Moral Virtue Vigilantes

Jun 30th, 2008, in News, by

The Front Pembela Islam are back in action, raiding places and publicly shaming sinners.

Although in early June some FPI branches in East Java were, it seemed at the time (FPI, Komando Laskar Islam & Munarman), forced to close, the Lamongan branch of the Front Pembela Islam/Islam Defenders Front has bounced back, with on 23rd June an adulterous couple suffering from the religious zeal of the men in white robes.

The FPI raided a number of night warungs and houses, places they thought prostitution, gambling and drinking were going on, in the smelly fishing town of Blimbing, Paciran.

Depending on which report is to be trusted, the FPI caught an older couple in some sort of sinful act, either in a warung or in a house, the man being Suparlan or Kusuma Darmawan, aged 60, and the woman, Isa, aged either 34 or 40, opinion is divided on the matter.

Thereafter the couple were paraded around the local area, to shame them.

At one warung alcohol was discovered and the owner, Ma’ruf, 46, had the contents of the bottles poured over him. detik

Zainal Anshar of FPI Lamongan said the government did little to deal with social ills and sin, so the FPI had to act. suryalive

And in Surabaya the local FPI branch has been reactivated, after being dormant for a month. Habib Muhammad Mahdi bin Idrus al-Habsyi, 41, says Habib Rizieq in Jakarta got in contact and asked him to replace Ali Al Habsyi, who was forced to quit by a mob in early June. Habib Muhammad Mahdi bin Idrus al-Habsyi says he has a 1000 strong group of men behind him. suarasurabaya

7 Comments on “Moral Virtue Vigilantes”

  1. Irman says:

    Look at this SBY..this is the result for not banning these i want to see what will the government do about this..

  2. Enigmatic says:

    well they cant and wont do much. not at least till the next parliamentary elections since some muslim parties probably tacitly endorse FPI.

    for now we’ve only got the memories of the PKI leader what’shisname being hauled into the police truck some days back.

  3. Janma says:

    You can actually tell that they just LOVE sin….. where’d they be without it. I know these kinds of people, the more vigilant they are in sorting out other peoples sins, the more dark secrets they harbor themselves…..

  4. Peter says:

    what a bunch of nonsense.

  5. Lairedion says:

    Janma said:

    I know these kinds of people, the more vigilant they are in sorting out other peoples sins, the more dark secrets they harbor themselves…..

    So true.

  6. zekky says:

    the more vigilant they are in sorting out other peoples sins, the more dark secrets they harbor themselves

    This reminds me of the Iranian religious judge caught red-handed committing adultery, last year.

    The real brothel is the FPI’s mind.

  7. Stupid Bule says:

    Where can I get one of those F.P.I. hooded head covers?

    Last week I was just on my way to extort and intimidate someone who had the audacity to think they had any freewill, when I realised, everyone can see my face!!!…Well, you can imagine my dismay. Of course I can’t reveal who I am to the sinning bastards I persecute and humiliate.

    It’s not easy for us moral thugs and wannabe terrorists. Many people just don’t understand how difficult it is to be an F.P.I. member. There’s the busy week’s schedule of threats and intimidation, group harassment, thuggery and bullying, not to mention the F.P.I. Party meetings, where we all get together once a week to inspect each others anuses for any illegal activities. I mean it’s bloody hard work, and those retched immoral non Party members should keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them…!! We F.P.I. members just won’t stand for this lack of appreciation anymore! I mean who do you think we are doing all of this for anyway? Being the ‘morally just’ just doesn’t seem to gain the respect it use to…

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