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A troupe of “dirty dancing” girls has the otherwise sleepy town of Pekalongan hot and bothered.

Pekalongan in Central Java, not only known for its batik industry it seems, played host to the sexy “Angel Dance” team, a troupe of four young women who move about acrobatically on stage in all sorts of interesting and frankly mesmerising directions, apparently for the purposes of promoting a brand of cigarettes.

Sexy Dancers
Gaggle of sexy dancers milling about.

Critics complain that the sexy dancing was done in an open arena, the Kajen Alun-alun (city square), clearly visible to anyone and everyone, including lots of children, and right in front of the Kajen Grand Mosque, and that the act went on without any policemen or public order officers doing anything, except watching. l6

The second half of this news report has plenty of the Angel Dancers.

Qirom, a Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) member of the local parliament says Pekalongan is known as “Kota Santri”, and so this sort of thing isn’t appropriate.

Others murmur that the lack of any reaction from the government may have something to do with the cigarette company connection.

The presenters of the Angel Dance girls say however the sexy dancing wasn’t planned, but was an impromptu expression of high spirits by the girls, perhaps at the insistence of the thousands of spectators. l6

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  1. kinch says:

    Just as well they’re in Pekalongan because they wouldn’t be able to get a job doing that in Thailand.

  2. ultratupai says:

    I think Gus Dur should immediately hire them for his political rallies.

  3. tomaculum says:

    Some tradisional javanese and balinese dances can be very, very sexy. Kebaya is often very, very much sexy.
    So they aren’t appropriate to Indonesia?
    I’m waiting for the moment when the original (the really original) indonesian cultures will be forbidden.

    Maju, Indonesia, maju terus ke kemunafikan!!!!! Merdekakanlah dirimu dari demokrasi!!!
    šŸ™ šŸ™

  4. Lairedion says:

    tomaculum said:

    Iā€™m waiting for the moment when the original (the really original) indonesian cultures will be forbidden.

    In this current pace it won’t take any much longer. Soon the sarong and kabaya will be relics from the past to be displayed in a Western museum as leftovers from once a beautiful, gracious and tolerant culture.

    Of course Islam has so much more to offer to the welfare of mankind like violence, hatred, intolerance, dhimmitude etc.

  5. HeavenlySword says:

    But where’s iphone?

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Tomaculum said

    Some tradisional javanese and balinese dances can be very, very sexy.

    They are meant to be. During Balinese dance training the trainer ā€“ I many cases old female legong dancers ā€“ position themselves immediately behind the trainee, holding them by the shoulders and pushing their knee in the lower back of the trainee to make them constantly jut out their breasts and behinds. This causes the characteristic posture of the Balinese female dancer, loved by millions (including me).

  7. GJ says:

    This wasn’t right, because the sexy dancers were near a mosque so the men coming out might have seen this, been unable to control themselves and gone and molestered or raped these young ladies. Is that why it’s wrong????????

  8. kinch says:

    goats need a day off, gj.

  9. GJ says:


    I laughed out loud in th office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alex says:

    This is what’s wrong with Islam.
    A person should change his own point of view instead of changing other people’s point of view.
    If you have the intention to rape, you don’t need to find any excuse, you’ll probably even rape a goat, which was actually a real incident that happened in a village, and this was reported by a local media.
    If you are true to your own morality, you won’t touch a beautiful naked woman even if she’s standing in front of you.
    It’s all in your mindset.
    If Islam is all about changing other people instead of changing own self…. then muslim doesn’t have much self control, can’t stand seduction and no toleration for anything that is not Islam.
    Which explains why all the violence in the world is related to Islam.

    A few more thoughts :
    Why are all children born from Islam family must be a muslim?
    Can’t they be a free-thinker or adopt other religion?
    Why a muslim can’t change religion as easily as a non-muslim change to a muslim?
    If it’s a condemned move, don’t you think that god should be the judge of that?
    Or have all muslims become the judging gods themselves?
    Or not sure that their god will do a deserving punishment so they do it themselves?

  11. Ai says:

    There is nothing wrong with the religion but always something wrong with the people. born as a Muslim doesn’t guarantee you to be a good Muslim. And be a good Muslim must come from the heart. There are too many hypocrites living in the country and these sexy dancers absolutely not necessary to perform in a country with more or less 80% of the population are Muslim. The dancers could be a Muslim, but the question is, are they really Muslim?

  12. tomaculum says:

    What is “a good muslim”?
    Who is the “real muslim”?
    Which one is the “true Islam”?
    Many questions and no answer, sighhh ….. šŸ™

  13. rayner says:

    If any man is seriously considering raping a woman and acting upon it, after seeing these “sexy” dancers he is in need of a long prison sentence or mental health treatment or both.
    How is such a man reared? What was his mother and father doing? What about his schooling, his instruction in the Holy Books. I would have thought that any Muslim would have long vanquished unholy thoughts and grown up.

  14. Zecky says:

    Some tradisional javanese and balinese dances can be very, very sexy.

    I was watching a YouTube video of jaipong and wow for traditional dance it’s amazingly intimate and sensual.

  15. Mets says:

    The act of ‘rape’ is about power and control not about sexual gratification….by forcing another person to engage in such an intimate act is the ulitmate humiliation for the victim…..

    Lets keep it real people !!

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