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Sandra Dewi Sandra Dewi starts blogging, and her site visitors have the chance to become her boyfriend.


Actress Sandra Dewi joins the celebrity blogs ranks of Dian Sastrowardoyo, Maia, Wulan Guritno and others in starting a blog, of sorts.

Marketing 1 – Boyfriend

Sandra says one of the reasons she started a blog was because she is single, and has plenty of time, and she heard that it was possible to meet men on the internet. kompas

It could happen. I really enjoy communicating with my fans. I’m single at the moment, it’s possible I could get a boyfriend on the internet.

This lucky blog-walker could be you, if you’re a man.

Marketing 2 – Video

Here is our heroine Sandra, starting off with a screeching “Hi”, making her unabashed and professionally produced pitch as to why you should go blogging with her. She makes no mention of her boyfriend intentions though.

[flashvideo filename=audio/sandra-dewi.flv /]

Blog Posts

She started posting on May 1st, with three posts, and followed those up with an 8 post barrage on May 4th. Her second post, titled “I Get Up, Then I Eat”, begins:

Everyday when I start my day I get up and head straight for the breakfast table.

However some of her other posts seem to be genuine attempts to communicate with people. She even seems to read the huge number of comments, and she made the rather bold and ill-advised offer to “chat” with site visitors.

Blog Rank

In the Top Blogs list on this site she ranks a dismal 491st, but that is only because her blog is just a week old, and she so far has only one RSS subscriber on Bloglines – that sad creature happens to be me.

Sandra Dewi Rank

She is almost certainly guaranteed to break into the Top 100 shortly – the whole Top 100 may be dominated by celebrities before long.

Visit Sandra at

25 Comments on “Sandra Dewi Blog Boyfriend”

  1. therry says:

    She looks a little bit like Dian Sastro. Or Mulan Jameela. Or both.

    Why is it that all Indonesian celebrities look similar? I can’t tell which one is which, they all look kind of the same to me… same long hair, same make-up, same way of speaking “pacar aku … mobil aku … mama aku ….”

    Clearly I’m guilty of OD-ing on infotainment.

  2. Cukurungan says:

    She looks a little bit like Dian Sastro. Or Mulan Jameela. Or both.

    Why is it that all Indonesian celebrities look similar? I can’t tell which one is which, they all look kind of the same to me… same long hair, same make-up, same way of speaking “pacar aku … mobil aku … mama aku ….”

    Clearly I’m guilty of OD-ing on infotainment.

    Buruk muka sendiri celebrities di salahin

  3. Marisa says:

    Okay, here’s the truth.
    They saw this blog one day, and said to themselves, hey that gorgeous chick — and its hawt commenters — can do it, then why can’t us!? As if, girlfriend!

    Unfortunately, for the love of MAC lipgloss, only few of them will survive. 8)

    @ therry

    Hey, aren’t you Agnes Monica lookalike yourself!? 😉

  4. FX. Nur says:

    I will proud with SD because he personality. I will happy, if her
    couple is same religion with her.

  5. Lex dePraxis says:

    “I will happy if her couple is the same religion with her.”

    FX.Nur, what’s that suppose to mean?


  6. Marisa says:

    @ Lex

    That means she should date a fellow Christian. D’oh.

    @ topic

    Just an addition. A bit strayed off from topic.

    Eventually, girls like Sandra Dewi (and judging by how a stereotype works in this country, it might refer to several young females on this site also) are expected to stay in the background. Hanya sekedar jadi pajangan. Sandra Dewi may have owned a self-titled blog or claimed herself a blogger or chatted with her fans as much as she wants to, but it will not change the fact that she’s merely a product. Her blog is the media. And she knows it.

    Young Indonesian females, especially those who doesn’t “look” conservative from the exterior ..they can rant as much as they want to, in blogs, in the ladies rest room, whatevs, just keep it in the background–it’s entertaining for some. Surely, tons of Indonesian girls are smart by nature, but it won’t stop men from thinking that their intelligence is a way of getting the men’s attention or mere female rivalry. No matter how intellectual their opinions are, some would assume them as yet another month-end female ramblings. That’s why some men find it amusing to visit (critical) females blogs and give out compliments and sweet words in those blogs, thinking that the females would just love to be complimented all the time, and that their critical attitude and idealism are based on some sort of a “personal suffering”. Of course, they, or people in general, are going to have trouble understanding the context in each article written by female bloggers. They just don’t get it, they never do; and along the way, a great deal of talent is going to be wasted away. Thank it to the social stigma.

    Also thanks to Indonesia Matters for publishing stories on the “Indonesian Girls” as a supplement to the main content of this site. It’s as if, whenever the men are getting a bit bored discussing on political matters, they can always check out the beautiful girls.

    I’d say, this site is definitely owned by an Indonesian-minded Indonesian.

  7. Achmad Sudarsono says:



    That’s why we should express our feelings with Dangdut.

    I will write a Dangdut song for you.

    Call Marisa Marqisa, about how you are like a Marquisa, sweet, but bitter…

    Oke Friend ?

  8. Marisa says:

    Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony ..this life……..

    — The Verve


    Yes, I’ll surely look forward for your debut in the mainstream dangdut scene. And perhaps your marquisa-inspired song would the best Indonesian song out there that could describe life, as it is.

    Okay, Achmad?

  9. Rob says:

    Good Luck to her in her search for a man!

    Unfortunately, when “jodoh” strikes it is not always between people of the same faith!

    Under every celebrity persona there is a real person trying to come out but the PR people rarely let that person emerge as it is much easier to sell a manufactured product than it is the real thing!


    Stop talking about the things you can do and do them! Write the song, record it while strumming away on your ukuele, and post it here or sell it over the Internet! That way we can all get to admire your talents!

  10. Doulos says:

    If I can give you advice, don’t looking boyfriend from internet. There are a lot of fake personality in internet. If you believe in God, let Him guide you, like psalm 23. I believe, That He will give you the best for you, if you believe in Him, and let Him guide you.

    Have success at your life.

    Best regards


  11. GJ says:

    There are a lot of fake personality in internet

    Why wasn’t I told about this earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not Happy!!!!!!

  12. Jimmy says:

    Hi Sandra,

    How are you doing…just to let you know we met at maroush
    rest. last week and it was great to see a person who is
    so outgoing and ‘bubbly’.. lets catch up and see were destiny
    take us.. Bye Jim

  13. Mach Jabber says:

    @ therry

    And Ms. Sandra’s not my type; wonder what people see in her. Beyootiful, yes, but not spectacularly.

    *Not that my opinion matters…*

  14. Rob says:

    Has she had any luck in attracting a boyfriend yet?

  15. robert says:

    Halo Sandra! Tante saya bilang kamu chantik. He he. Nama saya Robert. I e-mail you from America. I am Indonesian from Menado, but moved to America very young boy. I speak very little my language. You are very beautiful and if you believe in “Love” follow your heart, and it will “Love you back”.

  16. oska says:

    hmmm……what to say???????????????
    let me seee…
    I’m stunned,
    oops!….embarrased, cos I just dropped my jaw somewhere in my studio floor….ahm, let me turn on the strobe for some enlightenment….
    …aaaah! yes! I can talk again.
    Now! Who says Sandra Dewi so good looking? You are not beautiful, not even pretty.
    As a matter of fact, I cant find the right attributes in my humble vocabulary which would justly describe you. Really. You are no girl, woman..!
    You are my DREAM….wow!
    And if you are no dream, then you are my
    Your name even suggests that you are a celestial kind.
    Please, allow me…. to kneel down and kiss your feet…and recite a prayer to you as I kiss my way up….(now I’m dreaming)
    Seriously now, you really are my Goddess!

  17. Lex dePraxis says:

    Sandra Dewi is not real. She’s just a conspiracy.


  18. dan says:

    It is so comforting to know that someone who is young and vibrant can achieved something out of her will. It is also nice to know that success doesn’t get to her head. I’ve been following some news about her. Our parents share the same origin, a little island of Belitung. One of my relatives happens to know her too. Believe me, I heard some good and inspiring stories about this girl on how she views her life. It’s quite fascinating!! So I congratulate her on her accomplishment and the many more to come. I hope that Jesus will always take her in His care. Most importantly, never stop believing in whatever to be the true path in life and yourself too. It will lead you to the ultimate happiness, no money can buy! Take care girl. dan…

  19. Agent - X says:

    I admit I admire her so much..! She’s my inspiration..! Although I’m just a simple person and she’s a star and many people do love and know her more than I do..
    We have a lot of differences,. There’s no hoping that I could be that Luckiest guy..!
    There are so many possibilities,.. Like maybe it’s true or just another way of promotional
    as others say.. Well I just can’t help being naive..
    Also I’ve already accepted the fact that nothing is equal in this world.. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t be even go close to her..
    Equal effort doesn’t always mean equal gain.. But as long as she’s happy.. I’m happy for her..! 😀 Go Sandra!! Take care always, and may God always guide and bless you in everything you do!!

  20. HMDH says:

    Hello Sandra,

    I’am 1 of your fan from Brunei.I hope 1 day you will find your prince charm.Take care and may god bless you always

  21. diego says:

    She looks a little bit like Dian Sastro. Or Mulan Jameela. Or both.

    Why is it that all Indonesian celebrities look similar? I can’t tell which one is which, they all look kind of the same to me… same long hair, same make-up, same way of speaking “pacar aku … mobil aku … mama aku ….”

    Clearly I’m guilty of OD-ing on infotainment.

    Therry, I bet you’re real ugly, and it’s just an expression of your jealousy.

    Kidding. Hah.

    On serious side: I think people who constantly criticize celebrities for their “level of intellectual” are actually pathetic.

    No, I’m not doing this on defense of the celebs. Neither am I one of them. I don’t even fit in the stereotype of yuppies / metrosexual.

    But, allright, celebs are stupid, but does it need constant repeating? From your mouth? That makes it even sound like a pathetic jealous screech.

    We know that (most celebs are stupid), but we don’t need to hear that from you. Thank you.

  22. David says:

    Therry, I bet you’re real ugly, and it’s just an expression of your jealousy.

    No, No, Therry is a knockout, my type, if I weren’t already otherwise tied up…

    Kidding. Hah.

    Alright, but it needed saying anyway.

  23. suyatno says:

    Sandra Dewi is a gracious girl. She is charming and attractive. I hope you don’t follow other actress that only blows up her sensual body for money. Don’t legalize any ways , just for money. your nobility must be everything for you. Good luck and bravo, Sandra Dewi

  24. Rachit Mangal says:

    wel..when i was goin thru your photos i realized that there actually lives an angel on this very planet (which we call earth)…n i thought of asking you ” did it hurt you….fallin from heaven….wel ur so gorgeous that even the words fall short in personify ur image….anyways would love to hear something from you…coz since being in get to hear from other person more than u actually say…wel thats k..i guess that made me a good listen…wel is really hoping to hear from you….n u cn contact me when u r free….u know where to find me….:)

  25. David Wong Jowo says:

    Semua orang disini pake bahasa inggris, apa tidak ada orang yang mau bicara pake bahasa Indonesia lagi? Tsk, tsk, tsk…kapan orang melayu ini jadi bisa ngomong inggris melulu?

    Sudah lama tidak ada disirculasi, karena kerjaan dan lagi tidak ada dirumah, apa banyak perobahan di Indonesia ini? Apa orang Inggris atau Amerka membeli Indonesia and membikin orang2 Indonesia cuma bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris melulu sekarang?

    Bisa tolong siapa bisa datang kemuka dan memberikan penjelasan mengenai ini, bahasa Inggris…

    Sombong sekali yah sekarang tidak mau mengenal pribadi seperti orang Indonesia itu, warga negara indonesia, berbicara bahasa ndonesia, tapi proud pake bahasa Inggris melulu. Apa mungkin masih dipikir seperti dulu didalam kaki orang Belanda, seperti orang tuanya atau kakek and neneknya, cuma hanya bisa ngomong bahasa Belanda.

    Dan ini cowoknya bisa ngomong bulls…it lagi, apa nggak malu sama sendiri, pengen masuk kecelana SD…what angel? beauty is in the eye of the beholder…kecanticak tidak tetap, dalam kira2 lima tahun atau lebih sedkit, itu kecanticannya bakal hilang karean banyak kosmetik yang dipake dipipi dan mukanya, terus bagaimana? mau mencari yang laing lagi pacarnya?

    Selebritis nggak bagus, mereka tidak tahu dapur, ganti diapers, membersih tempat tidur, tempat tamu and tempat makan. Selebritis hanya tahu makan, tidur, kosmetik, good times dan pacaran sadja. Selebritis tidak mencari anak melayu, mereka mau sayang sama bule sadja! Maintenancenya mahal, perfumenya duaratus dolar per setengah ounce. Not your league!

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