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Spoilt for choice in the 2009 elections, almost three dozen political parties to choose from, most with their own acronym.

34 political parties will be allowed to participate in the 2009 elections by the Electoral Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum, KPU), 16 of which are established parties, that is, they passed verification at least partly based on their performance in the 2004 elections, these being: inilah

  1. Partai Amanat Nasional, PAN
  2. Partai Bintang Reformasi, PBR
  3. Partai Bulan Bintang, PBB
  4. Partai Damai Sejahtera, PDS
  5. Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan, PDIP
  6. Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, PKS
  7. Partai Demokrat, PD
  8. Partai Golkar
  9. Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa, PKB
  10. Partai Persatuan Pembangunan, PPP
  11. Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan Indonesia, PKPI
  12. Partai Demokrasi Kebangsaan, PDK
  13. Partai Nasional Indonesia (PNI) Marhaenisme
  14. Partai Pelopor
  15. Partai Penegak Demokrasi Indonesia, PPDI
  16. Partai Karya Peduli Bangsa, PKPB

Another 18 parties, new or re-born, also succeeded in registering:

  1. Partai Barisan Nasional, Barnas
  2. Partai Demokrasi Pembaruan, PDP
  3. Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya, Gerindra
  4. Partai Hati Nurani Rakyat, Hanura
  5. Partai Indonesia Sejahtera, PIS
  6. Partai Karya Perjuangan, PKP
  7. Partai Kasih Demokrasi Indonesia, PKDI
  8. Partai Kebangkitan Nasional Ulama, PKNU
  9. Partai Kedaulatan
  10. Partai Matahari Bangsa, PMB
  11. Partai Nasional Banteng Kemerdekaan (PNBK) Indonesia
  12. Partai Patriot
  13. Partai Peduli Rakyat, PPR
  14. Partai Pemuda Indonesia, PPI
  15. Partai Pengusaha dan Pekerja Indonesia, PPPI
  16. Partai Perjuangan Indonesia Baru, PPIB
  17. Partai Persatuan Daerah, PPD
  18. Partai Republik Nusantara, RepublikaN

These parties had registered but didn’t make the cut: detik

  1. Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional
  2. Partai Pemersatu Bangsa
  3. Partai Demokrasi Kebangsaan Bersatu
  4. Partai Republiku Indonesia
  5. Partai Nurani Umat
  6. Partai Kristen Demokrat
  7. Partai Bhinneka Indonesia
  8. Partai Nusantara Kedaulatan Rakyat Indonesia
  9. Partai Merdeka
  10. Partai Kristen Indonesia 1945
  11. Partai Reformasi
  12. Partai Pembaruan Bangsa
  13. Partai Demokrasi Perjuangan Rakyat
  14. Partai Indonesia Tanah Air Kita
  15. Partai Persatuan Sarikat Indonesia
  16. Partai Kasih
  17. Partai Kongres

In Aceh, where local parties are permitted, six out of ten applicants succeeded in registering. kompas

  1. Partai Aceh, PA
  2. Partai Aceh Aman Sejahtera, PAAS
  3. Partai Bersatu Atjeh, PBA
  4. Partai Daulat Aceh, PDA
  5. Partai Rakyat Aceh, PRA
  6. Partai Suara Independen Rakyat Aceh, SIRA

Those which were rejected: okezone

  1. Partai Aliansi Rakyat Aceh Peduli Perempuan (PARA)
  2. Partai Darussalam (PD)
  3. Partai Generasi Aliansi Beusaboh Thaat dan Bertaqwa (Gabthat)
  4. Partai Lokal Aceh (PLA)

No news of the Thaliban Party.

22 Comments on “Political Acronym List”

  1. kinch says:

    PNI Marhaenisme all the way!

  2. trane says:

    Thanks Patung.

    Any impressions on what the new parties stand for?

    My own impression of PIS (whose party handshake as I understand is the V-sign – “peace, man…”) is that they try to occupy a position and an image somewhere between the entrepreneurial, managerial-style Golkar (á la Kalla) and the anti-corruption and welfare stance of PKS.

    But I guess the majority of parties would like to take up that space in people’s imagination…

    From this link it would seem that the party is relatively strong in Bali:


  3. Rambutan says:

    Quite a few of the new parties are of ‘nationalist’ outlook and run and financed by (retired) military figures. Wiranto, Prabowo, Sutiyoso. I hope the new electoral threshold prevents all these useless parties from entering parliament, reducing the number of parties to six or seven.

    BTW, Prabowo’s Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya uses the acronym Gerindra not PGIR.

  4. David says:

    BTW, Prabowo’s Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya uses the acronym Gerindra not PGIR.

    Thanks Rambutan, fixed that, also Partai Republik Nusantara, RepublikaN not PRN. Trane, not sure really, or what Rambutan said, most seem ‘nationalist’, interesting Wiranto took the nationalist-military route not the Islam one.

  5. kinch says:

    I guess there’s still a bit more life in the old Nationalist Dog, but one has to wonder about the present state of the officer corps, post Suharto’s appointment of Feisal Tanjung (I knew a bule geologist guy who claimed to have shagged his daughter in his house and had to bolt when brother (Brimob maybe?) came home and went apesh*t.) – presumably now more of the 5-times-a-day folks in the upper ranks who are more interested in orchestrating Poso beheadings than smiting the Acehnese whenever they need a good smiting (most days of the week as far as I can tell).

  6. djoko says:

    interesting Wiranto took the nationalist-military route not the Islam one

    Not particularly interesting really, or even mildly surprising. He was Golkar’s presidential candidate last time round remember. In fact he must have been packing so little ‘Islamic’ pull, that they teamed him up with Solahuddin Wahid if I recall.

    I hope the new electoral threshold prevents all these useless parties from entering parliament, reducing the number of parties to six or seven.

    I think we’re a long long long long long way off from that if Aceh (one province alone) is capable of proposing 10 parties and getting over half of them to pass verification. I think the electoral laws need a massive tightening up, but most Indonesians probably wouldn’t accept it, still being hypersensitive to anything like that post Soeharto.

  7. Rambutan says:

    Passing verification is one thing but getting the votes is another. Currently only seven parties represented in the DPR won more than the required 2.5% in 2004. Next year PBB without Yusril will have difficulties making the cut. Of the new parties only Hanura has the potential to win over 2.5%. It’s likely that only six or seven parties will be represented in parliament for the period 2009-2014.

    Re Wiranto. He wouldn’t be credible as a purely ‘Islamic’ candidate but he has links to and allies in Islamic parties (PKS figures Anis Matta and Fahri Hamzah for instance) and organisations.

  8. Hans says:

    Any volunteers to translate those acronyms into English? 😉

  9. timdog says:

    @ Hans
    1. The National Mandate Party
    2. The Reform Star Party
    3. The Moon and Star Party
    4. The Peace and Prosperity Party
    Oh god! Why did I start????
    5. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle
    HELP ME!
    6. The Justice and Prosperity Party
    7. The Democratic Party
    8. Golkar (Functional Groups Party)
    9. The National Resurgence Party
    10. The Development Association Party

  10. Patrick says:

    @Timdog – you left out the party @ CJs on Saturday nights! : > )

  11. Syonan says:

    What a mess, too many parpol, not good for the stability and unity of Indonesia. A law should be created limiting the country to two or three main parties only for the effective running of the country.

  12. HeavenlySword says:


    Partai Aliansi Rakyat Aceh Peduli Perempuan (PARA)


    Acehnese Chick Digger Party

  13. HeavenlySword says:

    Partai Persatuan Daerah, PPD = United States.. OMG 🙁

  14. Odinius says:

    Partai Patriot will be cleaning up with the ex-Pemuda Pancasila vote.

  15. Odinius says:

    Patung says:

    interesting Wiranto took the nationalist-military route not the Islam one.

    When has he ever been “Islamic” politically?

  16. Purba Negoro says:

    Dear God not more.

    Have you ever contemplated the paradox of how rapid Indonesians and Indonesian language is against the bizarre fetish for abbreviations, acronyms and portmanteaus?

  17. Hans says:

    @timdog, thanks for giving it a shot! Respect! 🙂

    But seriously, I think that the number of parties is staggering. I don’t know how many other countries have, but is this normal? What are the effects on Indonesia’s political system if this goes on?

  18. Hans says:

    Or, one might claim: You gotta fight! For your right! To PARTEEEY!

  19. ejabraja says:

    Well, Indonesian political party is seriously a BIG JOKE! Well for starter, the number it self is outrageous and not even able to represent 2,5% vote! Most of them selling the nationalist with a hidden religious agenda. Take a look on PAN, PKB, or now is Demokrat! Everybody is afraid of seeing not nationalist, but still want to look religious in a way at least with islamic attire!!
    I have a solid fact on Partai Indonesia Sejahtera (PIS) where they cultivate nepotism in their party structure and certain number of money to get 1-3 positioned of legislative candidate! You know something, even the party chairman in the official meeting stated 50 million for number 1 position! In the end money rules! whatever your idealism is..nationalist, religious, democratic, in the end MONEY is ideal!!!!!! LOL

  20. Thomas says:

    GOP is an acronym for the Republican Party. What acronym represents the Democratic Party? What does the acronym for the Democratic Party stand for?

  21. daniel says:

    They forgot to include Birthday Party, Stag Party, Sniffing Party, Halal Bihalal Party

  22. Nathan says:

    I Always Support Prosperous Peace Party ( PDS ), I Hope It can Entering Big Five

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