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Whether the PDI-P is a party of thugs, Christians and communists.

Taufiq Kiemas says the PDI Perjuangan no longer wants to be known as a non-Muslim political party, or what was probably worse, a party of street toughs, Christians and communists.

Taufiq Kiemas
Taufiq Kiemas and other half.

The allegation of the PDI-P being a haven for communists was particularly hurtful, he said

The saddest [accusation] was that all communists congregated in the PDI-P.

The PDIP wanted to prove that not only was it a pluralistic and nationalist party, but was also a part of the Muslim community. And no mention of the word “secular”.

Taufiq Kiemas is the leader of the PDI’s newly formed Muslim religious wing, the Baitul Muslimin Indonesia (BMI), and husband of Megawati. tempo

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  1. Marisa says:

    OOT. If Indonesia Matters were a political party would it want to be known as a party of thugs, Christians and communists?

  2. Ebi says:

    Politicizing the majority, apparently. Christians are equal with thugs and communists? Indonesia is getting less tolerant. It’s bad politics.

  3. Jun says:

    PDI had chance to lead in the first years of Reformation, but in fact it is only abundances of opportunists like most parties. The problem is that no party has clear platform about what Indonesia should be in 20 years time.

  4. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Are they going to change party colours too? Green instead of red?

    I know at least one forumer here will be pleased.

    Ross, where are you?

  5. janma says:

    Taufik is a head banger…. he’s got the mark on his forehead.

  6. djoko says:

    Most Indonesian parties are realising that the most successful party type is the corporatist type, not particularly bound by ideology. Islamic parties are either making overtures to non-Muslims (PKB, PAN, PKS) or dying slow horrible deaths (PPP, PBB), while secular-nationalist parties are looking to add a touch of green (PDI here in this case and even the splinter PDP I have noticed) to beef up their chances of getting the ‘Muslim’ vote. Of course there is already one party which has done a very good job of fitting this type of party: Golkar. It’s ‘green’ enough that Muslims have no problem voting for it while its also sufficiently ‘Pancasilaist’ so that secular-nationalist minded voters are willing to support it. If you need any proof of how successful this has been you merely need to see how people were calling for it to be disbanded in 1998 yet by 2004 it was once again Indonesia’s largest party (granted not at the level it was in the New Order, but then again they haven’t had the luxury of rigging elections since 1998).

    People honestly shouldn’t be so surprised this is happening. Pragmatism is the driving force in formal politics everywhere and Indonesia is no exception in this regard.

  7. Lairedion says:

    Taufiq Kiemas better leave PDI-P that would it make one thug less.

  8. PrimaryDrive says:

    I wont vote for PDIP as long as people like Kiemas is running it. Djoke is right, for the lack of any other option I may turn to Golkar. Or I can simply dont vote at all, which well reflect my lack of trust in the current political system.

  9. Rob says:

    ahhhhh….to live in a perfect world where we would vote for those candidates and parties that would best represent our interests in the parliament…

    One day maybe this will be true!

  10. Lairedion says:

    Mmmm, Primary Drive is already showing ambivalence towards democracy. So recognizable.

    Rob, you’re so true about this. I always give my vote to a green party, the green of nature and environment of course.

  11. Mach Jabber says:

    What of their 662 Mob ripoff logo?

  12. Yudi says:

    I dont think he’s making PDI P more islamic whatsoever.He just tried to appeal the muslims to be more nationalist.i think its a good move.He initiated the celebration of the birth of Pancasila on June 1st.He strongly opposes the the growing of sharia-inspired local laws.PDIP is clearly against this.PDIP is the most nationalist and secular party in Indonesia.So,do some research before you judge,people.

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