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Comparative traffic statistics for Indonesian news portals and websites, Detik, Kompas, etc.

The Google Trends service now provides modestly detailed traffic statistics information for websites that have at least some decent traffic. You have to be logged in to your Google account to view the actual per-day visitor estimates.


The sites that attempt to be very comprehensive, appeal to women, and have plenty of celebrity news (= traffic). Link

So on a good day, of late, alone can manage 200,000 visitors. The rank of my new personal favourite,, is still flat-lining.


The Detik property is broken up into a number of separate sites, add them all together, and no other portal/news site in Indonesia comes close, despite its ugliness and user-unfriendliness. Link.

Straight News & English

Plain Jane news sites and English sites fare far less well unsurprisingly. Link.

Indonesiamatters is certainly not in the same league as these others, it’s just put in for, er, reference.

6 Comments on “News Portals & Traffic Statistics”

  1. timdog says:

    What’s really interesting is the peaks and troughs…
    The great V-shaped plunge is Lebaran, right? And the later “half-pipe” is Christmas (interesting the depth of the fall-off is much the same as that at Lebaran, but the shape is different – why?)… Is that later mini-dip Easter? And why did Indonesia Matters buck the trend and have a mini-peak at this point? And can anyone pinpoint what caused the various peaks, particularly the two in this website’s otherwise very regular (and steadily increasing) traffic?
    Am I the only person thoroughly fascinated by all this?
    Am I… I guess I probably am…

  2. David says:

    I’m also fascinated by this so it must be just you and me.

    I can’t explain the difference in the dip shapes at Lebaran and Xmas.

    The mini peak for this site in March was I think because of Lairedion’s post on Fitna, that got some serious traffic, combined with the Ayat-Ayat Cinta post, also big traffic.

    The mid May peak possibly because of dear Sandra, and Mau Lagi to a lesser extent.

    It’s funny how there will be just a few articles that can bring a lot of traffic, the average post doesn’t do much.

  3. Hans says:

    Hey, add another person fascinated by tis, me! I can look at such stats for hours, same goes for Alexa and Compete stats to get the full picture.

    “Despite its ugliness and user-unfriendliness”, agree, totally! However, this got me wondering, do Indonesians actually prefer all those gif animations, lousy graphics, and 20+ banners? And are proper layouts like here, the Jakarta Post, and the new Kompas, considered boring by Indonesians?

  4. David says:

    And are proper layouts like here, the Jakarta Post, and the new Kompas, considered boring by Indonesians?

    You may have it right there Hans, the Detik managers may actually be just very clever, with their ugly site. Gee, this site must come across as just dull to most Indonesians then, he he he. Plus there’s the “old” webmaster saying:

    Ugly sites sell

    It refers to e-commerce sites though, it means just put a big fat “Buy Now” button right in their face, with some hideous colour scheme to go with it. Maybe it sort of applies to non-ecom sites as well, depending on the demographic, the demographic might be the key with the Detik-ugly-but-successful issue.

  5. Lairedion says:


    Indo’s like bling-bling and for sure they must have some patience considering the below-average internet connection infrastructure.

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Despite the 2 mini-peaks, the constancy and small but sustained growth in IM’s traffic is striking. Probably the reason for this is that it generates interest and loyalty by the choice and variety of the topics and the freedom of speech it allows to its commenters.
    Once one is hooked it becomes difficult to leave. Kudos.

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