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Well-fed FPI head man Habib Rizieq has plenty of celebrity visitors to keep him company in police lock-up.

Rotund Front Pembela Islam (FPI) leader Habib Rizieq Shihab, arrested on June 4th for the FPI attack on a religious freedom rally in Jakarta on June 1st has kept in the news despite his imprisonment.

Famous Visitors

Habib has received a string of visitors, one of the first being aging actor Anwar Fuadi/Fuady, who came to give his moral support. okezone

Anwar Fuadi
Anwar Fuadi.

Other famous or semi-famous visitors have included dangdut singer Camelia Malik, and actresses Yati Octavia and Cut Yanti. Camelia explained her presence: inilah

I came because we’re both Muslims, I want Habib to be freed and Ahmadiyah banned.

Camelia Malik
Camelia Malik

And Zainuddin MZ and the King of Dangdut music Rhoma Irama have also paid visits to Riziq. Bang Oma said it was regrettable that the government was taking so long to ban Ahmadiyah, while Zainuddin, “Dai Sejuta Umat”, said people had to think in a proportional way about things like the FPI violence at Monas.

Mass FPI Visits

On 9th June about 5000 militants demonstrated in central Jakarta to urge the issuance of the edict to ban the Ahmadiyah group. After they had done demonstrating about 500 of them turned up at Jakarta police headquarters wanting to see their hero Habieb.

Habib Rizieq
Habib Rizieq, with a loudspeaker.

Police ferried the protestors, 20-25 at a time, in mini-buses from Jl Sudirman to the Rutan Narkoba building. After they had all arrived Riziq was allowed to come to the gates, stand on a police car, and, armed with a loudspeaker, address his followers. He told them to keep the peace and keep struggling for the banning of Ahmadiyah. republika inilah

Calm Reflection

Habib Rizieq says he doesn’t mind being locked up as when he is not addressing crowds of people at the front gates or entertaining celebrities inside he has plenty of time for praying. kompas

In here, God be thanked, I can pray and do other things in peace.


However the peaceful atmosphere of the police lock-up has not tamed Habib’s tongue, or pen. On June 10th he complained in a written statement that the SKB edict was too weak (“banci“) and was proof that inilah

[President] SBY is a coward.

On October 30th 2008 Habib Rizieq Shihab, and colleague Munarman, were both sentenced to 18 months imprisonment over the Monas incident, 6 months less than the prosecution had requested.

31 Comments on “Habib Rizieq Shihab”

  1. Lairedion says:

    I didn’t know this allegedly secret Mossad/CIA spy agent had some fans among Indo semi-celebs.

  2. Teng says:

    Once beautiful Indonesia is getting sicker every day.

    Life is getting harder, prices going up, corruption still everywhere…. yet the only important thing seems to be the banning of a small “sect”.

    The leader of a group of violent thugs is allowed to speak with a loudspeaker outside his jail, just after celebrities visited him.

    Visit Indonesia 2008

    I would laugh if this situation wasn’t so utterly and deeply sad

  3. pribumi says:

    The keys of religiously popularity and financial success In Indonesia:

    1. Change your name to Arabic-sound one
    2. Claim that you have The ‘Pbuh’ prophet blood-line
    3. Study hard at a local Arab-funded university in Jakarta, so you can..
    4. Get a scholarship to study at the center of Wahabism, Saudi Arabia
    5. Come back to Indonesia and start preaching
    6. Self-claim that whatever you say is alquran-based and theirs aren’t alquran-based
    7. Create a private bank account so the Wahabbists in ‘there’ could donate you a huge amount of money regularly
    8. To the Indonesian government, you tell them that you comply to them. Butto the local muslems communities, tell them that NKRI, democracy and Pancasila are haram and should be replaced by Syariat Islam.

    Can only happen in Indonesia, one of the few countries where you can be freakingly rich by being a charlatan. Hello, Habib Rizieq Shihab™ 😉

  4. Shloka says:

    Camelia should be forced to wear the hijab, or better still the niqab at all times, never wear any make-up in public or be arrested and\or flogged. If she drives a car or intends to do so, she must put such thoughts out of her mind immediately, and employ a driver.She must not sing in front of a male audience, as that will create temptations and un Muslim like thoughts in their minds. She should not travel without her father, brother or mahram.She wants to ban Ahmadiyya, but continue her un-Muslimah like lifestyle freely. Bad Muslimah, repent before Allah before its too late!

    Today, Habib Riziek and his ilk is after Ahmadiyya, tomorrow when with your support they’re done with Ahmadiyya, they’ll be after you. BEWARE!

  5. Ross says:

    Just who is that self-important Zainuddin? Has he ever done anything useful or interesting except promote bigotry? I’m honestly asking.

    Rhoma Irama is a man whose morality is always on display while he goes through wives like a doze of salt, with a contorted record of dissociation from violence interspersed with cheerleading for scum.

    Yummy Dewi Perssik did NOT go a-visiting, perhaps understanding better than Grannie Camelia that decent dangdut requires some humanity to it, and is thus fundamentally incompatible with the sort of Islam which benighted Araboid throwbacks are trying to foist on Indonesia.

  6. Rambutan says:

    You forgot to mention one very prominent visitor. Suryadarma Ali, Minister for Cooperatives and Small Enterprises and Chairman of PPP. To my mind it is scandalous that an active Minister visits this thug.

  7. HeavenlySword says:

    I just don’t understand artists. These people (FPI) hurt other people for fun and yet they still came to visit this moron?
    I can’t see the logic at all.

  8. Mach Jabber says:

    Anwar Fuadi
    Camelia Malik
    Yati Octavia
    Cut Yanti
    Zainuddin MZ
    Rhoma Irama

    Well, those belong to the far right society to begin with.

    What eludes my logic is that most of these people aren’t outwardly commited to religious observances in the first place. Talk about bigotry for the sake of bigotry. Pure tribalism.

  9. Shloka says:

    Simple way to cure the artists from showing sympathy. Ban singing and dancing in mixed gatherings, acting without hijab on etc. Camelia, Yati and Cut if they have husbands (i don’t know) should be forever compliant to their husbands or be beaten up. If they’re ever sexually harassed\raped they should provide four male witnesses or face stoning for adultery. Come on guys, if you intend to be better Muslims by banning Ahmadiyya, mould your life and nation precisely according to 7th century Arabia Islam. Don’t go half way, go all the way!

  10. What? No Hamzah Haz? No generals from TNI or police? No fellow Mossad agents Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and Jafar Umar Thalib?

  11. HeavenlySword says:

    I came because we’re both Muslims, I want Habib to be freed and Ahmadiyah banned.

    But they hurt fellow moslems you friggin idiots. Why can’t these people see?
    FPI -IMO- is a bunch of terrorists. They threw rocks at my uncle’s store and said bunch of racial slurs. These people are criminals. I mean if they claimend they were saints why they hurt innocent people. And why these artist came to visit is beyond me.

  12. Rambutan says:

    HaBabi Rizieq seems to be increasingly popular. Now PPP wants to recruit him as a legislative candidate for next year’s elections. That would be highly entertaining to hear his hateful tirades every day in parliament.

  13. diego says:

    Anwar Fuadi…. isn’t he the guy playing dirty old-man in the crappy sitcoms of indonesian television, all the time trying to grab the tits/butt of that chic diana punky? Hmm…, has he turned a decent old-man now? Should I say congratulation?

  14. jaka says:

    The more these people come, the more we know, who they are and where their position is. (thus, we know who deserved to be heard).

  15. Enigmatic says:

    Beautiful Indonesia, Ugly FPI and Camelia (seriously look at her looks!!). That sums up the current situation. In the end Indonesia is scarred.

    Then again these artistes need publicity and visiting someone like HaBABI specially at a time like this definitely helps doesn’t it?

    And the fact that the police ferried the demonstrators to see their leader is simply sickening to me. Just my opinion.

    And “keep the peace”? Seriously what peace?

  16. Mach Jabber says:

    And “keep the peace”? Seriously what peace?

    There, there. People have different standards. 😛

  17. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Anwar Fuadi
    Camelia Malik
    Yati Octavia
    Cut Yanti
    Zainuddin MZ
    Rhoma Irama

    Don’t by their records, don’t watch their shows, don’t go see their movies.


  18. M says:

    Do you know that Habieb spent his school-hood from SD to SMA in a nearby Christian school???

  19. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Anwar Fuadi, Camelia Malik, Yati Octavia, Cut Yanti, Zainuddin MZ, Rhoma Irama took a calculated risks to visit Riziq. But all in all it is a cheap investment which pays them great PR values (from the morons – their customer base). But morons or not, people vote. So perhaps they will join politics, or run for a governor. Not a bad idea indeed.

    But speaking on ideals, they should go together with Riziq Shihab to the middle-east and learn from Bahrain who recently appointed a real Jew as an Ambassador to the US. Or better yet, go to Jordania talk to King Abdullah (the nemesis of the Wahabbis) and learn how they deal with the Wahabbis: kicked them in the ass, then they will understand. Anything less will only be understood as weakness.

  20. Jibril Marpaung says:

    OH my God… Here come another stupidity….

  21. Jibril Marpaung says:

    Enough This stupdity, enough this Cheap-ass Political move (SUryadarma Ali: Chairman of PPP..Ough). i`m tired to watch this unproductive moment. This country need something better to anlyze… there is many crusial problem that should handle carefully in this Nation.

    Handle, poverty problem, Polution problem or Curruption problem is better than consentrated our thought to this Cheap-ass stupid Drama.

    ANother Soap Dramatical move is played by AKKBB too, As Mr Guntur Romly Blow up his powerless and victim position on MEDIA…( But at least it is Elegance and smarter than those Fundamentalist hehehe).

  22. aJ says:

    These are celebrities trying to score higher popularity at cheapest possible cost.

  23. HeavenlySword says:

    what camelia tried to score with Habib Rizieq.. lol that would be hillarious

  24. Andy says:

    FPI are an absolute disgrace and a bunch of cowards. Let them face one on one the people they threaten and harm. Muslims who don’t condemn them are just as much to blame.

  25. Zecky says:

    Sorry to go a little off topic, but is Camellia Malik part Arab?

  26. abi says:

    This guy as a member of Indonesian legislative? This guy bring bad atmosphere where ever he goes..
    U know, by now, Habib Rizieq is a generic name to violence & anarchist act.

  27. ahmad says:

    FPI has been the worst Islamic group in Indonesia when they try to control all the situation in the name of the religion. Religion is different of violence. Religion teaches love, peace, humanity, honor, and all the good things for our life and for the life others.
    please do not use the God’s name in terms of violence. God is not identic with violence. God never asked the people to do violence to the other. God is love. Love for the universal humanity. Those who use God’s name to do violence, he or she is a lier. His sin never be pardoned by God.
    So FPI, now the time for you to change your attitude. Islam is a very solider religion in the world. Islam is a humanistic religion. Islam loves peace not hate.
    FPI, you have to confess your sins………………………………………..

  28. ahmad says:

    Habib Rizieq has no moral obligation for the safety of society. He is too egocentric in his life. Habib IS NOT A RESPONSIBLE MAN in terms of islamic value. He is the most stupid guy in the islamic world. No rational thinking, no moral responsibility. his faith is irrational, mitic and magic. God is too big to be worshiped, not to be blamed. It is right to put in the prison those who have no responsibility for the safety of society.

    Practicing your faith in the virtue for all men, not only for your egocentric. The stupid is those who has no morality and has no human sense. You can reduce the greatness of God only into your desire and animal instinct.

  29. dragonwall says:

    You are right

    Habib Rizieq has no moral obligation for the safety of society. He is too egocentric in his life

    This is what happened to Shah of Iran when he let Ayatollah Khomeni back into his country.

    Will there be another Shah? Given the opportunity, the only way out is still the rule under the Shah. Until then there will be no prosperity to Iran which I consider to have reach a state of communism in a way.

    So if any tukang baso party trying to vy for the the Presidency in the next election all needs to be careful about people like Habib..full of porno and yet dares himself to declare himself to be religious leader? Preaching what? Pornography?

    If one were to look careful into the eyes of this guy you could really tell that he is up to no good..like the FPI..coffer mugs..

  30. MerahPutih says:

    Someone need to kill this Arab wanna-be terrorist. I wonder why they (the TNI and Police) let this pig run around wild. Maybe TNI and Police want this pig to create chaos so they can be the Knight in shinning armor and f*ck him up good later?

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