FPI & Aliansi Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Beragama

Jun 2nd, 2008, in News, by

Video of the Front Pembela Islam attack on a religious freedom rally in Jakarta, and president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s response.

A video news report of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) attack on a gathering of the Aliansi Kebangsaan Kebebasan Beragama dan Berkeyakinan (AKKBB) marking Pancasila Day on June 1st at Monas square, Jakarta. About 200 FPI men beat and struck about 100 AKKBB members, accusing them of being protectors of the Ahmadiyah sect.

Among the huge number of reactions to the attack came this from president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono antara

I am deeply concerned with what happened yesterday afternoon, by the attack carried out by a certain organisation and certain people, the law has to be upheld against them.

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  1. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Hi Rima,

    To the real Rima (not the one posting on June 4, 2008) who might think that I am a person who believe an eye for an eye, which I don’t. The fact is, you have to defend myself. When some morons come to my neighborhood and preaching hate and amok, and when I called the police and they do not come to protect me, then it is my humanitarian duty to protect myself. And we kicked ther a$$, because only by doing so would they peacefully leave our neighborhood.
    It was clearly stated in the media that FPI is not legally institutionalized in the Indonesian law like other well established, resposible organization with its bylaws and all. It is just a bunch of morons who claim they are the decendants of the Prophet (PBUH) and marauding to any neighborhood as they please preaching their slogans, kicked people around and be a hero. Defending Islam? Defending Allah? Allah is the Almighty and does not need any defending from a bunch of retards like them!
    Within the law and common decency, I will do what I please in the privacy of my home and OBTW, I will NEVER (read: NEVER!) come to any neighborhood and preach to the folks living there what they should eat, drink, and with whom they should minggle.
    My ancestors are from Arabic Hadramaut decent, and they come here to find freedom four generations ago. They are all dead now, but I will not betray their wishes not to succumb to the demented Wahabbi teachings which the morons of the FPI eat it raw deep into their soul.
    The Wahabbis are sending money like crazy to Indonesia since 1985 and nobody believed. They did it because they do not want the tolerant Islam flourish in this beautiful country. Read my earlier posting. Thank you.

    Assalamualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarokatuh.

  2. rima says:

    Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri: which rima are you posting to? both of us posted on 4 june, at different times.

    as for me, i never said you were that kind.

    although i like gandhi’s quote, i think if someone comes to our neighborhood and try to disrupt our lives and preach violence and intolerance, some ass kicking should be done pronto. you and i, we share the same view on that. but i told you that before, i agree with you all the way.

    wahabbi loving ummats like fpi are nothing but beared keffiyeh clad mafia.. and if you come across any of them again, trying to disrupt your neighborhood, please do kick their asses, while you’re at it, take pictures of those cowards running away and post it somewhere on the internet..

  3. Janma says:

    o far we’ve got one other possibility: someone paid them. Very likely — but who ?

    Thoughts, folks ?

    well it could be the old red herring so that people forget about the petrol price hike? Plus added bonus they get ahmadiyah banned? I was thinking it was a risky play too, since there is a real possiblity FPI could be banned, or at the very least cop a lot of sentiment against them. But it turns out the government and the police are protecting them and no publicity is bad publicity!

  4. sputjam says:

    The islam of today is not the islam of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohamed.
    The islam of today perform idol worship (5 times daily and pagan worship in mecca), ritual killing(Eid adha), sanction killings, ignoring the plight of their flock (dictators) etc.

    The best men in the sight of God are the righteous. This is stated so clearly. So why are today’s muslim ignoring the message?

    You will not be rewarded praying five time (or more) a day.
    You will not be rewarded by having many pious children.
    You will not be rewarded by not shaving.
    You will not be rewarded by ecircling a piece of stone in mecca.

    You are rewrded for being righteous and do good deeds. Only the evil will not understand the simplicity of the message.

  5. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Hi Rima,
    Judging from the syntax, I think you are the person I had in my mind. Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

    I hope that none of those thugs would (ever) come back again. Just leave us in peace, so that they could also have more time to reflect, pray or do whatever they please. Just don’t come to my neighborhood. First, we are OK without them. Secondly, I don’t need to pollute the sight of my neighborhood with their monstrosity. They give Moslems bad brand image.


  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    To all commenters here who are Indonesian or who understand Bahasa: I suggest you have a look at the Indonesian version of this thread ‘Insiden Monas, FPI & AKKBB’. Very enlightening (particularly the post of Komandan Laskar Muslim Kalimantan) and brutally different from the general tone in this thread. FPI seems to have quite a few supporters, especially among those who are either too dumb or afraid to present their opinions on an international level. Strongly recommended lecture for PCB’s (politically correct bules). I read a few times ‘hancurkan kemusyrikan’ (destroy polytheism). Does this mean they want another attack on Bali?

    This quote I found particularly amusing

    Biarkanlah para syetan & kroninya bersorak melihat FPI ditumbuk2 diiris2, tapi TENTARA ALLAH TAKKAN PERNAH KALAH, bermilyar2 malaikat ada di belakangmu, ingatlah, tentara Allah takkan pernah sendiri!!

    If Allah’s troops are in trouble billions of angels will step in and finish the job.

    Should I laugh or cry?

  7. Lairedion says:


    You’d better watch out before PCB’s are going to label you as part of the problem, especially those PCB’s suffering from the “All Muslims are pitiful” syndrome. As you know it happened to me earlier. So if the FPI attacks Bali, it’s your own fault because you’re a critic of Islam.

    As stupid as these commentis in the Indo section are, it takes not so many dumbasses to carry out violent or terrorist attacks. So we should cry about the dire state Indonesia is currently in.

  8. Shloka says:

    Destroy polytheism, destroy Ahmadiyya and Bahai, destroy homosexuality- is that all these Muslims are capable of? Destroy. I do think that, polytheism is in general more tolerant than monotheism. Polytheistic gods tolerate their colleagues in the same faith, and this tolerance is later extended to gods of other faiths. For instance, Hindus worship Buddha and Jesus as incarnations of Vishnu.

    Monotheistic Gods tolerate no rival. However today most countries with non Muslim monotheistic cultures have adjusted pretty well to non believers and other faiths. Christians no longer kill or imprison those who forsake Christianity for other faiths, and this holds true for poorer Christian nations like Phillipines just like rich nations like U.K. You won’t hear cries of “destroy polytheism” from Jews in Israel, although the Jewish God Yahweh is as much a jealous God as Allah.Schools in Europe and Israel are often run by Christians or Jews but these schools do not churn out future terrorists like the madrassas. Islam seems to be having great difficulty adjusting to the modern world.

  9. Janma says:

    Islam seems to be having great difficulty adjusting to the modern world.

    Islam wants the modern world to adjust to them is why. They aren’t trying to adjust…
    Heed the cry…. “Destroy the West! (but please wait till my kid finishes college)!

  10. Adi cahyadi says:

    a little more care please……………

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