How to Get a Bule Man

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A new book giving advice to Indonesian women on how to find an expat man, How to Catch Mr Bule.

Published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama and written by one Erlinawati How to Catch Mr Bule provides tips and advice for Indonesian women on how to snare a foreign man for romance and likely marriage, and how to manage the relationship.

How to Catch Mr Bule.

The book discusses important questions such as:

  • Are foreign men more caring and loving than Indonesian men?
  • Is it true foreign men know best how to keep a woman happy?
  • Or are bules just looking for a bit of fun, or as blogger Indcoup once put it in the four “F”‘s – “find, feel, f…, forget”?
  • Do foreign men like Asian women because they think of them as demure, while western women are too forthright and independent?
  • What special problems face local women dating a foreign man?

The weird habits of bule men are pointed out as a warning to Indonesian women, such as

  • they like dogs
  • they sleep with the lights off
  • they like to cook for themselves

These small matters could later blow up into big problems and ruin the relationship, it is said. However the main advice seems to be to avoid stereotypes and keep your eyes open.

Available at the bargain price of 25,000 rupiah.

410 Comments on “How to Get a Bule Man”

  1. Farah says:


    Hehehehe.. horny could b the correct words to explain abt certain kin of woman that could drag men in to marriage without a fight.. hehe.. just like a fly on spider web (sounds so scary..)

    Don’t be a hypocrite. You love being inspected 🙂

    I don’t say i don’t like being inspected.. woman here in this world to be adored anyway..
    i just say.. you could see but you can’t touch 😉

  2. Purba Negoro says:

    Sensationalism sells.
    I very much doubt many actually buy it as an instructional book- more as merely a means to conform or inavlidate the various dongeng tentang bule ie bule myths.
    I feel the book would be more accurately entitled:
    “How to Whore yourself shamelessly to a fatty middle-age barely passable white male- unable to attain the same calibre woman in his homeland”.
    Or perhaps- “Marry yourself a Sex Tourist”?

    I have only ever met, in all my time in Indonesia- 40+ years, one white male who married a woman of quality- as opposed to the atypical bule-hunting bar-slut. They met at uni and are the same age and similar social rank.
    This lady is full blood Mangkunegaran and her father a Penjabat and from a family of illustrious Revolutionary heroes.
    He is English, and can even speak, read and write fluent Javanese and hanacaraka.
    And no- he does not live in Kemang or near Jakarta International School with the atypical 50+ years, middle-age be-spread bules with their bastard half-bred ilk.

  3. Purbanegoro, nice to meet you. Maybe you should go out more to see that there’s more than 1 lady, married to a Caucasian, who is not a “slut” and doesn’t come from “bule-hunting-bar”. Should I start with… hmm, Amaliya Wirjono the KOI restaurant owner? Anyway, it’s a boring topic which has been discussed too many times on this site.

    Let’s talk about the book!

    Rob, thanks a lot you’re so sweet. Will pick up the book when I get back to Indonesia. In the mean time please do share what’s in it and whether it answers my queries.

    Dewaratugedeanom, you’re right! I read about this on Rob’s and Rima’s blog then went IM. Haven’t been here for a while. I think Patung and other guys theory is right, sex sells!

    Patung is your traffic significantly increasing now? BTW the picture looks so ancient! Wonder how old she is now….

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    Finally Woken:
    True- but generally they’re from the Pembantu class or just below.
    How many bangsawan or wealthy Pribumi marry a bule? Very very few indeed.

    Mainly Chinese sluts ooking to escape via their new green card or spouse visa or the atypical Malang type girl.

  5. Karenina says:

    Whats up with all this so called “self-help” book anyway? Seriously, i’ve been with my other half which is a “bule” as she calls it, for almost two years and i guess i fortunate enough that he doesn’t sleep with the lights on, he cooks dinner for US when i get home late from work, and we dont own a dog. Even if he does one of those things, ever heard of the word “compromise”? If we are willing to shed a bucket of tears and do all those things we thought we could never do for the local guys, than what makes the bule men being treated differently? Bottom line is, dont get yourself in the trap of the ones who cooks for themselves or sleeps with the lights on (if thats out of your criteria), whether its bule or local.

    Btw, I agree with “finally woken”. I didn’t get my bule man from a “bule-hunting-bar” either or get with him for any other reason than to be with each other.

    This book gives a bad rep for Indonesian women. Let alone a self-helping book to get a man, this one specify to “bule”. Come on, doesn’t she have anything else to write about???

  6. ausdag says:

    This lady is full blood Mangkunegaran and her father a Penjabat and from a family of illustrious Revolutionary heroes.

    Yeah, that’s a real sign of ‘quality’ (intensely sarcastic tone). Since when have this nation’s ‘pejabat’ been epitomes of high ethics and refinement that goes deeper than skin-deep basa-basi ,many of whom have plenty of their own

    ‘bastard half-bred ilk

    hidden away in other villages or kampung as a result of their secretive affairs with their wantia simpananwhich everybody else knows about because, well, you just can’t keep secrets in this country.

  7. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Farah said

    i just say.. you could see but you can’t touch

    “¦said the ‘table dancer’ to her client before he slipped a 100 dollar note inside the strap of her panties.

    Purba Negoro said

    How many bangsawan or wealthy Pribumi marry a bule? Very very few indeed.

    Are you a bangsawan, Purba Negoro? I very much doubt so, considering your frustrated lowlife bottomfeeder style. I don’t think sultan Hamengkubuwono X will ever invite you for dinner in his kraton.

  8. Rob says:

    Purba Negoro…

    You seem to be one of those bitter and twisted small-minded, stupid, bigoted, sexist, racist types! I think that you have covered all the bases and covered them well!

    My kid will be a half-breed, Indo, slightly-tanned, or any other derogatory name you might like to throw out there, I heard ’em all! My kid will not be a bastard though because I am married to my wife and acknowledge the little one as mine.

    My wife happens to be from an illustrious royal family whose father was not a pejabat but a prince, my wife is educated, and in most ways my equal and in many other ways far superior to me! I am a lucky bastard!

    For your rant, it is idiocy in the extreme. You seem to have a beef with anyone who marries a bule where that bule cannot speak Javanese. One of your posts talks about pembantus and the particular level they reside at (in your opinion) and Chinese sluts looking for a green card. One can only conclude you hate women who marry bules as much as you hate the bules themselves. Or perhaps the problem is that you became involved or married a bar girl and she left you for a bule with a personality and outlook on life that is a little sunnier than yours?

    I cannot count on my hands (or if I include my feet) the number of bules that have married local girls of a class status similar to theirs, with education levels similar to theres, and hopes and dreams similar to theirs. You have taken a minority of cases and in your very small-minded way tried to sell that as the majority — most people will see that for the scuttlebutt that it is!

    Not all Indonesian women who work in bars are, as you so eloquently put it, bar sluts. Rather the contrary to that position is more likely to be true. In any event perhaps a greater level of analysis is needed to find out why these women find themselves in the position that they do in order to make ends meet. It seems the pribumi and pejabat classes of revolutionary heroes have failed the masses!

    Perhaps in your 40+ years in Indonesia you have been hanging out with those people that support the stereotype that you seem to so vehemently oppose! Because if you were ever to come down of that high horse of yours and live in the same world as the rest of us you would see that life is not as neat and tidy as we hope for it to be!

  9. Lairedion says:

    This lady is full blood Mangkunegaran and her father a Penjabat and from a family of illustrious Revolutionary heroes.
    He is English, and can even speak, read and write fluent Javanese and hanacaraka.

    Shame on this woman! She has disgraced the noble lineage of Mangkunegaran and put shame on all Indonesians for letting herself shagged by a white boy of Anglo-Saxon descent. She has clearly betrayed the revolutionary ideals of our founding fathers and this kind of slutty behaviour of selling yourself out to the White Devil is the sole reason Indonesia is now in a dire state.

  10. Rob says:

    By the way Purba Negoro (PN — Pegawai Negeri which means Civil Servant doesn’t it?)…

    Do you have a blog or site that I can check out to see whether your rantings here are consistent with your other beliefs (if you have any)…This one of the reasons to support anonymous blogging for those of you who do not wish to be constructive in their contributions to the dialogue but would rather deride anyone and everything in their path. I have great respect for some anonymous bloggers but you are not one of them!

    But for your misogynist views on Indonesian women (and most probably on all women) I am sure you have attained the rank of Pejabat Extraordinaire in the Royal List of Numb Nuts!

    Congratulations! I hope this provides some meaning to a life so ordinary!

    By the way the definition I am using for numb nuts is No. 1 on this list.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  11. mickey says:

    @ Finally Awoken

    how to keep him away from other aggressive Indonesian girls or how to fight against the other Indonesian girls who are interested in stealing your man away from you (it takes more than snigger but she has to do it in such an elegant way otherwise her man will think he’s a precious prince).

    Talk to my gf. She has a few tricks to keep me locked in the bedroom. Jamu…. maybe, Voodoo… definitely. (see posting on regular page). I became her sex slave. You dont hear me complain but like to do something else than bumbum all the time.

    Pick up places: why not try to go to a electronic shop where they have a fair number of “sales”-girls. The first thing they try to do is sell them selves before they talk about the product you really came for. “no english – but here my number…”. Had to buy a larger memory card for my hp. One day I will do something with all those numbers. They might be the secret to something big….

    It is amazing the number of indonesian girls that try to get in touch with you. I haven’t heard any good-original pick up line from them but the one that always works with me is “…your smile I like…” Makes me stand in the mirror for hours to admire myself!
    Disguised it with a beard the other day thinking it might scare them off but hey, guess what I suddenly became “…more handsome…”.

  12. Farah says:

    @ Dewaratu

    “¦said the ‘table dancer’ to her client before he slipped a 100 dollar note inside the strap of her panties.

    too bad dewa.. i am not those table dancer. If i want to dance, ill dance, if im not i wont, even if you gave me more money that you just said (thanks my monthly salary much bigger than that, and i am proud of being able to work in decent way), i don’t think i would do that.. not all girls are material slutty.

    Once again.. i still don’t like this book.. even when people said, dont judge a book from its cover.

  13. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Hey Purba,

    It’s the Bangsawan of these islands that sold their people out. The Dutch never, ever could’ve done it without a class of preening, fawning, greedy, treacherous, Rajahs, Orang Besar, moustache-stroking Priyayi s, Radens and Ningrats.

    Read Indonesian history. Not 350 years of colonization. 1904-1908 full Dutch control after the Puputan in Bali and trickery of the Acehnese. That’s about 40 years, pal. Suck it up.

    Indonesia was sold out by its own aristocrats. That’s right, people called Mangkunegara.

    When will this country drop the bullsh*t ?

  14. Lairedion says:


    I enjoy reading your comments like this one about becoming a sex slave. Could you go further in detail?

  15. Pena Budaya says:

    Purba Negoro said:
    True- but generally they’re from the Pembantu class or just below.

    Purba Negoro – yeah right, what a small world you have been living. I met Indonesian women with their “bules” hubbies/partners whom they met during studying for higher education aboard or their working aboard assignments. Surprise? These women with impressive intelectuality were living aboard instead of living in Indonesia to be judged by people like you.

    And perhaps Erlinawati should add in her tips that Indonesian women should focus on her career and higher education better so they can experience living and working aboard as intellectuals then they can choose “bules” directly in “bules” homeland because by then they can choose one in millions…

  16. Marisa says:

    @ Lairedion

    I am not angry with you. It’s my computer, it is one helluva angry computer, mood swings, OCD, ADD and all. Tsk.

    @ Pena Budaya

    ..Indonesian women should focus on her career and higher education better so they can experience living and working aboard as intellectuals then they can choose “bules” directly in “bules” homeland because by then they can choose one in millions”¦

    Hear, hear! Heheh.
    But most importantly, be an intellectual because one wants to be loved as an intellectual, as one is. No pretension, or hypocrisy. Especially in the field of knowledge.

    @ topic

    What is it with Westerners anyways?
    What is it really about them that is so sexually attractive, ladies?
    I personally still think Bataknese men are the sexiest ever! 😀

    However, I must admit that some of us (male or female) seek some sort of platonic or intellectual connection with the Western world–inevitably the Westerners, because somehow we find it hard to find our own identity from our own country’s traditional ways. That’s why there are TONS of Indonesians that enjoy Western music, tv shows, novels, literatures, fashion, movies, etc. They just want to relate. To belong.

    Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?

  17. Tony says:

    Most likely Erlinawati is writing to those women who have less opportunities in Indonesian society to obtain either a better education and or a future. Westerners represent a place where if one works hard and stays the course then other things are obtainable. Usually the US represents this ideal because the poorest of the country (Bill Clinton) can rise up and become president. This is quite unique as even in my own beloved Canada one cannot come from anything less than upper-middle class if they want to be the leader of the nation.

    Suffice to say in Indonesia, these days at least, you need to come from the richer classes or you will have no opportunity to become the leader of anything.

    So, if a bule wants to marry a pembantu–great–she will have a better life in Europe and or North America than being treated like a sub-human by some wealthy pribumi or chinese family.

  18. rima says:

    I actually agree with Toni’s last sentence.

    @ (manusia) purba negoro,
    What is wrong with being a pembantu, anyway? Bangsawan/ningrat/rich/pejabat or pembantu/jongos/driver/beggar/poor people are the same. Human beings. When you stick a knife into any of them, red is gonna come out. Not blue, not gold.

    I think it is sick to judge people from their economy/financial background/social status/skin color/education. I’d rather be with a poor dark driver who is loving, wise, smart and has a wonderful personality than a white rich snobbish aristocrat.

    Plus I find dark men sexier than the lighter ones. Before you ask, yes, my favorite color is Black.

  19. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Purba Negoro said

    How to Whore yourself shamelessly to a fatty middle-age barely passable white male- unable to attain the same calibre woman in his homeland.

    And no- he does not live in Kemang or near Jakarta International School with the atypical 50+ years, middle-age be-spread bules with their bastard half-bred ilk.

    Hi there, all of you politically correct bules. Imagine just for one second what would happen if you call a Javanese brownie like Purba Negoro the same kind of names he calls you?

    Bite your tongue?

  20. Purba Negoro says:

    Dewaratu etc:

    Very telling is your instant emotively volatile racism/skin-colour prejudice:
    “Javanese Brownie” versus
    “fatty middle-age barely passable white males”
    and “middle-age bespread bules with their bastard half-breed ilk”?

    YOU infer racism, as it as an external projection of your own beliefs and vile prejudice.
    Racism in my comments is non-existent.

    Rather than fly off emotively, let’s return to the real argument:

    Is is extremely rare that:
    -a bule and his Indo wife are fluent or mutually comprehensible in each other’s native tongues.
    -they are from similar socio-economic background, rank, class, upbringing, outlook, education etc

    Neither party is well matched, nor functionally fluent in respective native languages; how common that the woman has an embarrassingly poor grasp of pidgeon-English (not to mention formal cutlery) and the male’s Indonesian is generally non-existant as they lack either the will or humility to learn a brown-skins’ language.

    Communication? Semi-existent at best. It is impossible a village/kampungan/pembantu girl with her naive and childlike mentality can comprehend the complexities of todays unsheltered Western reality- particularly when neither party can speak passably to one another?

    Ever been to a Sunday lunch in a Jakarta hotel or out to the malls on a weekend when the Kemang crowd saunters out?

    “Mickey” highlights such atypical bules superlatively.

    Furthermore, such pairings do not satisfy the criteria:
    Bibit, Bebet, Bobot.
    bibit= pedigree/provenance/parentage (literally “seed for breeding”)
    bebet= Rank (from bebed- a batik sash-cummerbun worn strictly according to rank) and including family rank.
    bobot= “weight” or gravity perhaps, as in social standing, employment, education, authority and influence but includes existing family and bride/groom future “weight” as well.

    Now, particularly relevant to Balinese, Tata Krama Kasta concepts mean:
    If a man:
    marries above his rank- his rank increases
    marries below his rank- his rank remains same, in some instance dropping dependent on the wife’s rank.
    man marries outsider- rank unchanged.

    BUT if a high-rank woman weds:
    a non-ranking outsider like a white, her rank can remain same or may be lessened.
    *a low rank- including bule with low education/ranked vocation- her rank drops to = the man

    low rank woman weds a high rank- her rank remains low but above servile class- essentially a courtesan/concubine.

    Bibit, bebet, bobot reflects the indisputable realities fundamental to a functional MARRIAGE not a fairy-tale romance.

    The sad actuality is socio-economic rank and caste prejudices are NOT the monopoly of nasty, dirty “unenlightened” brown-skin nations, it’s a universal human phenomena.

    And unlike the spineless, LMF (lack of moral fortitude), intestinal strength bereft West- WE confront life’s realities rather than Western cowardly avoidance tactics & reality escapism via nouveau Marxian Political Correctness and weasel-wording.

    Queen Wilhelmina marry a cobbler?
    Bill Gates’ daughter allowed to marry a trailer park dweller?
    Atypical middle-class family Mr & Mrs Hampton-Smythe of Kensington going to allow young Lizzie to wed uni-drop out from Tower Hamlets?
    The Mefute-Kwembes of South Yarra allow their son to fraternise with that white Deidre from Deer Park?


    Rather the majority of White-Indonesian marriages are mutually exploitative transactions of social currency.


    The white (almost 90%+ middle-age male, divorcee) attains:
    -slimmer, younger, more attractive woman than realistically attainable in their homeland (yes I’ve lived in US, UK & Aussie (convict)land)
    increases their social-sexual currency meaning other women (of similar low-social rank) will find him attractive regardless of his ravaged by time or treatment of women.
    -massively bolsters his traumatised ego- at last the also-ran can get his prom-queen.
    -means now he’s God’s gift to the attractive pembantu

    For women:
    -many Chinese I know push their daughters to seek a white when studying overseas so then via Family Reunion scam they can all flee nasty Indonesia where pribumi now rule the roost and Dutch protectors/masters long fled- like the whimpering schoolgirls they are (eg “Dutch courage” (a few stiff ones straight up- whether this is deliberate innuendo or not- I speculate) & Japanese invasion ).
    In fact one seriously questions Dutch & French genetic relationships and whether they share the genetic trait of sunburnt armpits.

    I digress:
    -increases her socio-economic rank (now she can hire servants rather than work as one herself)
    -ego increase: She must be beautiful indeed to catch the eye of a bule she thinks in her childishly naive village mindset (endemic to the middling and lower classes- regardless of nation).
    -gains herself & family a foothold in a prestigious bule land
    -pops out a child ASAP to cement the child’s rights to the father’s assets if the whole sordid transaction sours.
    – eggs are fertilised by a superficially superior mate to those ordinarily available
    -attains more conducive environment for said progeny.

    A sordid transaction indeed.
    Hardly the Western matrimonial ideals of mutual affection, loyalty, and respect.
    Total avoidance of the universal realities of bibit, bebet, bobot by both parties.

    Bangsawan are the receptacles and custodians of culture- globally.

    Mr Rob- A more Indonesian perspective and constructive I doubt could be possible to find.

    Truth hurts because it strikes raw nerves.

  21. Karenina says:

    Purba Negoro…

    Your name does not suit the profile. I thought “orang jawa” supposed to know “tata krama”?

    If you retained grudges for one of these “pembantu” as you call them (for whatever it was that she did to you), i suggest you seek help. I totally understand the need for you to let it all out, but not to the rest of the world. You’re not Osama bin Laden, we dont care about the bad comments you say (unless you also have troops prepped with AK-47 and are threatening to destroy the world, which you dont. We really dont have time to care). Some things are best kept secret.. (or kept between you and your therapist)

    And here’s the truth..

    Unfortunately dear, your version of “truth” does not apply to every single “pembantu” who married the bules. The world doesn’t revolve around you and does not go by you or what you said honey.

    Please go get your yellow pages and look for a physician near you.

  22. Geordie says:

    Dutch protectors/masters long fled- like the whimpering schoolgirls they are (eg “Dutch courage” (a few stiff ones straight up- whether this is deliberate innuendo or not- I speculate) & Japanese invasion ).

    The Dutch in Dutch courage refers only to the origin of the alcohol used to stiffen the resolve in battle, not in that the Dutch had to partake in it before they would enter the fray.

    It’s origin is from the British Army fighting in Flanders where soldiers would have a few gins (the locally produced and easily available tipple) before standing in the ranks to face volley after volley. Hence we now have the phrase Dutch Courage.

  23. Pena Budaya says:

    Purba Negoro, you sound like a person from my grandfather’s generation (I am 30 yo and my engkong & eyang – would be around 80s if they were still alive).

    The world has changed, dude.

    I do have strong disagreement with what you had mentioned but my experience told me that old prejudice by elderly is difficult to break. Better not wasting my time with your ancient perspective.

  24. Lairedion says:

    Purbo Nagara, are you for real? You sound like a drunk barfly or did you score some bad coke. But keep on talking bro’. Totally wacky but fun to read… 🙂

  25. timdog says:

    I too am not entirely sure if Purbo Nagara is for real, but if he is, sweet jeez! Never have I encountered such palpably personal bitterness oozing from the computer screen!

    I thought, for his benefit I might recount the story of some people I knew – I won’t say where I encountered them, in case anyone else here has come across him – you’d remember him if you did – but suffice to say it was in an Indonesian city. He was a Australian bule, she Chinese-Indonesian… She had met him while on holiday in Bali, and they started up an “internet” romance… Anyway, he came to visit her a couple of times (they were both in their early 20s) but she lived at home and her dad explained on his first visit that “in this culture” there would definitely be no sharing of bedrooms until they were married… he poured his heart out to me about this – it was excruciatingly embarassing…

    So, after about six months they got married, and he came to Indonesia – and managed to get a job as, inevitably, an English teacher… At this point I should point out that she was from a “good” family, her dad was a businessman, and she had a degree from the best private Chirstian university in town… now he… even by the shoddy standards of the EFL inustry he stood out – HE COULD HARDLY READ – I am not joking – he had to say the words out loud as he read, very, very slowly… he was quite clearly borderline mentally handicapped (certainly the kind of kid who would have had a special helper at school)… his dad was a labourer on building sites, and until he came to Indonesia, so was he (he told me that mostly he dug holes)…

    Anyway, they hardly knew each other well when they got married, but she, as a pretty smart girl with excellent English, had clearly realised that she had got herself a bit of a dud – she bullied him and treated him like a small and not very bright child in public… this outraged and horrified Indonesian friends of mine, but quite frankly, it was probably the only way to deal with him…

    Anyway, I believe the marriage collapsed, he was sacked for his patent inability to teach, and I think he went back to the building site…
    It was a rather sad case really, but I thought I’d recount it as it is quite the mirror image of Purba Negoro’s ridiculous concept of Bule-Indonesian marriages…

    And like I’m sure everyone else here, as I run through the various people in Bule-Indonesian marriages that I know well, none – no wait, I’ll be scrupulously honest – only one of those unions even begins to comply with his twisted image (not quite though – the guy in question speaks excellent Indonesian, and her English is pretty hot)…

  26. timdog says:

    Oh yeah, and in three of those marriages it’s the WOMAN WHO’S THE BULE… any thoughts on those unions Purba Negoro?

  27. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Re Purba Niggoro’s comment above.

    I pulled a plug and unleashed a waterfall.

    But in the end Purba Niggoro is right. Bules have become a degenerate bunch of wussies, too preoccupied being politically correct to stand up for themselves.

    Quod erat demonstrandum.

  28. Rob says:


    Perhaps if you had read a little more closely you would have seen that some “bules” have commented and stood up for themselves. Not quite the wussies that you claim, but hey, to each their own. I really don’t need you to lecture me or to stand up for me on behalf because I am a wussie.

    Maybe if you came down off your self-righteous high horse you might see that not all white folk are a degenerate bunch of wussies. But you fall into the dame category as the fool Purba Negoro who espouse nothing more than anectdotal evidence and then embellishes the numbers to give his point of view some “gravitas” but when it is all said and done he is a simple numb nuts! He is a misogynist, racist, sexist, and elitist wanna be whose only means of getting any real recognition is by posting to Indonesia Matters.

    Indonesia Matters last time I checked was an open forum where people could exchange and argue of ideas even those ideas bordering on the detestable! It is also a forum where people get to post anonymously and under pseudonyms which provides them leeway to post objectionable opinions or incite responses to their often poorly conceived realities and miserable existences. Point being why don’t you post using your real name and an avatar of your real self? Is it you that is the wussie or is it me? People know me, they can track me down in the real world and I am more than happy to defend myself and my arguments in person, publicly or privately.

    Or at least be creative like some of our other brethern like the ukulele playing poet and dangdut singer, Achmad! At least he has gone to the trouble of positing a real looking avatar.

    On the other hand I had generally been enjoying reading your responses as they are witty and often reflect the Internet research you have done just prior to posting your comments…but name calling is somewaht beneath a peson claiming to have an intellect!

    Then again perhaps Purba Negoro is but a mere alter ego of dewaratugedeanom? The beauty of anonymity, we will never know!

    Have a good weekend!

    I hope my comments are not too wussy!

  29. Lairedion says:

    Ouch, the truth hurts, doesn’t it Rob?

    Dewa does have a valid point. I suggest you read some of the comments of guys like Odinius here on IM and then you’ll understand what he means.

    Political correct bules are so full of guilt for the acts of their ancestors in colonial times they’re afraid to criticize virtually anybody or anything. They don’t value their own culture but in stead they’re demonizing Geert Wilders as a racist.

    As a result some Western European nations are having huge problems with immigrants and their offspring and this is because of the bule’s soft approach and the failed concept of multiculturalism.

  30. janma says:

    I read on some scandanavian forum or site, that the wussies and apologists are mostly women… all these scandanavian men were up in arms, because they said that it was their tradition to protect their women, who were now being raped in droves in previously safe streets, by sudanese and their ilk. Meanwhile it was women who were flying into political rages standing up for the immigrants.

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