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Jun 20th, 2008, in Opinion, by

Ross on BIN chief Muchdi’s questioning by police over the murder of activist Munir.

The former deputy head of the country’s spy service, BIN, has been taken into custody, apparently voluntarily, in connection with the murder of the rights activist Munir. He is presumably meant to be the brains behind Pollycarpus, the rather dim-looking Garuda pilot who is already behind bars for the homicide.

Muchdi, left.

Major-General Muchdi Purwopranjono’s arrest is something akin to a deputy chief of the CIA being hauled in for questioning in relation to somebody like Ralph Nader or David Horowitz being killed.

What will result from this remains to be seen.

Will Muchdi PR be accused of pursuing a personal vendetta against Munir, or will his former high rank within BIN lead to further charges against further high-ups? Judging from comments in today’s news by Munir’s widow. the admirable Suciwati, one tends to think the latter is what she expects.


The farce of Polycarpus’ imprisonment, release and re-imprisonment, however, make the opposite, surely, more likely. Clearly there are not so much high rankers but high politics involved. Questions surge up on all sides.

Can we expect to see Pak Muchdi spending as long in police hands as the 50 out of 59 Islamofascists arrested after the FPI thuggery at Monas on June 1st? Will he be out and about in time to enjoy the performance by Inul at the Jakarta Fair next month?

Is he a kambing hitam or will he start bleating embarrassing names as he endeavours to avoid the sort of country-club conditions that well-connected crims like Tommy (“I had a judge murdered”) Suharto) tend to get if the verdict goes against them?

Or, and here we display the sort of conspiracy theory mentality that Indonesia induces in its long-term residents, is this a move to show that, despite the regime’s craven cave-in on Ahmadiyyah, there is a vestigial quest for justice and fair play, alive and well in the Istana Merdeka?

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  1. Ross says:

    I take it all back.
    Wilson can’t be that wilfully obtuse. Only sheer stupidity could make him say that I dismissed serious relationships as ‘waffle’ when I had actually pointed out their clear existence, in contrast to the frivolous sort he’s an expert on.
    South Jakarta is a lot wider than Falatehan. Next time you’re frolicking in your upmarket cafe-bars, in Kemang or Pondok Indah, open your eyes. You can’t miss the gals on the prowl. Nor would one want to…it’s just that viewing is as far as it goes, unless you are ‘dead posh’ yourself…Kemang lassies’ prices are on a higher plane than their rectitude, so Jaksa is ‘sleazy’ in Wilson’s book but Kemang isn’t?
    If Wilson is so dim that he’s missed the pick-ups, no wonder he thinks the singular hounding of Myanmar only began with the recent disaster. It’s been rambling on for several years. Red China has murdered more people than even live in Burma, and still denies free elections to all its people, yet it gets to hold the Olympics.
    Even a peacenik like Joan Baez, one of the few honest ones, felt moved to protest against Hanoi’s repression, while Castro is Latin America’s last tyrant, with an outstanding record of reducing a reasonably normal land to a basket-case. Yet he got his puppet placed on the UN Human Rights Commission, and gets absurd posers like Jack Nicholon and Naomi Campbell singing his praises. They didn’t do that for Wilson’s bete noires, Papa Doc or Emperor Bokassa, did they? Is Wilson one of those American lefties who want to lift the minimal ‘sanctions’ that exist against Cuba.
    Oh yeah, Wilson, I read BBC Online, but distrust its objectivity, which, while not as tilted as the Jakarta Post, has been exposed all too often as tainted by left-libbiness.

  2. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Deal with it:

    Jl. Jaksa is a refuge for Bule low-life, no better than a trailer park.

    With yet another anti-communist rant, you’re allying yourself with the likes of those who killed Munir.

    Off to complete my entry for this year’s Eurovision song contest.

  3. Janma says:

    I loved three words in Ross’ post……

    1. ‘frolicking’…… love it Ross! I’m imagining Wilson frolicking….. cute! What do they do in Jalan Jaksa ‘swan’?

    2. ‘Rectitude’…. when used in conjunction with the word prostitute just brings all sorts of lovely images to mind.

    3. ‘Tainted by left libbiness’…… actually a phrase, but classic Ross…..

    Thanks Hon, I was having a bad day…

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    @ All – Janma is a goddess…

  5. Wilson says:

    @ Achmad

    How could a “goddess” refer to the ghastly Ross as “Hon” and gush all over his asisnie prose? Only another Irma Grese could call Ross “Hon” and mean it!

    No offense Janma!

  6. Ross says:

    Achmad, you are going off the rails.
    Have you ever been to Jaksa?
    It’s a good laugh, if you have a sense of humour, which I assume you must have, since you can’t be serious that anyone who opposes communism is ipso facto an ally of Munir’s murderers.

    On the contrary, anyone who does not oppose communism is morally as bereft as those who killed the guy.

    Janma, I guess you must have seen Wilson in the flesh (not a happy thought) if you find it difficult to picture him frolicking. I never have, so can’t add to your observation.

    As for ‘swanning’ (or ducking and diving) in Jaksa, since neither Achmad nor Wilson have ever met me (or if they have, have lacked the civility to identify themselves) you must needs come along and witness how true gents behave in public.

  7. Janma says:

    Wilson Sweetums! you obviously don’t know me at all! Just a hint though, when I start using endearments, my kids (who know me well) clear the room pronto!

  8. Wilson says:

    It’s so sad that an idiot bule like Ross sees Indonesian women as things to be bought and compared on price; like a bottle of beer in Jalan Jaksa.

    When I’m in a bar or restaurant; I usually focus on my partner, who I’m with, rather than lecherously leer over other women in the place; as Ross advises me to do when I’m next out. Ross’ comments about women being for sale for sex and his “tips” for us that hookers are cheaper in Jalan Jaksa than in Kemang; is both rather obvious and sad. I haven’t noticed a major prostition scene in Kemang; but then I’m not looking as hard as Ross is.

    Back to politics; which Ross seems about as ignorant about as he is about Jakarta. The point of all this is; for the last time; that communist tyrannies existed but they are now gone and/or going. In Cuba children never went hungry and they had the best doctors in Latin America; despite what people think of the regime. In Haiti; under Papa Doc; children starved on the streets and died of ordinary diseases. How can Ross compare the two regimes? If children are now starving in Cuba; it’s because of US sanctions; meant to punish one man; but as in Iraq; only the innocent children suffer. Now run along Ross; go watch Fox News and get your predictable reply.


  9. Ross says:

    No, YOU run along, Wilson, and read a little before you spout nonsense. Excellent healthcare is available in Cuba, for the communist ruling class and its Michael Moore-style guests. Your dim-witted repetition of Castro’s propaganda gives the lie to your pretended lack of symapthy with marxist dictatorships.

    You must be the only bule in town who doesn’t notice how beautiful Indonesian women are. And also the most stuck-up, if you don’t talk to anyone you can, who might give you some insights into how people get into dire situations where they have to earn a crust as best they can. Read some of my books and you might smarten up, though a closed mind like yours is probably impenetrable.

    PS – Cuba is an economic mess not because of US ‘sanctions’ (Castro can trade with everyody else in the world) but because of dumb red policies and his old habit of depending on Soviet handouts, which dried up with the welcome collapse of the Soviet Union.

  10. Oigal says:

    try to get know Jakarta; areas like Kemang and Pondok Indah have a good range of resturants and bars as well; you’ll find them a little more civil and comfortable than Blok M and Jaksa; although the ladies; who are far more beautiful than the prostitutes you are familiar with in Blok M/Jaksa

    Dang it’s weird world, when I am coming out on Ross’s side (albeit a little off topic) Although Wilson piece of bullsh*T snobbery could not be left to sit and fester on it’s own.

    Get to know Jakarta??? By visiting Kemang and Pondok Indah..spoken like a true elitist PI and Kemang have as much in common with the average person in Jakarta the Bakrie Bros do to compassion.

    In fact, it would be fair guess that the hard scabble and doing less than pleasant things to survive as occurs in those so called unsavory places probably accurate reflection on just how brutal real jakarta is to live in. Never the less, personally the “whores” and hard scabblers down that end of town deserrve a damn side more respect than majority of the corrupted,monied and uncaring toffs that haunt the likes of PI and Kemang.

  11. timdog says:

    @ Oigal – I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this thread from a safe distance. I too spluttered over my keyboard when I read Wilson’s comment that you quoted above and I too experienced the strange sensation of being firmly on Ross’s side (only on that bit – not on the politics I hasten to add)…
    Sorry Wilson, but get to know the real Jakarta? Go to Kemang????!?!?! I sort of couldn’t make out if you were being sarcastic at first, but I fear you weren’t… good grief!
    The Kemangista’s snobbery about Jalan Jaksa gets rather wearisome. Jaksa is a greasy dirty little street, peopled by some filthy-dirty and thoroughly obnoxious characters – Bule, African and Indonesian. But it is also a proper old-fashioned slice of disreputable rakishness of a kind that must once have typified all the ports of “the East”.
    Kemang on the other hand is a pit of glossy eliteism, with, incidentally, some equally objectionable, though rather more wealthy, bule-low-lifes clogging up at least some of its bars… I don’t think either place could claim to be “the real Jakarta”, but Jaksa is at least more interesting…

    Had to join Oigal on that one; I will now retreat.

    Note: this does not mean that I agree with Ross’s politics in any way shape or form….

  12. Lairedion says:

    It’s really fun to see, albeit completely off-topic, to see a bunch of bules blabbermouthing on our national sh*t hole.

  13. Wilson says:

    Ross…I despise all dictatorships. I shouldn’t think that you care a hoot how people get into dire situations; as long as you can get on top of them.

    Do you honestly see Fidel Castro as the biggest threat to the world today? A nearly dead, 80 something dictator? Oh dear…are you some kind of disgruntled, aged Cuban exile?

    I suspect that taxing the “we’ve got more than enough” rich in order to help the poor; rather than just merely feeling sorry for prostitutes; for example, would be far too left wing for you; so you’re view would be… sh*t happens?

    Oigal…before you throw a tantrum, burst a blood vessel and use words like “elitist”; try reading the whole thread. Ross claimed that South Jakarta was full of “foul mouthed yobs”; so I merely advised him to venture further than Blok M; for a more pleasant experience of the city. We are all aware of the poverty; that you have never experienced, that afflicts the majority of this country. I’m glad that you have such respect for “whores”; most of the hard working decent Indonesians that probably clean your house and drive you to work for a pittance; have managed to avoid that route; although there is some hypocrisy on this; admittedly. Do tell where non “toffs” hang out btw? Perhaps then; we could meet you and Romper Stomper Ross in person; at a warung?

    The other guy…I never said “but get to know the real Jakarta? Go to Kemang”. You are misquoting me or rather adding words that I didn’t write; as explained above.

  14. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    @ Wilson,

    Like Janma’s kids, I sense the menace of the endearments. I don’t think she was praising Ross’s prose. But on that subject “crap” works better as an adjective than asinine.

    @ Ross,

    Debating with you is like playing trivial pursuit with someone with advanced alzheimers.

  15. Oigal says:

    Tsk Tsk Tsk Wilson, touch a nerve did we, leaving aside your sad attempts a personal abuse..Misquoted you? I guess you will have to speak the site owner then as its a direct cut n paste, dang technology.

    Speaking of misquoting,

    I’m glad that you have such respect for “whores”;

    mmm bugger I thought I wrote

    personally the “whores” and hard scabblers down that end of town deserrve a damn side more respect than majority of the corrupted,monied and uncaring toffs that haunt the likes of PI and Kemang.

    That being said, yes I would much rather spend my time chatting with the scrabblers than the shallow ones that patrol the malls of PI.

    Do try and refrain from telling someone what they may or may not have experienced, only makes you sound sanctimonious and petty. I still maintain that if you want to agrue that PI and Kemang are Jakarta you probably need to take your own advice and get out more.

    Happy to meet at anytime sport, although preferably not Kemang as I personally find crowd a bit too self absorbed for my liking. I further regret to inform you it is extermely unlikely you will find me in Ross’s company unless it was sticking “We love Cuba” stickers on his car.

    Now back to Ross baiting..

  16. Ross says:

    I went to Jaksa on Saturday, first time for a month, partly to see what a ‘trailerpark’ looks like. It was great fun, the first ppub occupied by two couples with young kids palying happily, a somnolent African and me, who then moved on to another watering-hole, where three of Wilson’s bete noires, youngish naughty ladies, were minding a sleeping bule.
    I had a pleasant conversation with the gals until an acquaintance of mine arrived, and I left for home about 5pm, unsullied by contact with the realities of the non-rich’s life-style.
    No sign of mobile homes, so one must conclude that odd description arose from Achmad’s ‘limousine liberal’ outlook, for it is a term used by snob-left Yanks to put down poor folk, much as Wilson derides the less affluent bules who don’t share his preference for upmarket slappers.
    I have to say I was getting depressed (just a tad) by the mean-spirited mind-set exhibited by the Wilson/Achmad rants. Then Oigal and Timdog restored my faith in human nature. I doubt they’d agree with me on much, but they’re not so uptight that they HAVE to disagree with somebody on EVERYTHING just because our politics don’t coincide.

    As for alzheimers, Achmad, I suppose anyone who has reached maturity must seem past it to you, which is not so bad, as you will eventually grow out of your hang-ups once you take up a regular job and have to work all day instead of posting silly abuse.

    Poor old Wilson alas, (apart from being a serial misquoter -I never said South Jakarta was ‘full of foul-mouthed yobs’ I said ‘there are some foul-mouthed yobs, though honestly not as many as hang about South Jakarta, which is why I tend not to go often’ -hardly the same thing) appears to be one of those folk who become stuffily middle-aged from about the age of twelve and never progress beyond it. He likes Castro, loves Kemang, and won’t hear a word against them; it’s a generational thing, middle-age chic.

    Right, unlike Achmad, I have a lot of work to do this week, so everybody can shout and scream (with Janma in her rhetorical ra-ra skirt cheer-leading from the terraces) until next Friday.

  17. Janma says:

    (with Janma in her rhetorical ra-ra skirt cheer-leading from the terraces)

    I hope my skirt is RED! with little glittery bits…. and bobby socks.

  18. dewaratugedeanom says:

    I hope my skirt is RED! with little glittery bits…. and bobby socks.

    White bobby socks?

  19. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Off in la la land again ? I thought we were talking about Munir.

  20. Wilson says:

    Oigal…you were actually cut and pasting timedog not me. Put your reading glasses on. Once again; I never said that PI and Kemang are Jakarta.

    Do Australians really say “sport”; I thought that was some kind of stereotypical cliché; like Paul Hogan saying “strewth” in those adverts for crappy Aussie beer in England; during the 1980s..

    Do Come down to eastern promise in Kemang; you won’t find find crowd too self absorbed; just a beer or 20 in good company. Don’t listen to Ross…

    Ross…thanks for your report on your lovely time in jaksa…the imagery was quite enticing. The young kids that you met were probably the “partners” of those salt of the earth bule that you talk so highly of.

  21. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    My inner anthropologist compelled me to see Jaksa for myself.

    At one semi-open air dive, with filthy ragged table cloths, swarthy Nigerian drug dealers swearing outside, I saw a face-down, white-haired and bearded Buleslumped either unconscious or sleeping on the table.

    He was surrounded by empty Bintang bottles. The staff were unpeterbed, even accustomed to the sight.

    I think it was Ross.

  22. janma says:

    I so needed to laugh today! Thank you Achmad!

  23. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Any time, Janma. Up and coming is an article discussing a “Basi-ometer,” or an “indeks kebasihan,” basically a quantitative measurement of a given Bule male’s basi factor. I’m sure you’ve heard that word. x o

  24. Ross says:

    Heck, Achmad, I really think you’re losing it.
    Your Rossophobia is such that you think you see me bearded, asleep in Jaksa bars! Alas, you didn’t, for I only visit Jaksa in afternoons, and I shave every day, no beard!
    If you insist on slumming it after dark, you will indoubtedly see the seamier side of life, which I recounted in my latest book, White Trash. No surprise that the street has its share of baddies. Even less that the Nigerians you saw were ‘swarthy!’ I’ve never seen a pallid one.
    But there are plenty of nice folk too.
    I’m glad you found the tangent the thread went off on so fascinating that you undertook a personal inspection, but kindly recall that it was yours truly who started what was meant to be a discussion on Munir’s murder and who did it. Within days you had mounted your hobby horse and resumed your witch-hunt against anti-communists. This effectively derailed serious examination of the Munir case. Soon you were sounding off that I was ‘a rabid anti-communist in 2008,’ hardly a novel revelation. And as if the date should somehow make a difference to one’s abhorrence of evil!
    Your displays of near-paranoid hatred for anyone who criticises Reds become increasingly hysterical – are you perhaps an agent provocateur? A clandestine activist of the ‘lunatic right’ out to discredit the marxist cause by lashing out wildly at its critics. I’ve argued calmly with Commies all my life – lots of them would quiver at your outbursts.

    Since nobody else was showing much interest, I preferred to go on a detour via your other bete noire, Jalan Jaksa, rather than down the ‘McCarthyite’ avenue profferred by your good self. This was facilitated by that insufferable snob Wilson. Even your fellow-left-libs were disturbed by his pompous absurdities, which I note he has compounded by his suggestion that the kiddies brought to Jaksa by perfectly nice, normal parents might be the ‘partners’ of the adults looking after them. His initial rabbiting about my imagined propensity for leching after every available female was actually entertaining, but to cast a slur like that, on mums and dads he knows nothing about, is a damned disgrace. (oh, yes, and I’ve been in Eastern Promise,a pleasant enough place whose plainly normal denizens might find Wilson’s stuffed-shirt endorsement an embarrassment)

    Achmad, we have had plenty of threads on which to fight about Communism, so if you want to talk about Munir, lay off the Comsymp diatribes and stick to the subject, then the rest of us will too.

    Hope you all celebrated the Glorious 12th of July, in Kemang or Jaksa.

  25. David says:

    As a wrap up….Muchdi was cleared of all charges in the South Jakarta District Court and plans to go back to working for Prabowo’s Partai Gerindra….

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