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Julia PerezJulia Perez distributes free condoms with her latest musical masterpiece, “Kamasutra”.

Free Condom

Professional exhibitionist and singer Julia Perez‘s new album “Kamasutra” has a giveaway condom packet in the CD cover sleeve.

Julia Perez
Julia Perez, in some of her glory.


In the town of Samarinda in Kalimantan on 27th April dozens of women university students staged a protest at a shopping mall to voice their concerns that the Julia Perez condom bonus was an example of the “condomization” of society, and that it was a part of the campaign for free sex.

Fighting AIDS

Julia, usually called “Jupe“, however says the free condoms are simply her way of helping the government to fight HIV/AIDS. inilah

If anyone who buys the album doesn’t like condoms just throw the condom away.


The protestors also voiced their support for the recent string of local government bannings of sexy dancers and singers performing in particular cities, such as those imposed on singer Dewi Persik in Bandung and Tangerang, and most recently in Balikpapan. They hoped that Julia Perez’s name would be added to the blacklist. antara tempo


And in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), the head of the Department of Religion, Lalu Suhaemi, implored the good citizens of Lombok to stay well clear of Kamasutra and its bonus package. He was worried particularly about the provocative titles of some of the songs on the album, which include: kompas

  • Goyang Kamasutra
  • Belah Duren
  • Please Call Me
  • Ketagihan

Julia says she had plans for a song called “100 Cara Bercinta” (100 Ways to Make Love) but she was forced to drop the idea.

Goyang Fatwa

Meanwhile the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) in South Sumatra, Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel), have issued a fatwa, essentially directed against eight Jakarta based performers who are known to jiggle and gyrate themselves around too much on stage, they being: detik

  • Dewi Persik
  • Annisa Bahar
  • Inul Daratista
  • Julia Perez
  • Uut Permatasari
  • Trio Macan
  • Ira Swara
  • Nita Thalia

These singers were particularly known to cause damage to the morals of the young generation and upset people, the MUI said.

31 Comments on “Julia Perez & Kamasutra”

  1. Purba Negoro says:

    Is this a joke?
    Family Planning and condom education is widespread- even in the villages- hence Pak Suharto received an award for Population Control and Fmaily Planning from the UN.

  2. Kang Kabayan says:

    Julia, usually called “Jupe”, however says the free condoms are simply her way of helping the government to fight HIV/AIDS. [1]

    So I guess she will also give free hypodermic needle to drug addicts for helping them avoid HIV/AIDS

  3. Rob says:

    Kang Kabayan…

    Now there is a good idea! Free needle exchange programs as part of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS program!

    It is high time we pulled our collective heads out of the sand and faced the reality of what confronts the youth of the 21st Century…

  4. rima says:

    No modern condoms please. she should’ve given out medieval-approved goat intestine penis covers then maybe people wont fuss so much.
    This girl just wants attention, and the people are so gullible they give it to her.
    and as always, MUI and its branches never fails to amuse me, they seriously should have a new hobby, knitting, scuba diving, tai-chi.. anything but giving fatwas out to celebs. it’s stupid and the fatwa actually leaves the people wanting more (not fatwas but those who are banned).
    ahh.. indonesiaku, pin-pin-bo..

  5. sputjam says:

    Great marketing. What was she wearing on the album cover, if anything? hope she can sing as well as she can gyrate.
    Indonesia should encourage more individualism, imagine the trickling down effect if she becomes an international star.
    david beckham is an industry by himself.

    As for the religious scholars, throw them in jail as they do not contribute financially to the well being of a society. Instead of paying taxes, these scholars suck the juices out of society by collecting taxes and giving nothing in return, except using free labour, in the form of volunteers.

  6. Lairedion says:


    Being able to sing is not important really. Britney Spears always lip-synced while performing “live”. Sex sells, in one way or the other, and Julia understands this. So I agree, great marketing.

    Btw I found an interesting pic of Julia:

  7. Marisa says:

    @ topic

    Yay. Can’t wait for the ringtones. 😐

    @ rima:

    ahh.. indonesiaku, pin-pin-bo..

    PLIN PLAN MAMBOOOOO wkwkwkkwkwk

  8. shorty says:

    I’m with you Rob. Needle exchanges don’t encourage drug usage – they’re already hooked – the benefits outweigh any moral or social outrage.

    Love the word ‘condomization’ – can I issue a challenge/separate thread for an indonesian word, and a definition?

    Who were the lucky censors from MUI and Sumsel who reviewed the performers and performances? Well they couldn’t be objective, how can you tell the boss you cracked a boner.

    Locked out in lombok, banned in bandung, censored in sumatra, I can see the poster for the next concert…’SOLD OUT’.

  9. Enigmatic says:

    Lairedion Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Being able to sing is not important really. Britney Spears always lip-synced while performing “live”. Sex sells, in one way or the other, and Julia understands this. So I agree, great marketing.

    Btw I found an interesting pic of Julia:

    Is she the one on the left or right?

  10. Mach Jabber says:

    Giving out free condoms is a good idea, but this one’s probably just an eccentric marketing concept. Don’t know what to say about this one.

    But I wish they quit the fatwa charades.

    @ Lairedion

    Ha! Girl x Girl is the divinely ordained path!

  11. janma says:

    Needle exchanges don’t encourage drug usage – they’re already hooked – the benefits outweigh any moral or social outrage.

    I don’t know about that idea….. using the drug is a crime, but they distribute needles. Using the excuse that they are already hooked and the benefits outweigh the outrage…. wouldn’t it be less hypocritical just to legalize it? It’s kind of like making a designated drunk drivers lane on the highway….. ‘yeah, we know it’s illegal, but they’re going to do it anyway, but this way everyone benefits…’.

  12. shorty says:

    Janma my comment applies whether or not drug usage is legal/illegal. this debate will go on forever – I’m not aware of any jurisdiction where iv drug use is legal.

    In the mean time iv users are dying from hiv/aids, hep c and other diseases caused thru the usage of contaminated needles.

    Many families are not aware of the drug usage. The wife/husband/girlfriend… is then also put at risk. (this also applies to condom usage)

    An exchange programme not only minimises the above risk, but also provides a contact point where health issues can be monitored, and assistance given should the user show signs of quitting.

    Harsh penalties on users don’t work. if they did drug usage in ri would be lessening – it’s on the increase.

    Your drinking analogy is not valid – I’m just advocating a clean glass.

  13. Rob says:

    Is it less hypocritical to just legalize it? Yep, and I think most people would concede that prohibition does not work! So, I think legalizing drugs where greater control canbe exerted over all aspects including cost can be exerted.

    Taking Janma’s argument the other way then the alternative is to ban all those things dangerous to our health (and the health of others), particularly alcohol and tobacco! Not going to happen! So, let’s legalize more bad stuff and then control it!

    Needle exchanges are a good idea, drunk driving lanes are not. Although I think I can see the logic of your arguments, I disagree that providing a specialized drink driving lane is a harm minimization strategy!

    To each their own though…

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. Farah says:

    Hmmm… she just love controversy…
    I think if she had those good intention to help government with giving away condoms is not a bad idea. Its all up to the album buyer, whether they want to use the condoms or not.
    Its good for sex education tho.. believe it or not i never see real condoms until i was in University, i would honestly (pathetically) thought it was a balloon !!
    Its just one in so many way to prevent HIV/AIDS of course, and she’s good for among the first artist (or is she really the first ??) using condoms as controversy on her album launching, also made a good PR job to show how (good) she is for concerning about the deadly disease.

  15. adrey says:

    Those women rallying agianst condom ads in Kalimatan are their mission is to spread the culture of hypocrisy. Look at their fellowmen, only Muslims are HIv/AIDS positive in Indonesia.

  16. jaka says:

    @ adrey: Sure, only muslims? What about the cases in Papua?

  17. dewaratugedeanom says:

    They should put my name on the fatwa-list too. Good for business. Imagine all them sheila’s, from Wagga Wagga in the east to Meekatharra in the west, bragging about having been jiggyjigged and their hair plaited by the one and only Kuta-cowboy with a fatwa tattooed on his fore(heu)head. My fan mail will increase thousand fold. So will my savings. I will laugh myself all the way to the bank.

  18. Lairedion says:

    @ Mach Jabber,

    Simon, ese! (East L.A. Mexican Spanish for “That’s right, dude!”)

    @ Dewa,

    How ’bout putting a tattoo on your dick with the letters “YOUR NAME” and then boasting about it to the sheila’s with: “Ï got your name tattooed on my dick!” Success guaranteed. 😉

  19. Janma says:

    My point is that it is hypocritical, if the problems are such that you need to hand out needles to drug users, then it’s better to legalize it and control it like Rob said, and that was my point. The drunk driver lane was an analogy folks!

  20. Rambutan says:

    Belah Duren gets my recognition for best song title of the year…

  21. dewaratugedeanom says:


    Success guaranteed.

    As they say in France: ‘La curiosité est du féminin’.

    And it was curiosity that killed the cat.

  22. gigi says:

    adrey: how about in africa and in the United States? Only Muslims too with HIV there? Ignorance is bliss, huh?

  23. torasham says:

    i think she just make a controversy to increase her reputation and off course increase her album solely. the thing i know is her voice not so good.

  24. Mach Jabber says:

    Be waiting for the next album. What would the prize be? A whip? A speculum?

  25. Nishil says:

    I presume condoms were only part of julias green marketing and comparable to any thriving business in the current market. It carries a positive message and let us take the positive in it.

    Best Regards to julia and her team.

  26. peter says:

    DONT USE CONDOMS THEY ARE BAD really they are would you have a shower with a rain coat on….never
    thats all..

  27. Luigi says:

    May the force be with them.. 🙂
    As to Julia and her team – she may wish to take advantage of the wave.. while people are still buying her controversial story on the infotaintment industry.. as she got less time till her popularity goes down to the drain..

    So? – tarik jabrik! 😀

  28. observe says:

    marketing gimmick or not, intentional or by chance, she has brought a big positive thing in making people aware of usage of condoms against AIDS. what else can spread the message like a wildfire than a controversy. I mean a well educated Farah who commented above has admitted herself that she mistook a condom for a balloon when she was in her college!! Even though her condom gift might assist not a majority of the country, this idea has definitely brought focus on condoms and their importance. Never mind the cleric and their antics. Thats their way of PR. They are illiterate and outdated. But this controversy has really helped. We should thank her for that and them clerics too (‘_<)

  29. amuimoco says:

    fucking MUI.they don’t have any activity that’s why they pay attention with this matter,our country still has many big problems to resolve.anyone has right to explore themselves. talking about moral,do you own moral first before you correcting the other’s moral. you think your moral is god???who knows that you are worst than them/(MUI)go jupe and the other singers.I take one example, in other country such as in america,the case of moral is smaller than in indonesia.
    I will never,ever agree with the fucking regualtion or words from MUI or similar organization> GO TO HELL ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ryan sawoka says:

    hope that you can be a good jupe, for the sake of a good name
    family, friends, and the first specifically to the homeland …
    you actually really good, and I like it …

    by, ryan sawoka

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