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Marrying off old and poor people and those living in sin, it’s mass wedding ceremony season.

Randy Old Men

In Mojokerto, East Java on 15th May ten residents of an old people’s home were paired off and married in a joint ceremony.

Yudha Eko Setyohadi of the Social Affairs office in the regency said the marriages were arranged so as to minimise the problem of free sex in the home. He had received reports that male residents were entering the rooms of lady residents at night and presumably getting up to no good.

Marriage Ceremony
Mixed emotions.

One of the couples, that of Siroj and Tunah, appeared not to know each other very well. 75-year old Siroj said he was told his blushing bride’s name a little while ago but right now he couldn’t remember it. But

The main thing is that after this I have a wife.

He had needs, which until now had been satisfied by an obliging friend:

Usually I do that once a day.

Gamelan music played in the background during the ceremony, the newlyweds received proper marriage certificates, and reports suggest that all concerned seemed happy with the proceedings. okezone

Living in Sin

In Kupang, West Timor, NTT, on 16th May 476 couples who had been known to be living together informally were married off. Some of them had been together for many years, with children.

334 of the couples were Protestant, 140 Catholic, with the marriages being conducted at five different churches, except probably for the two couples who were Muslim.

Emerensia Nirwana of the city government said their previous “living in sin” status could not be allowed to continue, and it created problems for their illegitimate children. kompas

Mass Wedding

And in Mataram, Lombok, NTB, on 17th May a mass wedding ceremony was held in the grounds of the town hall for 105 couples.

Each couple was supplied with bridal clothing, and also received 500,000 rupiah, although this money was handed over to the bride only. Five lucky newlyweds won a prize to spend their honeymoon at a hotel in Mataram. antara

18 Comments on “Group & Mass Weddings”

  1. Janma says:

    HOO! the photo is such a laugh! probably kebetulan, but the difference between his expression and hers is just so precious! he looks like the cat who got the cream, she looks like she’s got a fur ball!

  2. torasham says:

    at least and finally they are married

  3. Enigmatic says:

    Well to Siroj and Tunah…

    Let’s hope they have kids soon! After all they can do ‘that’ everyday now!!*Winks*

    And well torasham, you’re quite right… At least they’re married and settled down…

  4. Mach Jabber says:

    That old man is living a healthy life.

  5. Carla says:

    Hail mass weddings!

    As all the fairy tale books say: And they live happily ever after….

    Not that long after perhaps.

  6. Lairedion says:

    Agree with Janma. That picture is so cool! I don’t think the lady is too happy. She’s looking like she’s sitting next to a skunk. Perhaps the old man didn’t wash his dick after the last time he visited her before marriage. Now that’s what I call living in sin. 🙂

  7. torasham says:


    i hope so….happily ever after is very good words for them.

  8. billitone says:

    …good for them.

    Wishing them a happily ever after marriage.

  9. Andrew says:

    Their facial expression is PRICELESS!!

  10. therry says:

    The bride certainly isn’t blushing in happiness judging from the cringe on her face from the photo. Probably just realised she made a huge mistake – should’ve gone for someone younger. At least will not need viagra and no sagging ass. Hoho.

  11. Rob says:

    If these oldies are getting up to it at least once a day, then they should be whisked off into a medical experiment to find out what their “fountain of youth” secrets are!

    If I am still alive at 75 years of age I will be happy. If I was getting it once a day at 75 then I would be ecstatic but also soon-to-be dead from a heart attack in the throes of passion!

    Go the oldies!

  12. Om Sam says:

    My father said we wanted is obituary to read, “He died at 11:31pm in bed”. See if you can get the meaning of this ….

  13. therry says:


    He said “usually” right? So he might have exaggerated a little bit – like, you know, twenty years ago to be exact.

    Even couples in their 40s don’t go at it every single day – but he could be a male nymph, so there might be some truth to it.

    Ah! No wonder the bride was looking spastically freaked out! The puzzle is solved now! Haha.

    Groom: “Psst. I’m a male nymph, you know.”
    Bride: “What’s a nymph?”
    Groom: “Like a sex addict. A hypersex. Look, I just need it everyday, ok?”
    Bride: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

  14. Ihaknt says:

    Why cant people mind their own business?

    But yes the facial expression on the woman is very funny. she looks so appalled by the man. Hihihihi. At least he still can get it up.

  15. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Ihaknt said

    But yes the facial expression on the woman is very funny. she looks so appalled by the man.

    Of course the woman is appalled. The guy is probably smiling at the younger chicks in the room. Look at the one in the back…

  16. commenter says:

    Well isn’t this extremely interesting, just look at them they seem to be bursting with absolute joy. I personally see this as a worryoing practice especially if its just for the image of the nursing home and nothing else. Sigh let’s hope it’s gonna be a happy ever after aye?

  17. Zecky says:

    As funny as the woman’s expression is, I also find it extremely sad.

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