Curing Homosexuality

Apr 2nd, 2008, in Opinion, by

The hardline stand taken by Indonesian clerics against homosexuality wins applause from Ross.

A welcome display of solidarity between established Islamic, Catholic, and Protestant faiths appeared in the Jakarta Post with statements from leaders disassociating themselves from the fringe elements who declared that perversion is acceptable to their followers.

Ma’aruf Amin, chairman of the Fatwa Commission at the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI), said

It’s a curable disorder. There have been many cases where homosexuals have realized what they did was wrong and became heterosexuals again. It’s something that can be fought off.

Benny Susetyo of the Indonesian Bishops Council said:

According to official church documents, we weren’t born with sexual disorders. The church regards homosexual behavior as a psychological disorder that is curable.

A few days ago some nonsense was published in another JP report saying that homosexuality was a human condition and thus should be treated as bestown by God.

Similarly, leprosy should be treated as God-given and no cure sought? Kleptomaniacs should be allowed to steal and not given remedial attention by authorities?

Anyone who does anything nasty or unpleasant or downright revolting, as homosexuals like to do, can say that’s the way God – or Nature – made them. So we should turn a blind eye and let them get on with it?

Come on, let’s hear it for the ustads (Muslim clerics) when they get it right for once. Disorders can be cured, and children protected. Until the West wakes up and recriminalises homosexuality, expats should at least applaud Indonesians who take a stand for decency.

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  1. shorty says:

    aerocam you were right with the first premise – pirates contributed to global warming – lets face it, 2 or 3 years at sea, all male crews……….plenty of pillaging but not much raping.

    plenty of rum, pieces of 8 and nowhere to spend it – the hairy smelly bastard in the next hammock starts to look good………….

    all that friction, methane and bad breath.

  2. Janma says:

    Does he really think that the Pope, for example,is a thug, or a lunatic. Does he apply the ‘fascist’ slur to millions of Muslim people who share my views, or all the Protestants and Catholics who follow their religions’ traditional teachings.

    ummmm…. yes… probably yes.

  3. sputjam says:

    I think best for mankind to restrain themselves when overcome with desires for sexual acts beyond the bounds of marriage between man and woman.
    Based on common sense, homosexual and paedophilia acts is not normal.

  4. Kang Kabayan says:

    Why do we need a homosexual?, there were no great man ever been born from the uterus of an homosexual.

  5. shorty says:


    “¦I think best for mankind to restrain themselves when overcome with desires for sexual acts beyond the bounds of marriage between man and woman.
    Based on common sense, homosexual and paedophilia acts is not normal”¦.

    no argument with pedophillia.

    as for the rest, accept reality. prostitution exists, homosexuality exists. sex before, during and after marriage exists. god, jesus, allah, whoever have not been successful in curtailing nookie. consensual sexual activity between adults is a matter for the participants.

    i find it ironic, yet insulting that some people accept heterosexual unions in their fullness..companionship, love, support, sexuality (even anal sex), yet totally ignore everthing except the sexual aspect of homosexuality. you can be a kind, considerate, caring, compasionate person, but if you stick your dick in the wrong place”¦.

    as barry humphries would say, “who cares where you park percy, as long as the parking lot doesn’t complain”

    for the record i’m a rampant heterosexual

  6. Mach Jabber says:

    @ sputjam

    Common sense is no more than a set of prejudice one had gathered when s/he reached eighteen.

    I am no homosexual myself, but countless animals do engage in homosexual play. You can argue with anything but face it, it is more natural than you’ve ever thought.

  7. sputjam says:

    Always move upwards, not backwards when seeking to improve. citing animals as an example to support homosexuality amongst humans is a tragedy.
    But I have to thank shorty for reminding me that homosexuals have feelings and compassion for the person they love. Previously, i thought it was all lust.

  8. Richard says:

    Do gays & lesbians really suffer mental disorder? OR, it is the MUI & the Bishops who suffers attitude disorder called “Homophobic”? Certainly, WHO and all the scientific & medical world have taken out homosexuality from any list of mental disorder of any kind. Ironically, those religious leaders who are supposed to preach about compassion & peace, actually preaching about hatred and judgement toward homosexuals – very far from the essence of their religious.

  9. gigi says:

    You can argue with anything but face it, it is more natural than you’ve ever thought.

    Yeah it’s so natural that if every human being in this planet perform this oh so natural behavior then then very natural result is our extinction, naturally… 😉

    I don’t think that any creature in this world have a natural inclination towards their extinction though, so I’m all against this unnatural behavior. All argument in support of this abomination is nothing but BS, it’s as truthful as Bush’ WMD facade.

  10. Teng says:

    Gigi, you might want to read this

    It seems rather natural to me if you read that. One quote from the article:

    “No species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis. Moreover, a part of the animal kingdom is hermaphroditic, truly bisexual. For them, homosexuality is not an issue.”

    Something you don’t see in nature though is killing in the name of faith or ideology… so I think we should consider that unnatural. It also seems killing and war are a bigger problem for the survival of mankind than homosexuality.

    One could even argue that homosexuality is a way of nature to decrease populationgrowth of animals.

    It seems a certain percentage of all species is homosexual or shows homosexual behaviour. The argument that this will lead to “extinction” is about as accurate as Bush’ WMD facade.

  11. gigi says:

    @ Teng:

    Even if it’s true that even animals do have homosexual tendencies, then you can find my answer to your argument within the Wiki article itself:

    “Homosexuality in animals is seen as controversial because some assert it points to the naturalness of homosexuality in humans, while others counter that it has no logical or ethical implications and is nonsensical to use animal behavior to justify what is or is not immoral

    Are you equaling gays and lesbians with animals, Teng? Because it seems like you’re trying to do so.

  12. shorty says:

    why all the angst? why force other people to conform to your beliefs?

    sure, there are behaviours which rightly deserve legal, social and moral sanction – murder, theft, you get the drift..

    i don’t think sexual acts between consenting adults fall into this category.

    as long as fred or freda don’t complain, does it matter where peter parks his percy?

    besides, homosexuality is about emotional, not physical attachment. the sex is just an expression of that emotion, as with heterosexuals.

    notwithstanding the quasi science and religious indignation, homosexuality is not contagious.

    rejoice in the diversity of life.

    imagine how boring it would be if everyone looked and thought the way you do.

    imagine how insecure you must be to need others to look and think your way.

    what better example of the absurdity/ignorance on homosexuality than british law.

    male homosexuality had legal sanctions. lesbianism had none as queen victoria couldn’t imagine 2 women engaged nookie.

  13. shorty says:

    as a follow up, and a possible separate thread…….

    like so many sexual topics on im we tend to get a masculine response. i’ve reread all posts and have seen no secific reference to female homosexuality.

    come on girls, give the bigots a blast!!

  14. diego says:

    Actually, it can be cured. You want to know the best medication? it’s called “business” (especially when it’s going through a tough time). I mean, since at least 2 months ago I’ve lost my desire to go to sauna and get naked with other guys. I’m busy at work.

  15. Munch says:

    If everyone was gay, this would be the last generation of the human race.
    perhaps it’s natural selection… I don’t know, but the latest generation seems to be just bursting at the seams with homosexuals (in “western” cultures anyways). The fact that society has been spoon-fed to accept it…

    Can we not understand that it is fundamentally wrong? The purpose of sex isn’t pleasure, it’s reproduction. As far as artificial insemination goes, insertion of seed with forceps and fertilization through the natural flesh mechanism… which is more barbaric in your opinion? The sheer sterility of it is what makes it an abomination.

    We are biological machines, and we have a hardwired mechanism to see to it that our race doesn’t become extinct. Even though there are 6+billion people on earth, the balance that holds it together is as thin as a thread and delicate as a feather.

    I’m no bigot- I don’t hate gay people. I just… wish that the world could understand what is oh so perfectly obvious. Square blocks where not meant to fit in circular holes, and god did not make us this way, it’s something we picked up along the way, regardless of it was the result of some tramatic experience, or a lack of fulfillment amongst our chosings, or if what simply a matter of incompatibility. It has put road blocks in my life, some of my favorite people are gay, and I wish all the time that they wheren’t.

  16. zekky says:

    With Java’s overcrowding, I would have thought Indonesia of all countries should benefit from homosexuality curbing the stretch. Joke-cum-serious-statement aside,

    Kleptomaniacs should be allowed to steal and not given remedial attention by authorities?

    Kleptomania affects other people. Homosexuality doesn’t. Homosexuality can be practised behind closed doors, not anywhere like kleptomania. And what of those countless homosexuals who have try to be cured and fail? A ‘final solution’ for them?

  17. Odinius says:

    Most people are born straight. Others are born gay. C’est la vie. Get on with life and let everyone choose their own sexual partners, provided they are consenting adults.

  18. JOHN says:

    What day did you wake up and said to yourself I’m a non-homosexual??? I REALLY want to be threatened by my governmet with death, disowned by my friends and family. expelled from religious participation. These are all the things a homosexual person CHOOSES???

    If your arguments weren’t so dangeous to the life of people, especially teens who have a suicide rate 5 to 20 time the norm, I would laugh. I feel sorry for the ignorance you show. You should also live a Buddhist life to enlightenment and realize that hatred is due to ignorance. Not all people ascribe to a religion that wants to kill them. The Christians and Muslims should not judge others. That power is exclusively reserved to the is One who you worship. You dare to place yourself equal to the Almighty. A Christian scripture says “Judge no lest you be judged” Allah is the judge of all men and women not you. Remember that.

  19. jengkoluva says:

    see, my kid have these 2 pet rabbits, and i swear that the guy who sold them to me told me that both are males. but in the last 1 month, they just start ‘riding’ each other. fyi, they don’t watch tv.

  20. diego says:

    So do my iggies. I have two italian greyhounds, they’re brothers, both males. Castrated. Sometimes they stage incestuous acts in front of us. I guess that’s what the italians do. We have good laughs from that though.

  21. jd says:

    Of course all homosexuals are sick freaks, only sick people will deny it. Ask any active alcoholic and they will tell you that there is nothing wrong with them. Its all denial. Its politically incorrect but the truth is the truth.

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