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American led societal transformation, intercession and the prophetic marketed in Indonesia.

A very big billboard on a major road advertising a “prophetic” ministries conference in Surabaya, East Java a few weeks ago.

Prophetic Ministry

“Apostle” Chuck Pierce heads the Glory of Zion International Ministries in Denton, Texas, and holds these other positions:

  • head of Eagles of God Apostolic Intercessory Teams
  • the Watchman of Global Harvest Ministries
  • the National Apostle of the U.S. Global Apostolic Prayer Network

And serves on the boards of these organisations:

  • International Coalition of Apostles
  • Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders
  • International Society of Deliverance Ministers

A busy man. His special talent is supposed to be:

accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches and individuals in understanding the times and seasons we live in.

Chuck, in some howling and shouting action.

While Cindy Jacobs, said to be:

a respected prophet

, heads Generals International, not a military group but an organisation which:

achieves societal transformation through intercession and the prophetic

Then Malaysian Paul Ang, who is blessed with a

powerful prophetic, teaching and evangelistic ministry

and another Malaysian and an Indian whose names can’t be made out in the picture but who likely claim similar resumes and prophesizing talents.

17 Comments on “Prophetic Ministry”

  1. Mulyana Ilham says:

    This is the most stupidest religious work ever. If you are bored with the religious activity you are currently doing you might go to this show.

    Oh, If you decided to go make sure you take at least 5 blunts of pot or a 10 shots of vodka as a substitute so everything will look 100 times better.

    This guy is not a preacher, not a prophet, not an apostle.. He is HUMAN too.

  2. Mets says:

    “Apostle” Chuck Pierce heads the Glory of Zion International Ministries in Denton & Texas”

    aka CULT SECT !! – thoughts pls

  3. Enigmatic says:

    I guess there’s always some black sheep among all faiths that taint the religion. This is an example, Muslims have the FPI.

    But strangely though, parents in the US send their daughters into these cults, some polygamist, others just subversive cults where the Priest screws the little girls for um enlightenment of some sort.

    Stupidity at its best.

    I wouldn’t mind paying if they could predict if Indonesia would ever get rid of such money-cheating scum.

  4. joao says:

    “There are three kinds of people who are abominations before mine eyes, nay there are four kinds of people who are disgraced in my sight: the politicians who talk bulls**t in the name of the people, the lawyers who talk bulls**t in the name of justice, the televangelists who talk bulls**t in the name of God, and then, last but not least, the so-called ‘prophets’ who talk bulls**t in the name of themselves.”

  5. Geordie says:

    aka CULT SECT !! – thoughts pls

    What’s more worrying in my opinion is that the conference is for free if I’m not mistaken? So I imagine there’ll be quite a bit of hard sell going on to people who are all too susceptible to the suggestion that this lot have all the answers and simply by following the good reverends, everything’s gonna be all good:

    ‘….you too can have the peace of mind that your place in heaven is guaranteed and just $29.99 for my ‘Ten things God wants you to do’ is a small price for such surety…’

    The fact that Moses did it first is neither here nor there…..

    It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted and that is, perhaps, fair enough but I think it’s highly distasteful that people looking for solace are exploited with the promise of a better life in the next place but the price of admission to has to be made today; the perfect pyramid scheme it appears to me as anyone who wants to realise their investment has to be dead.

  6. timdog says:

    Just a thought – can you imagine the FPI (or similar) being able (or being wealthy enough) to run a huge advertising campaign like this? These billboards seemed to be at every intersection in the city, looming over the traffic; the only advertising I ever remember seeing for the beardie nutters was a peeling A4 flier posted to a wall in a run-down urban area, inviting people to come and see Abu Bakar Bashir speak… They’ve got a few things to learn…

  7. perseus says:

    Christian nutters.

    Muslim nutters.

    Same same…

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    Fools and their money…

  9. Pst. Hendrik says:

    Dear Mulyana Ilham, Mets, Enigmatic, Geordie, Timdog, Perseus and Purba Negoro, With all due respect to your opinion about the Prophetic Ministry I fully understand your reaction about the Prophetic Ministry, and cannot blame you for your spiritual short coming and reacton. But I pray that one day your spiritual eyes will be opened to understand way God loves you is greater than anything in you and on earth.

    Your critics are not directed to these Prophetic Ministry but towards God’s plan on earth about the New Generation. The New Generation is included you and your off-spring sothat you may live in peace with Love and Prosperity in abundance, exeedingly and in overflow through Christ Jesus.

    Only what I would like to sayit is written n Matt 10:41 HE THAT RECEIVED A PROPHET IN THE NAME OF A PROPHET SHALL RECEIVE A PROPHET’S REWARD; AND HE THAT RECEIVED A RIGHTEOUS MAN IN THE NAME OF A RIGHTEOUS SHALL RECEIVE A RIGHTEOUS MAN’S REWARD. Let the Spirit of God speak to your spiritual manhood and allow it to sink deep into your concious as well unconciousness.

    Last but not least, the Word of God is like a two edged sword and will never return void to those that speak in His name and believe sincerely in Jesus Christ. This is about you and including all living humans. Please read this powerfull committed Word of God in John 3:3-12. Hopefully this will enlarge your spiritual horizon. I pray that God will send more prophets to awaken and bless Indonesia.

    No matter what your believe and reaction will be: We Love you and trust that the Lord Jesus Christ will touch you.

    Pastor Hendrik

  10. timdog says:

    Well, that told us… anyone else got a warm fuzzy feeling?

  11. Rob says:

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  12. An Australian says:

    To my friends Timdog, Rob, Purba Negoro, Perseus, Geordie, Joao, Enigmatic, Mets and Mulyana ILham in Indonesia,

    The “Prophetic Ministry” is really about a heart-to-heart relationship with our Creator God of the whole universe Who loves each of you more than what you would ever dream, imagine, or desire or even think. Every person including yourselves, is unique and individual because He made each one of His children with a special purpose to fulfill on this earth, therefore every person will experience Him uniquely and individually as one child of God did in this video. What I like about Chuck Pierce in this video clip was that he did not allow his surroundings and other people watching on dictate to him, how he would relate to His God – he just let go and allowed His God to fill him even more. He was free to be who he wanted to be, because of what Jesus Christ did for Him at Calvary’s cross 2000+ years ago.

    One day I would recommend you do the same – Ask God to reveal Himself to each of your hearts as the great God and Father of the universe, the unlimited and unrestricted unrelenting God of all Truth who comes to those who genuinely ask Him. He is a prayer answering God and no person is hidden from His sight. I asked Jesus Christ to come in and fill my heart in the mid 1980’s and for the first time in my life, I began to feel His love, His acceptance, and His goodness began to flow into my life and fill me. I have never regretted opening my heart to Him and allowing Him to bless me! He is no respecter of persons and can do for each of you what He has done for me, if you allow Him!

  13. morrisjaved says:

    We want to invite you in pakistan please reply.

  14. mulyana ilham says:

    Dear Pst. Hendrik and An Australian.

    Two years gone by and there are many things going on.

    First, I want to apologize to Prophetic Ministry due to my ignorant comment.

    Second, I realize that religion should be personal and it’s depends on your spiritual preference. Every human should have an unquestionable right to embrace and practice their religion. I deeply regret my ignorant point of view and I hope you all forgive me. I know I was wrong.

    As a human I would say that it is amazing how religious belief can affect our point of view to many issues in this world. Jesus Christ is one our noble messenger in Islam. His hard work and his teachings should all be remembered. Jews, Christians, Muslims should all respect to each other because they share the same root. read all three holy books and you will find the same stories and the same teachings. This is our ground to achieve spiritual unity in this earth.

    Look for the similarities, respect all the differences.

  15. Treasure Chili (Pastor) says:

    Please help us we want to get in contact with christian pastor or church in indonesia. We praying and the Lord Jesus appeared to us and told us of earthquakes that are going to start in Indonesia. We need people who will pray with us. We are in South Africa. Please help! Please help!

  16. dragonwall says:

    Try look up this link

  17. Pastor Jack says:

    Thank you Ps Hendrik for you wonderful insghts on the Prophetic Gifts of the Holy Spirit of GOD.. God Bless You

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