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Mar 20th, 2006, in News, by

Indonesia wants to set up a consulate in the city of Ramallah on the West Bank but one obstacle lies in the way – the country has no diplomatic relations with Israel and needs its permission for the mission.

Yet the main problem Indonesia has faced is that we must obtain permission first from the Israeli government whereas Indonesia does not have a diplomatic ties with Israel.

said the foreign affairs minister Hassan Wirajuda, according to Antara.

He also said that Indonesia wants to play some sort of mediating role in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. But this role would have to conform to Indonesia’s “foreign political principles”, meaning it’s refusal to recognise Israel.

Therefore it would seem that no real role is possible other than jabber and waffle.

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  1. Sianny Gunawan says:

    I would like to visit Israel for vacation. How can I get a visa. Is there any contact address in Indonesia.
    I have Indonesian passpor. I will travel to Jordan and Israel.
    For Jordan I can get the visa easily.
    I am an Audithor/Finance controller.

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