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Bibit–Rustriningsih’s win in Central Java continues PDI-P domination, with the PKS a distant third.

Early results for the Central Java governor’s election:

  • Bibit–Rustriningsih (PDI Perjuangan) about 43%
  • Bambang Sadono-Muhammad Adnan (Golkar (& NU)) 23%
  • Sukawi Sutarip-Sudharto (PKS & PD) 15%
  • Muhammad Tamzil-Abdul Rozaq Raiz (PPP & PAN) 12%
  • Agus Soeyitno-Abdul Kholiq Arif (PKB) 7%

Turnout was in the range of 55-65%.


One analyst puts the Bibit–Rustriningsih victory down to the continued dominance of “abangan” nationalist-military feeling in Central Java, and the weak performance of the PKS down to the idea that Islamisation has largely only occurred in some towns in the province, and has not filtered through to village areas properly. inilah

Sukawi Sutarip-Sudharto of the PKS/PD did not even manage to beat the PDI candidates in Sukawi’s home district of Wonotingal, Candisari, Semarang. inilah

Another analyst says the PDI machine in the province remains the most effective, while others raised the likely related suggestion that bribing of voters played some role. antara

3 Comments on “Bibit–Rustriningsih”

  1. Rob says:

    The PKS power base remains Jakarta and West Java (particularly Banten)…

    So, this result is not all that surprising, is it?

  2. violet says:

    Agree with Rob, I always think that people in Central Java is more tolerant than those people in West Java (Banten). I do remember in Ahmadiyah Case when the recent Governor of Central Java said that he would protecting all of Ahmadiyah followers on his territory. Javanese people (Central Java and Jogja actually) are people who love peace and harmony, some people would say they’re abangan, but for me they are people who truly understand their faith in the right manner and try to love in harmony with others.

  3. perempuan rantau says:

    If this is the same Rustriningsih as the one that worked as mayor in Kebumen 2000-2005 then it is a good choice for people of Central Java. Don’t know much about Bibit, but my elders live in Kebumen and they’re really happy with Rustriningsih as their mayor. The growth in Kebumen was strong under her. And she managed to get close with people of Kebumen through radio live every morning to discuss situation in Kebumen and people can sms directly to her to tell their problem or voice their opinion.

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