negoro says:

    Democracy is a western onanism.
    The Rakyat continue to be serfs to the elites- and all measurable living standards are worse than under Suharto.

    Prabowo as next King of Indonesia.

  17. dragonwall says:

    You are beginning to make sense nowadays..

    Mega as the running mate to SBY would make a likely logic to the Indonesians..

    Yang lain singkir aja.

  18. dragonwall says:

    Democracy could be for Indonesia if the government is prepared to go all out to educate the uneducated majorities in understanding what is the better value of life.

    Personal concept far exceed any thinking one can indoctrinate others into believing and differentiate between what is right and wrong by removing the religious factor.

  19. daniel says:

    If the people decide to vote for mega again, then the country is going down the drain again ( period )

  20. putra says:

    If the people decide to vote for mega again, then the country is going down the drain again ( period )

    In fact, with only 400M rupiahs, Mega has successfully conducted the 2004 general election recognized by the international community as the most democratic election ever conducted in Indonesia. On the contrary, with not less than 2,2T rupiahs spending, the recent 2009 general election was considered as the most chaotic democracy practice ever existed in the Indonesian history. So, Mr Daniel may be knowledgeable enough to gauge capacity of the two leaders.

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