Jewish Medal of Valor

May 5th, 2008, in News, by

Gus Dur Gus Dur is honoured by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, while somebody is shooting at his house.

Human Rights Award

A “Medal of Valor” will be awarded to former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid aka Gus Dur by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the international Jewish human rights organization based in Los Angeles, for being

a leading voice for moderate Muslims and a champion of interfaith dialogue.

While some local reports say the award is for Gus Dur’s role as a detik

protector of Jews

Gus Dur is expected to interrupt his busy schedule of political scheming and infighting to travel to Los Angeles to receive the award at the swanky Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, on May 6th.

At the same ceremony Medals of Valor will also be given to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton (for being an all-round human rights champ), and a French Catholic priest, Patrick Desbois (for handling the sticky job of Vatican-Jewish relations), while the top award for the night, the 2008 Humanitarian Award, will be handed over to Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, for her sterling efforts in advancing cultural diversity, social responsibility and philanthropy.

Party Feud

Meanwhile the long running power struggle going on in Wahid’s political vehicle, the Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa/National Awakening Party (PKB), which seems to revolve around a mainly personal dispute between Wahid and his feisty and disloyal deputy Muhaimin Iskandar, shows no signs of ending.

On May 2nd in Jakarta Muhaimin held a rebel PKB extraordinary national conference, which Gus Dur and his allies refused to attend.

House Shooting

Finally a peculiar Antara report of 28th April in tortured English titled: antara

Gus Dur says somebody tries to kill him

At some point in recent weeks Wahid says that a gunshot had been fired in the direction of his home in Jakarta. He seemed to blame the hitman incident on the PKB’s (or his faction of it) struggle for honesty in politics.

Our country is full of lies and PKB has the courage to deal with them, and it appeared that the shooting of my house is aimed at frightening me.

The attempt to assassinate his house failed however and things were looking up:

But I have to put PKB back on the right track, as some branch offices of the party have been frozen because of their lies. Thank God, now everything is better.

Whether a valorous plea or not, he said:

Just pray for my safety, as I may be the target of the assassin.

11 Comments on “Jewish Medal of Valor”

  1. Janma says:

    Just pray for my safety, as I may be the target of the assassin.

    I’d say something like a ‘jewish medal of valor’ might act as a sort of target for potential shooters…. gives them something to aim at hey?

  2. djoko says:

    Gus Dur will have such a mixed legacy. On the one hand he’s been one of the few Muslims who has stood up for common sense a lot of the time during his life (lifting the ban on PKI and trying to establish at least minimal ties with Israel as two examples), but on the other hand his life in party politics has shown him to be an absolute despot. PKB in theory should be an excellent party to engage the nahdliyyin with Indonesian society more broadly, but ultimately its just becoming a family plaything (if Gus Dur was to finally pass away there’s no doubting that for all intents and purposes, and sadly without the need for any voting or process, PKB would essentially be passed on to Yenny).

    Indonesia is still waiting for leaders and political parties which are not mired in corruption, conservatism, paternalism or a mixture of all three.

  3. adrey says:

    He (Gus Nur) is the savior of pluralism and tolerance, while the radicals are the protector of evil and intolerance.

  4. billitone says:

    May God Bless you, Gus Dur.

    The world needs someone supporting interfaith dialogue like him.

    His party dispute is kind of entertaining to me though.

  5. Purba Negoro says:

    Is this Jewish medal bestowed upon known thieves and enemies of State as well?

    See him for who he truly is.
    A megalomaniac who attempted to impose Martial Law and not recognise democratic due process.
    Megawati won that first election outright- Gus Dur’s back-handed maneuvering behind the scenes and his manipulation of Islamic parties to reject a FEMALE leader caused m any many probelms.

    Don’t honour this a-hole. He is a special kind of proto-bacterial slime.

    Give back the millions you gave your Chinese “masseuse” you anti-Indonesian Islamic turd (gus dur)

  6. Deng Xiao Phing says:

    Deng Xiao Phing surely not a Jewish person and I love Gus Dur, may universal God bless him … hail Gus Dur & long live for him & his lovely doughter

  7. Dykarg says:

    congratulations to Gus Dur, hope it will inspire others

  8. Aira says:

    Another pro-zionis!!!
    Much better if he stayed in Israel rather than Indonesia.

  9. Gus blurr says:

    Supporting israel for Killing palestine people will keep gus dur makes this world in peace.That’s why he deserve medal of valor because respecting humanrights.Why dont you just go to israel?
    Let’s see how many people will cry when you’re gone?
    Hail sukarno,the real indonesian will help indonesia

  10. neko says:

    Poor gus dur . He is just “blind”. Blind in mind and heart.

  11. It’s better if Gus Dur go 2 Israel and live peacefully there. So Gus Dur, good bye now!

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