Diana Abbas Thalib

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Diana Abbas ThalibJustice Party politician Hidayat Nurwahid’s wife-to-be, the lovely widow Diana Abbas Thalib of Kemang.


On 16th April PKS leader Hidayat Nurwahid became engaged to a 42 year old woman of Arab descent, Diana Abbas Thalib.

Diana Abbas Thalib

Widow & Widower

Diana Abbas Thalib is the director of a maternity hospital in Jakarta and lives in swanky Kemang. She has one child from a previous marriage (her husband died) and on May 10th, the wedding day, will come into possession of four more, from Hidayat’s marriage to Kastrian Indrawati.

Kastrian Indrawati died on January 22nd 2008 and Hidayat says:

From the day she died it was proper that people made suggestions [for a replacement].

Diana was introduced to Hidayat by another Justice Party politician Yoyoh Yusroh, who is her religious instructor, a month ago. Diana and Hidayat then met each other two times, never alone, and thereafter decided to end their mutual loneliness and marry.

Yoyoh Yusroh
Yoyoh Yusroh, matchmaker.

When Hidayat proposed to Diana he had some solid male support behind him, including politicians Aksa Mahmud, AM Fatwa, and Mooryati Soedibyo, while Diana was accompanied by friends and family.

Competitive Arabness

Diana admits that she is actually “beaten” by Hidayat in the being-like-an-Arab stakes. While she is of Arab stock she considers herself fully assimilated into Javanese culture while her fiance spent many years living in Arab countries. banjarmasinpost

He’s more Arab than me.

Family First

Both say that the most important thing is that they each have a companion in life and are able to provide a family structure for their children.

Big Shots

Hidayat has already asked president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and vice-president Jusuf Kalla to be witnesses at the wedding, while Din Syamsuddin and Hasyim Muzadi will officiate. antara

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  1. Rob says:

    Everyone deserves to be happy! Good Luck to them both!

  2. PrimaryDrive says:

    Do you think I should also ask SYB to be my witness?

  3. abul says:

    right on. congrats to the newly-weds.

  4. Diba says:

    Congratulations, barakallah, hope you both happy always.

  5. Hasan Ridho says:

    Congratulation and hope for the best for the future.

  6. torasham says:

    i hope both of them will live happily ever after………….
    in that is their right to live happy forever…

  7. David says:

    Well it seems on their wedding day they got 130 million rupiah, US$5,050 and S$500 from well-wishers, ie angpao, hmm, but they’re not allowed to keep all of it, about half the money was deemed to be “gratifikasi” and has been handed over to the anti-corruption commission. antara

  8. priasehat says:

    Diana’s were divorced from her two ex husband. Her kid is not her biological but adopted.

  9. samsul hidayat says:

    congrats. ALLAH bless you.

  10. ismail mohd.thalib says:

    i hope every think is best allah bless u.

  11. Yaser Antone says:

    Where the hell is Oigal,,,

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