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Mau Lagi Provocatively titled film “ML” (Mau Lagi) excites protests and has its release postponed.

Starring Olga Syahputra and Ratu Felisha the film ML (Mau Lagi?) (“Do you want more?”) had been scheduled for release on 15th May but now appears to have been delayed.

Mau Lagi


Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Amidhan said in Jakarta on 13th May that “ML” should be banned from cinema screens, because it had pornographic overtones and was insulting to women. The MUI had already sent its request to the Department of Culture and the Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF).

Amidhan says he hasn’t seen the film yet, but he has read a book with the same title, and it’s bad. antara

On 14th May hundreds of university students protested outside the LSF offices demanding the film, made by Indika Entertainment, be banned. l6

Free Sex

The film’s promotional poster carries a bright red message at the bottom:

Warning! Be Careful With Free Sex!

Apparently this is the film’s overall “message”, to avoid entering into sexual relationships willy nilly. The scenes in the following trailer did not necessarily make it into the final version of the film.

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  1. Lairedion says:

    Can anybody put this movie on the Internet (usenet, torrentsites) once it is available? I like the reference to American Pie, a childish and stupid but also funny movie.

  2. kinch says:

    The American Pie movies were pretty good. Rude, crude, predictable, silly sex / coming of age comedies. I loved the Jewish Father stereotype too. More than that, though, there was a faint undercurrent of humanity/pathos in the whole thing. (Very) Occasional moments when things weren’t so funny. Whoever developed and wrote those scripts knew what he/she was doing on several levels.

  3. Rob says:

    As soon as people start talking about banning a film then interest in the film increases. It is that old cliche that all news is good news! Talk of banning a film is so much better than any paid for viral marketing campaign because the film is being advertised and promoted for free…

    Sometimes the best form of offense is to just let these things pass. It has a 17+ rating so young kiddies are not going to see it! Having just watched the trailer I gotta say I am not going to be rushing off to the theatre to see it. I might watch it if someone buys the DVD and then offers to lend it to me!

    As Kinch says…these films tend to have an underlying message that is positive in amongst all the allusions to hot free sex and stereotyping!

    Yet, I would have a problem with banning a film because the book that the film was based on was bad! But that is just me!

  4. Mach Jabber says:

    @ Rob

    Indeed, sire. 😛

    I am surprised none of the whole censorship junkies learned their lesson. The Fitna furore is more than enough for us to see the obvious Streisand effect.

    What MUI is doing is more like free advertising. People who’d watch it in the first place were drawn to it because of the naughty reference. And the more controversy, the naughtier it seems to be. So? More audience.

  5. therry says:

    After reading Rob’s comment, I’m thinking that perhaps the director of ML already knew that the movie was going to receive such responses from MUI!

    What a way to save the budget for promotion and ads! Haha.

    That would be the best advertising method ever – as Indonesians are so sex deprived that when they see a preview like that it’d only pique their curiosity.

    I’m waiting for FPI to have their demonstration about it soon enough. Those retarded dudes seem to be more attracted to anything that contains pornography and sexual innuendos.

  6. aaronm says:

    Why don’t Indonesians just go the whole nine yards and ban all film. Better still, ban everything! Seems to me to be a response to impotent government; “shee-it, we can’t stop rampant corruption nor fix the potholes in the roads, but we sure can make it so you can’t see a bit of scantily-clad ayam kampus on the big screen!” Damn f*ckin Javanese rednecks.

  7. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    I agree. A trash like this should not be banned per se but should be made a mandatory essay materials in the high school. Sorta kinda life example of acute rectal craneal inversion.” Those morons who called themselves “cast” can’t even say five sentences (in Bahasa Indonesia) in a row without managing to stuff their heads inside their rectum. This is what needed to be underlined, not banned.

    What they tried to show in the ad is the banalism in the highest sense, selling the so tiredly marketing gimmick that gay (as a lifestyle or gay people) are chic modern, harmless, and fun, and that live in Indonesia is honky-dory; i.e., no poverty, no energy crisis, no natural calamity, no corruption, and no sectarian rifts in the making, the only problem is that (sadly) Indonesians don’t know enough about sex. This kind of movie is the most profane insult to our intellect, a complete blatant lie and Volksverdummeung in the name of openness, art, and culture.

    I agree with your impatience and anger to those control-freak slimes in Indonesia who never know anything better than banning, but I agree that sensorship is still needed. Democrazy and openness is good only for so long as wealth and information is “normally” distributed in the Gaussian distribution. However, even in the US, they made ratings for movies (PG13, R, etc.), which is a kind of sensorship too.

    I disagree with your simple stereotyping of “Indonesians.” There are many Indonesians (me included) who perfectly fit as outliers in your yardstick.

    Speaking of potholes, I have seen enough of those in many cities abroad (in cities in the US cities and in Europe, where I am staying now). I would not mix potholes, senshorship, and your derogatory term “ayam kampung.” As I am not the owner of IM’s server, and I would not stop you from speaking your mind, I could only implore to keep the discussion meaningful.

  8. FO says:

    Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri, thank you for your comments. Now can we hear from someone who’s not a complete retard?

    Censorship would have gone the way of the dinosaurs if not for the likes of people like you who just can’t keep their noses out of people’s business. Who are YOU to determine what the f*ck I may see or not see? The rating system is not censorship, but in the US it has been misused in such a way as to have the same effect.

    As for your claim that aaronm is stereotyping Indonesians, how the heck is a precise description of a majority of Indonesians a “stereotype”? This and other kinds of nonsense you exhibit make you fall far short from being an “outlier” on my yardstick.

    Oh, and it’s “ayam kampus”, retard. Learn to read properly before you comment.

  9. aaronm says:

    That’s the spirit, and while I am at it I should perhaps apologize for my rather rough tone. Anyhow, I can’t see why you would take such issue with a harmless teen comedy. By all means I would encourage the making of films that reflect better the ethnic, social and economic diversity of Indonesia in a better light, but your desire to make it ‘mandatory essay material’ makes me think you possess the same controlling sentiments as those who would ban this film. You’ll probably call me a filthy gringo imperialist for suggesting this, but in the long run this country will be best served when individuals are allowed the autonomy to decide whether or not to watch this nonsense, or any other film for that matter. Potholes is simply alluding to the fact that when the powers that be, namely those goat-bearded pedants in the FPI and MUI, finally get it, there are bigger problems here day-to-day. Heck, man, you should take the drive out to see my Sis-in-law in Bekasi or MIL in Bogor some day. I doubt if you’ll ever see a sinkhole in the middle of a main road or a secondary thoroughfare that is so pockmarked in the west.

  10. Lairedion says:

    Who are YOU to determine what the f*ck I may see or not see?

    Because that’s the Muslim attitude. Interfering into everybody’s life. Abdul is using different words but is telling the same message as those MUI morons. And the whole purpose of this message is Volksverdummeung as Abdul calls it.

  11. aaronm says:

    Muslim schmuslim, do you think Feby from Indramayu who still fasts over Ramadan but sells her butt on Jl. Fellatio gives a four foot flying feck? The bloke I met down Soi Grace a few years back from Saudi who had proclivities for the biggest, most ugly katoeys, ditto? The Senegalese Muslims who celebrate festivals with their Christian neighbors? I see the problem as elements in civil society assuming they can make the rules as they go because the rule of law has not been spelled out to them. Jail the friggin FPI, take ABB down for a good few years, tell the MUI they can advise, criticize all they want, but if they incite a violent protest or the burning down of a place of worship, they won’t see the light of day again for a quarter of a century. Be lazy and blame it on a non-existent, all-encompassing Islam, or do the leg work and see that the powers that be have to start doing their jobs vis-a-vis these thugs.

  12. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    FO, Lairedion, Aaronm:

    Telling me that sensorship does not exist is another Volksvedummung. No matter where we live censorship exist. It resides in the politics, allegedly to the protect of the interests of each community, it doesn’t matter whether it is in the US, Australia, France, NZ, or Russia. There are “dry” counties, but then and there are “normal” once in the US. I am particularly against public dumbing-down, specially in poor countries like Indonesia, either by the control freaks or by the liberal freaks. To survive, Indonesia needs smart, middle of the road decision makers in this difficult time. I am an Indonesian, and I beg to be understood that I have my interest to defend the interest of Indonesia in my view. I temporary live and work in Germany, but I will return. Simply check this:

    For the legwork, I kicked some FPI morons in South Jakarta a couple years back. Oh yes, I took law into my own hand, and I call it self defense, but that is another thing. All in all, I did more than writing in this dandy blog; words and deeds, buddy, even if it is a tiny meeny ones. As I assume you are not Indonesian, I will not impose it on you.

  13. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    MUI was right. ML should be banned and all the sleazy starlets locked up for insulting Muslims. We are virtuous people.

  14. Lairedion says:


    Yes, censorship does exist (too bad) but what about this statement of yours:

    This kind of movie is the most profane insult to our intellect, a complete blatant lie and Volksverdummeung in the name of openness, art, and culture.

    You obviously do not like the movie but that’s your choice and a matter of taste. Feeling insulted by such a meaningless movie is having long toes and this led me to suspect you are an MUI-man. But fair enough, you kicked some FPI asses and I believe you did.

    I regard this movie as entertainment only and the makers at least showed some awareness of real life issues by saying: “Perhatian…! Hati-hati dengan free sex. I do not believe they are condoning free sex but are merely acknowledging the phenonemon exists and not burying their heads in the sand. And by the way a more mature and natural attitude towards sex will decrease the chance on conflicts, violence, terror and war. People have pleasant things on their mind.

    I agree with you Indonesia needs smart, middle of the road decision makers in this difficult time but basically we should have the choice to watch this movie or not. Feeling insulted by it is just laughable. I don’t care if you give it a Adult Only rating for the allegedly erotic content but it shouldn’t be banned really. Smart decision makers should be committed to human rights, free expression, speech and press on this rocky road towards a mature democracy.

    Mas Aluang, what took you so long?

  15. aaronm says:

    As I assume you are not Indonesian, I will not impose it on you.

    Ahh, that old furphy. Good on you! The day you and your countrymen stop resorting to that hairy old chestnut and debate the issues on merit, I’ll buy you all a glass of arak. Anyhow, FYI, I am a bule but have an Indonesian son, so I would like to think I have an interest in the place.

  16. gigi says:

    A cheap marketing gimmick to excite the unwary masses. As transparent as it comes.

    In my book, whoever employs cheap tactics usually have bad taste, so I’m not going to watch it even if someone paid me the tickets.

  17. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Aluang Anak Bayang said

    MUI was right. ML should be banned and all the sleazy starlets locked up for insulting Muslims.

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullohi wabarakatuh brother Aluang.
    Please let me know when there’s a vacancy as guardian. I will personally feed these sluts zaqqoom every day of the week. That will be their disgrace in this world, and a dreadful torment is theirs in Hell.

  18. Mach Jabber says:

    On another subject, can they make a better promotional poster?

  19. hani says:

    As soon as people start talking about banning a film then interest in the film increases. It is that old cliche that all news is good news!

    out of topic … makes me remember the movie “untraceable” … if u watched the movie, you know what i’m talking about. People curiosity is the best ‘weapon’ for marketing.

    I guess Indonesia movie ppl (all the producers, directors, production houses, etc..) are having hard time finding a good theme to ‘discuss’ about in a movie. I’m imagining on their board-meeting, the discussion will be likely:

    chairman : OK guys, enough with the spooky movies.. we ran out of fake blood supplies here. What next? Dont tell me you want to make again those melodramatic-heroic in a wrong time-movie like AAC .. No budget for outside country locations! We need to get money, not spend it!!
    producer1: well, you can always try movie ‘remake’ . Less budget.
    chairman: what do u mean? remake the movies of Rhoma Irama? hmm… nice try!! We cannot ask Inul to play Rhoma Irama part! R u insane?! next!!
    Producer2: I got an idea!! What about Indonesian corrupt government? The scandals.. the hidden agenda…
    Chairman: Stopp! Stoppp! u want all of us to beg on the street?!!
    Chairman: OK! we’re dying for production here, but no great ideas come from ur little minds! Do one thing, take the ideas from hollywood.. and create the movie! Now, u ppl get out from my sight! nooowww!!!!

    after they get out from the heated meeting room, the producers start discussing:
    producer1: which hollywood movie we’re going to adapt? The Incredible Hulk? Superman? Iron-man? …
    producer2 & 3 … thinking… then snap their fingers: only one solutions! raffle!

    so.. raffling.. raffling.. raffling… they got the movie:
    AMERICAN PIE!! We got a winner!! yaayyy!!

    the rest, u guys know the story .. 😀

    Please no offense, but I was just trying to become creative myself :p …

    –The events and characters depicted in the above scenario are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental–

  20. djoko says:

    Its a wonder that future movies like this don’t think to incorporate a MUI fatwa into their promotional build up. They’re getting a hell of a lot more newspaper space and airtime than they’d probably otherwise be able to afford with their budget.

  21. lampu says:

    Havent seen the film, but if it is that bad, why not, ban it.

    It has a 17+ rating so young kiddies are not going to see it!

    17+ films should be banned in Indonesia until they really actually check IDs at the theatre.
    when that happens, then nothing needs to be banned. they can even show porn for all i care.
    but for now… i agree with banning such craps.

    Indonesia is not ready for this kind of freedom, our children needs to be educated first and therefor they are able to choose what they want to see.
    freedom on these things only work when the nation is mature. and that is what we are not.

    keep banning stuff!!! yeah!

    and for us adult, stop complaining when they ban stuff, you know you can still find craps elsewhere. so called illegal porns and numerous websites are available for us to see anytime, anywhere.
    stop whining as if when they ban stuff like this then you will really miss something.


  22. Rob says:

    It is not a debate that turns on how bad a piece of art is. It is a debate on whether there is a right for it to be seen irrespective of how bad it might be?

    Simple, punish those venues that do not check the ages of their movie goers…

    It is always nice when Indonesians rag on their own. It is nice that you do not think that as citizens you are mature enough or responsible enough to make the choice for yourself and would prefer the well-intentioned government censors to step in on your behalf.

    Nobody is whining. On the contrary, the majority are arguing that they are already mature enough to make viewing decisions for themselves sans government interference. Not only about this film but pornography and other artisitic content as well.


  23. Yousuf says:


    I must say, what an interesting, involving discussion.

    Before I get to my opinion, I think we – on all sides – should hail the power of the Internet that’s allowing us to have this debate in the first place and, more importantly, is bringing out evidence against the stereotype of Indonesians being mute followers.

    Now, using the great Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking approach rather than the done-to-death Greek method of argument, why don’t we all take a look at what this film is doing to us.

    Firstly, I don’t think this film should be banned – for the sake of freedom of speech, for the sake of arts and cinema, for the sake of the people of this country (who, some might say are not represented in this film but actually are no matter how small a proportion because all films are based on some reality, like it or not).

    Secondly, I’d like to ask the MUI or the powers-that-be that if they are “genuinely” interested in the “welfare” of the people of Indonesia (as they claim they are), are they aware of the impact of the rising fuel prices on 50% of this country’s population that subsists on US2$ a day rather than that of this film?

    And if yes, have they done something about it or is that too “politically irrelevant” for them to tout for their vote bank? Have they organised any salvage programs for the 12,000 victim families of the Sidoarjo mudflow or are they too blessed and mesmerised by the “courtesy” of now Indonesia’s richest man Pak Abu Rizal Bakrie to say anything against him?

    Let’s face facts. True, this film showcases a very lop-sided view of Indonesian youth but it is a perspective and deserves to present itself. In fact, if this film only delves into the lives of the “noveau riche”, according to economic estimates, only 11% of the population (earning between Rp 8 million and above per month per household) should be interested in watching it and be affected.

    If that be the case, why don’t we and this includes the MUI too, in the meantime, focus on solving the problems of the remaining 89% who really need more than just “bans” for food.


  24. lampu says:

    well, i disagree.
    indonesia is not mature enough. the government is not mature enough.
    and i dont call ML a piece of art. same as i find it a joke when they call sinetron actors and actresses as “artis” (an indonesian word that comes from mispronunciation of actress)
    and i find it funny that we call Transjakarta Bus as Busway. (now this is another joke thats worth laughing at)

    how can you call it mature?

    lets say I am 14 years old, im going to see a 17+ films. lets say the lady at the ticket counter dont let me in, and then i give her a Rp.20.000 rupiah tip. and then she lets me in. same with 10 year old kid that buys cigarette in a warung. there IS a law that it is for 18+ only… and you think that law is working.

    back to the 17+ movie, do we have any one around that will give her a ticket or fine or to process the case later? our officials are way out numbered, my friend. we need to hire all of the unemployed indonesians to have enough policemen in the country to give a balance ratio.

    do you think that case above is something mature?

    Simple, punish those venues that do not check the ages of their movie goers…

    simple, yes.. simple for you to say
    lets say the individual IS mature, we dont have enough officials to deal with such things.

    this country can not even enforce the non smoking law. cant you see? people still smoke right next to a non smoking sign. do other so called mature indonesians come to them and tell them off?

    how mature are we?
    we can start another topic about this.

    I am an artist. I personally dont agree with any kind of sencoship. but i do think that it is necessary in our beloved indonesia, for the time being.

    this country still need a strong and strict dictator like (but honest and not corrupt) kind of government. and from there hopefully we will move on to become more liberal.

    we are not ready for such things. we WANT to be ready, but the fact is, we are not. that is the problem in most cases. like running the busway before finishing the crossing bridge to get to the busway station. sure, having the busway running is great, but dont we have to cross the street safely first before we can get in to the nice comfortable terminal?

    look at the big picutre, not just from your self. you may be ready. I know for sure i am ready.
    but look at the other people. there are people who are still trying to kill each other just because they think there shouldnt be another prophet. geez…
    we are talking about a country whose goverment was even considering to ban belly button from public view.

    i dont vote for banning pornography. but i vote for banning crap in general. we have nothing to lose if something like ML is banned. ha ha…


  25. Nona says:

    Have you guys ever thought that Indonesians are free to do what they like??
    IF they can choose whom to marry (of a different religion) without any disputes and living happily with kids who are free to choose which religion to follow, then, having made film like this is NOTHING and compare to reality that there are lots of free dirt sex around…

    This film is just a laughing stock to you Indonesians….

  26. angela says:

    I watch this movie on youtube and i dont understand why they banned this movie
    because they dont have nudity on this movie and doesnt make any
    senses about pornographic , this movie doesnt have pornographic.

    All the female’s on this movie not naked they only show they bra and swim bikini costume, I think this is redicilous, they should not banned this movie, What ever people
    banned this movie they all retard.

    I love the story of this movie and my young tenagers can learn and
    understandind about safe sex , and looking after them self

  27. Lagiélin says:

    Why? The name Mau Lagi? curiosity because my nickname is Lagi =)

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