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Chief of Police, Bali

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  1. Ric Shoesmith says:

    CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE – to Mr.Wayan Sumaru and the Bali Police.
    Finally; the very small percentage of visitors to Bali who basically treat the island as a ‘public toilet’ – believing they have no laws or behavior standards to follow and having absolutely no respect for the Balinese/Indonesian people – are getting the message that Bali/Indonesia should be enjoyed, admired and respected.
    A 1st warning system for visitors/tourists who act without knowing they have broken the law – but SAME LAW FOR EVERYONE! (locals & visitors).

    Regular ‘clamp-downs’ will help tidy up the island, particularly Kuta/Legian/Sanur – Sanur (North & South) not yet ruined to the low level of Kuta but is heading that way with drugs and prostitution, fining, jailing and enforcing COMMuNITY ‘WORK ORDER’ on BOTH LOCAL & VISITOR offenders won’t make the island popular with this criminal element but the increase in the number of law-abiding visitors will far outweigh this and actually increase the IDR/$ spent in Bali.

    Have been a visitor to Bali since 1994, Sanur is my favourite place but have been to many other parts of the island.
    Brothels are fine – they exist everywhere in the word.
    Increasing street/’massage’ shop freelance malam-malam activity in North Sanur is a worry and spoiling that area – should be restricted to the Danau Puso area down south. (good that Joe at ‘On-On’ Bar was finally identified – lots more)

    Not just about us ‘Aussies’ , Dutch, American, French, New Zealand ……… ALL visitors must sign a declaration to RESPECT & ENJOY.
    Would appreciate a brief reply in response to message.

    Best Wishes

    Ric Shoesmith

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