FPI & Aliansi Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Beragama

Jun 2nd, 2008, in News, by

Video of the Front Pembela Islam attack on a religious freedom rally in Jakarta, and president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s response.

A video news report of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) attack on a gathering of the Aliansi Kebangsaan Kebebasan Beragama dan Berkeyakinan (AKKBB) marking Pancasila Day on June 1st at Monas square, Jakarta. About 200 FPI men beat and struck about 100 AKKBB members, accusing them of being protectors of the Ahmadiyah sect.

Among the huge number of reactions to the attack came this from president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono antara

I am deeply concerned with what happened yesterday afternoon, by the attack carried out by a certain organisation and certain people, the law has to be upheld against them.

41 Comments on “FPI & Aliansi Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Beragama”

  1. I don’t know why FPI is allowed to behave such way which is not only offensive to everybody else but also mocking the authorities all the time. Everything they’ve done is literally against the law, but the government seems too scared (?) to set things straight.

  2. jaka says:

    Wonder why, the statement of the president sounds dull?

  3. Mach Jabber says:

    Wonder why, the statement of the president sounds dull?

    My impression exactly. 🙂

    What’s spectacular is how they deduced the whole charade; “…this indicates that the government should sternly minister the Ahmadiyya case…”

    How peculiar! This indicates that the government should sternly minister *FPI*, not Ahmadiyya!

    And the thug’s remark is awesome;

    “…we’ve been silent all this time…”

    O RLY. Then you went out beating them to a bloody pulp. Sounds like a fair deal to you, huh? Oh, GOD, please mind these fanboys of yours.

  4. Lairedion says:

    Yet another firm stance by Pak Presiden.

    “Tindakan kekerasan kemarin yang dilakukan oleh organisasi tertentu, orang-orang tertentu, mencoreng nama baik negara kita di negeri sendiri maupun di dunia,” ujarnya.

    Too afraid to call those FPI thugs by name, Pak Presiden and tell us Pak Presiden, since when does Indonesia have a good name?

  5. Lairedion says:

    Not related to this thread but since we are discussing violence on behalf of Islam anyway, here’s another low:

    Bomb hits Pakistan Danish embassy

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m not surprised by the barbaric action of FPI – they’re no more than a bunch of cowardly thugs hiding behind the name of religion; I’m sure we’re all getting used to it. What’ I’m getting tired of is the ignorance of our government when dealing with things like this. Officials seem to have no balls at all when it comes to taking responsibility.

    Who the hell is in charge?

    As bad as he was, Suharto was the only one who had what we need.

  7. rima says:

    FPI (f*ckin’ Perverted Idiots) are nothing but bearded mafia. They shouldn’t even bear the name of any religion.

    I feel a bit of pity to Muslims who are peaceful and who work hard proving it.
    This is one of the ‘only in indonesia moments’ we should no longer tolerate.

  8. lampu says:

    As bad as he was, Suharto was the only one who had what we need.

    was just talking about that recently.
    we need a second suharto without the corruption and the massacre.
    yes, we need a strong government thats not afraid of its people. the one who who can act quickly and not in favor of any group.

    as a moslem, i dont need FPI to defend (bela) me.


  9. HeavenlySword says:

    I believe that Islam teaches to live in peace with others. Fret not, this kind of behavior won’t change my perspective towards my fellow brothers. This is an opportunity for us to unite against people who use religion as a tool in order to achieve their own agenda. I’m not saying we have to go down the street and beating up these scum of the earth, but here in the forum we should learn exercising our mind and not to be easily provoked by these type of behavior.

    Again, as I’ve mentioned many times and I mention this again. We need somebody to rule this country with iron-fist and justice. If need be, shoot these scums on the head. I know it’s harsh but if you think about it there is no other way. Give them 4 or 5 warnings and execute them.

    Diplomacy is useless, how many times did our government give them warnings without any realization? Countless times. They know our government is weak and they use it. It’s time to act something about this. This country isn’t built by people like FPI, our ancestors would be ashamed to even admit these guys as their own comrades. This country is built upon unity, by people and for the people. This country needs to protect the people. So just execute them. I don’t mind.

  10. Patrick says:

    I did not realize FPI opened a franchise of the Klu Klux Klan in Indonesia? What next Nazi storm troopers? Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.

  11. Raden says:

    Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.

    they don’t learn and will never … they were programmed to be terrorist to act .. and they justify their act is the act of the GOD … then said ‘Allahu Akbar’ while commiting crime …

  12. Raden says:

    JAKARTA, SELASA-Sebanyak enam aksi unjuk rasa akan terjadi di Jakarta dan sekitarnya sepanjang hari ini (Selasa, 3/6)

    how can we work peacefully in this country with those daily / hourly demonstration ??

  13. Jimmy says:

    Religious intolerance is becoming a widespread disease in contemporary Indonesia. Acts like this gets international news coverage, and are equally bad for the country as the previous terrorist bombings.

    When FPI and simular groups can continue preaching intolerance without the goverment acting on them, this indicates to the outside world that Indonesia is not a save place. That perception will hinder international investments, and tourists from spending their money, thus ultimatly drag the Indo economy even further down.

    For every terrorist report, and for every new clip showing FPI doing acts of violence, Indonesia becomes more and more internationaly isolated. And the once who pay the price for this are the middle class and the poor. Bit by bit. Beating by beating. Day by day.

  14. Ross says:

    It is pretty clear that the whole episode is part of a power play by the those Foul Piggy Islamists to push SBY into banning the peaceful dissident Ahamdiyeh. And all the signs are that it is going to work as the scumbags intend. A ‘reprimand’ for the brutal swine, balanced by a ban on the innocent dissenters.

    Gus Dur spoke out promptly and said all the right things. Eventually, the great and good have clambered onto the bandwagon, with SBY inveighing against violence, but I rather think his real ‘action plan’ was more clearly set out by his Minister for Politics, Law and Security, Widod Adi Sucipto,, who was asked about a ban on the thug group.

    ‘I think the Home Ministry will study it further,’ while Attorney Geneal Hendarman Supandi told the JP 3/6/2008 ‘there should be several steps before suspending an organisation.’

    Suspending- no ban? The A-G is cool – ‘first we issue them reprimands, then we go to the Supreme Court.’
    The JP has a quote which pinpoints what is at stake. Habib Riziq, the FPI chairman, ‘declared war on members and supporters of Ahmadiyah. We will never allow for the arrest of a single member of our force before the government dissolves Ahmadiyah.We will fight to the last drop of our blood.’

    And that is the bottom line. Ahmadiyah’s freedom to be sacrificed in exchange for peace on the streets.

    The spokesman for the Islamic Troop Command, Munarman, who astonishingly is a former chairman of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute, also made it clear. ” The clash in Monas is just an initial warning to whoever supports Ahmadiyah.’

    Not just the bottom line but the MUI line, as quoted in Antara 1/6/08. The Indonesian Council of Ulemas felt the violence a matter of ‘regret’ but that the victims were ‘also’ being ‘provocative.’

    I have often criticised the Jakarta Post but they are on the ball today, editorial for 3/6/08

    “Major mainstream Muslim organisations Muhammadiyah and Nadhalatul Ulema have failed to outrightly condemn Sunday’s violent attacks., while
    e just about all Islamist parties have remaind silent, whch raises serious questions abou their commitment to religious freedom and the right of minorities to practice their faith.’

    Some sanity is about. Students in Cirebon held a demo calling for the FPI to be banned, and, said Adnan Buyung, a lawyer and presidential adviser – whose advice obviously falls on deaf ears – ‘it was so surprising that the police just stood there and let the violence happen. They should have immediately arrested the attackers and their leaders.’ Right sympathies, Mr. Adnan, but why the surprise; police habitually let the pigs run riot.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, the cops knew what was going down, just as the reporters did. The reporters did their jobs, well. The cops copped out, again displaying their characteristic courage. It’s fine to shoot preman in the leg while they run away, or put the boot into students already on the ground, but the 1200 officers at the scene ‘did not make any arrests to avoid greater clashes,’ the Jakarta Post was told by Cental Jakarta Police Chief Heru Winarko. So if we get mugged, a passing cop won’t arrest the hood in case he has mates nearby who’ll start a big punch-up? But ‘we definitely won’t let them wander around without being responsible for their crime.’ Well, that’s just dandy.

    So what can we do? Tell people overseas the truth about the ‘largest Muslim democracy’ and maybe upset the folks running Visit Indonesia Year?

  15. sbastian says:

    No wonder if things like that always seen on our tv, to measure how educated our country.

    Do you think God is like presidentially position? and need to defense or need to back up.
    from much of voters.

    Do you think God need us to be God Follower? In the fact, we really need and have been addicted to God Bless from our baby age.

    So why we thought we deserve to protect God, from every body to say bad things abaut him, let HIm running His law, and believe we just like a worm in God seen. What can we do?

    Why we should control any body who wants to connect his creator, its very personal, and freely will of human being.

    Let them life, with their right, we are not God, so don.t pretending or acting like we are God.

    Be Light and be peace to every one.

  16. Delpo says:

    Democracy is based on plurality and the recognition that everyone has equal rights to voice their opinions and beliefs without fear of repression. If it wasn’t based on that in the first place then FPI itself would never have been allowed. Tidak ada Tuhan yang mengizinkan kekerasan! But FPI is not just blaspheming, they’re violating the very principles that gave them that right of voice in the first place. Simply unacceptable.

  17. Lekap says:

    I supposed the police institutions should be blamed because it could not overcome the actions according their duty. I believe that police institution has some procedures how to overcome conflict such that. But we know the institutions did nothing. The institutions itself should be reformed or protested like TNI in 1998. The sunday accident shows us how weak Indonesian Police Institution to protect their people and to establish law supremacy and how weak our government under SBY-JK. If I were a president, I will overthrone the Indonesia Police Head and The Head will be succeeded by some responsible, tough, and uncorrupt person who has tough commitment to his people and his state.

  18. Enigmatic says:

    And the thug’s remark is awesome;

    “…we’ve been silent all this time…”

    O RLY. Then you went out beating them to a bloody pulp. Sounds like a fair deal to you, huh? Oh, GOD, please mind these fanboys of yours.

    Well they have been silent. They just let their hands and clubs do the talking. Hooligans.

    Diplomacy is useless, how many times did our government give them warnings without any realization? Countless times. They know our government is weak and they use it. It’s time to act something about this. This country isn’t built by people like FPI, our ancestors would be ashamed to even admit these guys as their own comrades. This country is built upon unity, by people and for the people. This country needs to protect the people. So just execute them. I don’t mind.

    Totally agree. So it’s up to the people of Indonesia to do something about it. Let your votes speak your mind. Voet in the firm candidates who are willing to take action against such groups. It’s coming. And yes, I am ashamed to be associated with these people by nationality.

    But don’t execute them. For all you know they will get 72 virgins in Heaven for that. Just jail them for the rest of their days.

  19. therry says:

    Like I said in
    my blog
    ; just unleash twenty (totally being lenient here, could add 50 if you want) huge-ass, meat-hungered Doberman Pinchers whenever there are FPI extremists around.

    If those assholes are not afraid of the police, surely they are afraid of dogs? Even better if those dogs have rabies too.

    Someone could sneak around carefully beforehand, and spray some pork lard to those idiots while they’re busy screaming allahuakbars and trashing things at the same time. When that’s done, unleash the dogs and let those wonderful animals do the dirty work!

  20. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    Why are we so upset? When I kicked their ugly a$$ in Kemang years ago (and they pissed on their pants running with tails between their legs), the dignified people in this very blog yelled at me for taking law into my hands, and for going as low as they are. Therefore, and accordingly, I shut my mouth off.

    Now everybody is pissed off and want to retaliate to FPI, but sadly, they still missed the point (oh, man!). Geting to FPI, marching and demonstrating against their perversity is nice and dandy but who paid those morons?

    Funny that nobody has ever thought of the Wahabbi money that they throw to this region since 1995 (again, nobody listen and I was then a laughing stock when I said so). Has it ever occur to us that the Saudi Embassy in Jakarta has never received (not one single) demonstration even though many of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi were killed, raped and/ or mistreated? Singapore Embassy, yes; Malaysisn Embassy, yes; Dannish Embassy, sure! But Saudi Embassy? A funny coincidence, right?

    Don’t even believe me, this purely is just a conspiracy theory coming from a Hadramaut Arab decent who happen not too fond of the Wahabbis and their teaching. Thanks for reading and please disregard my in-between-dope-inhaling-rambling.

  21. Teng says:

    Appearantly the NU took the law into their own hands too. It’s reported there were some brawls in Yogyakarta when NU members started protesting at FPI headquarters

    Supporters of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organisation clashed with Muslim hard-liners following a bloody attack on interfaith activists by the radicals. One person was injured in the brawl late yesterday between members of Nahdhatul Ulama and hard-liners from the Islamic Defenders Front in Yogyakarta on Java island. Angry crowds have gathered outside offices and homes of the FPI in two other towns on Java in recent days.

  22. Andrew says:

    [sarcastic mode ON]
    The Jews must have been infiltrated FPI
    [sarcastic mode OFF]

    Sorry guys, I can’t resist 🙂

  23. Alisa says:

    FPI is not good for commitment because FPI always make maker in all situation. I don’t like FPI people because always place forward to fulminate
    they is same not afraid others because them place forward religion, that FPI said
    but they do hardness without seeing that that islam of peaceful religion.

  24. Rambutan says:

    Police and Brimob are moving in. Over 50 FPI members detained so far. Thanks god. It really was about time. But sad to see that things only move once SBY gives direct orders.

  25. Rima says:

    I thinks, this situation shouldn’t as dramatic as now, i don’t agree, FPI forced AKKBB, but we must look for the something whitin,why FPI could do that.
    We know,there is no fire without smoke,
    yes,we shoud deep thinking to know the truth within.
    Victory for islam united!victory!

  26. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Does anyone have an idea of why the FPI did something so stupid ? Or was it ?

    * What were they trying to achieve ?
    * Was this a strategic and tactical cock-up ? ie – did they anticipate getting closed down ?

    So far we’ve got one other possibility: someone paid them. Very likely — but who ?

    Thoughts, folks ?

    It’s all enough to make a man head for the West Java hills with his ukuele.

  27. Ross says:

    Hello, Achmad, long time no spar!
    As I suggested, perhaps they were upping the ante, in order to give the regime a chance to ban Ahmadiyah and yet appear balanced by hauling in the Islamonazis for a ‘reprimand.’
    It was refreshing to see the big razia today, but the proof of the pudding will be how long their sentences are -if they don’t get off with a caution!

  28. jaka says:

    Andrew said:

    The Jews must have been infiltrated FPI

    What do you think of this:


    Yapto, keyperson of PP, has Jew blood from his mother.

  29. jaka says:

    Just found out
    here too. Who dont know Yapto if someone lives in Jakarta?

  30. rima says:

    ok, the second ‘Rima’ up there, he/she ain’t me.

    just to clear the air for some people who might be confused as to why I posted something like that.

    This Rima agrees with Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri all the way. and although I believe Gandhi’s quote ‘an eye for an eye will make the world blind’ i think in cases like these, we have to do something otherwise we will all become blind and pigs like FPi will rule the world, and I, for one, do not EVER want something like that to happen.

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