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Apr 7th, 2008, in News, Opinion, by

Ross urges readers to support sexy dangdut singer Dewi Persik.

The disgraceful behaviour of the primitives in Tangerang towards that splendid young lady Dewi Persik deserves our interest.

Dewi Persik
Dewi Persik, wardrobe accident.

To listen to some mediaeval oaf likening the cheery, pretty singer to a prostitute, because presumably she makes their Darth Vadar-lookalike women seem dowdy, was infuriating.

We who are guests in this country may not participate in demos or political manifestations of any sort, and that’s fair enough. But we can go to the movies.

Next week a new Indonesian horror movie, starring Dewi herself embroiled with pocongs (Tali Pocong Perawan), (I’d have thought the Mayor of Tangerang might be a better candidate for the attentions of fiendish horrors, but never mind) starts showing in Jakarta cinemas.

A tribute to Dewi Persik.

Let’s all go see her film, thus showing our support in a tangible but non-political way.

I don’t know if all the dangdut videos destroyed by the FPI ratbags were paid for -I doubt it, given their general reluctance to recognise rights for any but their own fellow-undesirables – but we at least can be sure Dewi will benefit from our attendance in the bioskops.

And it would be nice if some box-office records were broken, demonstrating that she can draw crowds in excess of the turn-out for cretin fanatic rallies.

And for those of you who only go to Western films, you’ll be surprised how enjoyable the local ones are. We watched Kesurupan last week and it was just as good as the American “One Missed Call”, which we saw yesterday.

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  1. David says:

    Well I loved this newspaper cover

    She is going to be allowed to perform in Tangerang, provided she dresses for the occasion and doesn’t dance too sexy.

  2. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    At last ! Something we can agree on !

  3. PrimaryDrive says:

    I’m not sure I want to watch a movie called “Tali Pocong Perawan”, not even for free. I have symphaty for this lass, but not to the point of tormenting myself. Afterall, she’ll now probably earn twice more thanks to these ‘negative’ publicities.

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    PrimaryDrive — yes, She’s a master of publicity — check out her flirtations with the Sydney Morning Herald correspondent.

  5. Lairedion says:

    The world would be a dull place without sexy women.

  6. Rob says:


    “Indonesian poet, pencak silat master, ukuele player and dangdut singer”…

    and SMH journalist? 🙂

  7. jawa.apostate says:

    I don’t know what FPI is trying to prove here and there, but whatever they do it seems like they’re just confirming that violence is their so-called holy way… Pretty sad eh?

  8. Ross says:

    Further to the Dewi controversy, we tuned into Global TV’s ‘Bibir’ programme last night (Tuesday 8/4) where a discussion on the issue took place. The participants included not only Julia Perez and Trio Macan, but also Tessa Mariska (does anyone know if she’s a sister of Wawa Mariska -they are both honeys, for sure) so I watched their every word carefully!

    They were basically having fun, even taking turns to goyang themselves, but interestingly, a lot of the street interviews showed mixed feelings: they liked a bit of goyang but were concerned that Dewi’s pelvic thrusts might have a bad influence on kids. Other dangdut stars, it was implied, were not so set on provoking nafsu.

    I found this surprising – much of dancing in all countries is a form of mating ritual, surely, and we don’t have to go back only to the Twist – Great-Grandma’s Charleston springs to mind – to recognise this. How Cousin Lester does the waltz with his auntie will, probably, hopefully, be quite sedate. How teens dance is much more purposeful. One adjusts one’s style and manner to the occasion. You could see kiddies and grannies enjoying the sense of occasion on TPI’s Kontes Dangdut Indonesia, but there was nothing erotic going on for them -it was simply fun.

    As a long-term dangdut fan ( I regard it as Country and Eastern; my lifelong taste for Nashville’s music translated rapidly into appreciation of the same kind of twangy, ‘achey-breaky heart’ lyrics that Indonesia’s masses love) I have taken a continuing interest in the art-form.
    In my first year here, friendly locals took me to a place in Manggarai, which may well still be there- ’twas named the Sinegar, I believe. The singers there were typical penyanyi2 dangdut, slinky, recklessly attired, splendid examples of archipelagic womanhood. I learned a lot there, a fair recompense for picking up the tab at the end of an evening with my pribumi companions.

    For a long time, dangdut (again like C and W) was infra dig, according to most Indonesians I’ve talked to. ‘Proper’ people looked down on it. Sanitised forms only were permitted on tv when it first came into vogue among the non-wong cilik. Haji Rhoma Irama (he of frequent matings fame) set himself up as the King of Dangdut and has done his utmost to cling to the crown, not least by demonising the up-and-coming Inul, who won popularity for dancing sexily (though Inul has not to my knowledge ever appeared scantily clad -I’m open to correction on this). Dangdut is now establishment entertainment.
    Yet in the kampungs, a key part of dangdut performance has surely always been its provocative element. And that is what the kill-joys can’t stand.

    What I think we are seeing in the fanatics’ threats against and abuse of the sensual divas is merely a manifestation of certain Islamists’ war on the basic, earthy, enjoyable character of Indonesia. Much as Cromwell’s grim republic banned May Day and the festive celebration of Christmas in the mid-17th Century. Merry England was outlawed.
    One good reason, therefore, for solidarity with Dewi Perssik.

  9. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Much as I disagree with Ross’s politics and anti-gay stand I find it hard to believe a supporter of Dangdut singers can be all bad. I’m struggling to sustain the will to insult Ross, although i’m sure he’ll come up with something to spur me on soon.

  10. dewaratugedeanom says:

    FPI is just lowlife. If they hadn’t Islam they would find another reason for making amok.
    They are something like the Balinese Bhuta Kala, evil spirits always in for causing trouble and making mischief. But here we also give them offerings, mecaru, usually a bit of rotten meat to keep them quiet.

  11. Lairedion says:

    I regard it as Country and Eastern; my lifelong taste for Nashville’s music translated rapidly into appreciation of the same kind of twangy, ‘achey-breaky heart’ lyrics that Indonesia’s masses love

    Sorry mate, but to compare it with C&W is a disqualification of dangdut. This is not about cow sh*t shoveling rednecks or sporting a ponytail like Billy Ray Cyrus. C&W is sweet, not provocative and in line with the conservative Bible Belt mentality of hilliebillies.

    Dangdut is Indonesia’s rock and roll. Controversial, provocative, sexy and always looking to stretch the boundaries of “good taste”.

  12. David says:

    Dewi isn’t welcome in Bandung either, mayor Dada Rosada says there is no way he’ll give permission for her to perform in the city.

  13. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Dewi, oh Dewi, why didn’t you become my dewiratugedeanom?

    Hancur hatiku
    Karena dustamu

  14. torasham says:

    this case remain me for britney. after divorced, both become more sexy 😀

  15. m.h.bowo says:

    I think this spectacular. wow..greats and dangdut singer’s must know where do you live? and whatever you do it is easy and only people don’t have education can do like you. you know that.

  16. deSz says:

    i am so curious, this woman, she has no album at all for all song that she performing.. i mean she sing always someone’s songs, doesnt she??
    and for me (please no offence, only my opinion) she only sell her body not her voice..

    salam kenal semua..

  17. Zecky says:

    deSz, I think dangdut singers hardly ever sing their own songs. I still love dangdut though.
    but it’s really sad that the decisions to ban these singers isn’t even democratic – it’s clear from the turn-out at concerts that most Indonesians have nothing against dangdut singers … it’s the religious minority, as usual, which causes the problems.

  18. deSz says:

    Zecky, yeah i love dangdut too.. specially when i found my self so lonely in weird land like now.. Only i missed “real” dangdut, without “bitchy” performing, like the current dangdut singers now. I missed the style like ikke nurjanah, iis dahlia, and many more for the elegant one. In my opinion, just in my opinion, people wont banned something without reason. If U see for example, the performance of her (DP i mean), mostly almost same like a streaper, only she is not put off her clothes. As we know streaper cant do her performance out side in our religious country. I love dangdut, only this kind of singer (DP), make the place of this music low taste.

  19. zecky says:

    I missed the style like ikke nurjanah, iis dahlia, and many more for the elegant one

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Ikke or Iis performing – so I’m afraid all I know about dangdut is ngebor, lol.

  20. BusinesZZ says:

    Hey I wanna put a comment and a decent one here.

    I think Dewi Persik should leave Indonesia and pursue a film career in the US. With her talents and abilities she can make big money in US if she do adults films. Porn would welcome asian indonesian like her. With great moves like she do, she can become a millioniaire there. Hence, she could be the first indonesian to do the country proud.

    Seeing her skills and keeness on popularity and wealth so far, i am sure she won’t mind doing porn films in the US. If only she can find a great agent.

  21. Nala says:

    She only sell her body not her voice.
    Weird Woman…. Ih…..

  22. Jabricks says:

    And she knows exactly how to sell….. good marketing!

  23. Ary says:

    She know the art of DAVIL……..

  24. alam says:

    body oke, fashion oke, goyangan oke, penonton oke, entertaint mndkng, ya weis goyang terus sampe banjir biar ga kekeringan.he.he.he…..

  25. Cornelia says:

    Hi Ross…

    I’ll never understand, how can in a modern & intelligance society tha we are living now could ever supported Dewi Persik.
    Especially after all her act, dancing like a whore showing off her tits in national TV, so inappropriate..
    And I’m so agreed with “Primary Drive”, I would never ever see “Paku Kuntilanak” even if I get paid for it. Maybe a horny man, who have no respect on women will ever have a desire to support her.

  26. Ross says:

    She’s lovely, lively and showed guts when the MUI goats started bleating at her. Good enough reasons to be a fan!

  27. Elohim Joshua Jnr Waff 2000 says:

    We need to realise we are all in this as one place and the people and the girls and the people who watch them are just the same as us. Her dance is welcome thankyou.

  28. LAi says:

    boleh tanya…..ini slidenya di edit guna software apa ya?

  29. Nia says:

    dewei persik memang dilahirkan seperti itu tidak punya moral seperti binatang

  30. Alo semua says:

    udh biarin dwi persik goyang sexy tuh propesi orang.dwi goyang kan cuma cr uang buat kehidupanx buat dwi persik jngn lupa pada yg diatas dan hidup cuma 1x jngn disia2

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