Hot Indonesian Surfer Guys

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Indonesia’s hot surfer guys being used to draw tourists.

Country of a Thousand Faces

This a tourism promotion video for Indonesia – seems to be aimed at Australians going on the narrator’s accent – the first scene, the surfer guy bit, sort of comes across as a bit weird. I only had the patience to wait for the first minute to load, so there might be more hot surfer guys later on in it, hopefully not though.

Feel free to make up your own “Country of a Thousand… ” bylines, it’s just asking for it.

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  1. mark says:

    What is the problem with surfer guy ? “Hot surfer guy” ? c’mon….He is not “Brad Pitt” hot, just a normal surfer guy smiling…To persuade people Indonesia is a good place for surfing. In fact most of Australian in Bali are surfer.

  2. Farah says:

    This time agree with Mark.
    I think most of advertising use “hot guys/girls” thats what advertising for.. attracting peoples.
    This time for tourism, and i think i see no problem there, i bet if theres hot six pack Mr surfer there must be pretty girls too on the ads. (Sorry i never seen it before..just wild guess). Just too bad, Indonesian surfer girls is not as much as the boys.
    Surfing is not new thing in Indonesia, beside Bali we know people went to Mentawai in Sumatra for have a taste of “small” Indonesia wave. But to promote it more beside the cultures and other things that Indonesia could offer, surfing is a good commodity, i think i heard Bali been chosen several time as home for international scale surfing contest.

    So… yeah.. why not ?

  3. kinch says:

    5 mins 28 seconds of Balinese and Javanese acting out various western middlebrow fantasies related to unspoiled natural Shangri-las. Interestingly, in these tourist video productions one supposedly gets to run the panoramic gamut of Indonesian this and that, but you can be fairly sure there are two things you ain’t never going to see: 1) anything recognisable as a mesjid and 2) a jilbab.

    The ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ do something similar – with (as one would expect) better production values.

    Speaking of video production values, if the Indonesian tourism geniuses really wanted to make brilliantly (false) uplifting TV commercials, they should go lean heavily on the various cigarette manufacturers who produce absolutely stunning work with natural scenery.

  4. Janma says:

    they should include the faces I had to look at this morning…. a flatbed truck in front of me full of mens faces staring at me…. one was picking his nose….
    *who hates getting stuck behind those trucks*

  5. timdog says:

    Oh c’mon – it’s a tourist promotion video… I’m originally from Cornwall in the UK, Britain’s answer to Bali… well, kind of… You should see the tourist promo stuff they do for Cornwall… There are, apparently, two acceptable human faces of cornwall for advertising: one is a photogenic old farmer/fisherman with a cheerfully lined and sun-scarred face, and the other is – yes, you’ve guessed it! – a “hot” surfer dude with bleach-blond hair and a six pack! Then there’s beautiful beaches and quaint villages and obviously not a glimpse of the highest non-urban heroin addiction rate in the country, the chronic unemployment or the grimmly deprived post-industrial former mining towns – you wouldn’t expect there to be; the idea is to attract toursits… same goes for the Indonesian one…

  6. David says:

    Timdog, yes of course you’re right, I was just sort of transfixed by the surfer guy, that turn and smile. (Hint – things I put down underneath the News category aren’t meant to be too serious.)

  7. Janma says:

    I know what you mean patung, it was pretty sappy….. slo mo and all…. ;0

  8. timdog says:

    Yeah, I know, it’s pretty funny I’ll admit 😉

  9. sputjam says:

    This surfer guy thing could be for the japanese market, where single women make up a hefty percentage of their tourism market. Beach bums everywhere in south east asia likes to brag about their conquest on these women. Some even end up marrying local beach bums.

    Best tourism market, apart from the traditional australians and dutch (which is actually more fond of ARUBA in the carribeans), should be the Koreans, japanese and Chinese. We are talking about a potential of millions of tourist, if only the indonesian makes things more friendly to them, language wise.

    Maybe areas should focus on specific tourists. such a Lombok for chinese, with their food and languages written on every brochure, North sulawesi for Korean and Japanese etc. aceh and Mentawaie island/Nias and north sumatra inlcuding Lake Toba for those from India and Yunan province other parts of south east asia.

  10. Tanto says:

    Indonesia’s hot surfer guys being used to draw tourists ? You must be looking at it from the “wrong” direction. There is no HOT guy on that video, just a glimp of an ordinary surfer, and that video is trying to cover the whole Indonesia, which is not easy. And that accent is hardly Australian.

    I work part time at a travel agency in Jakarta (branch office in Bali) and we sell Bali to tourists mostly coming from East European countries (ex USSR / Russia). We try to sell the whole Indonesia, and believe me it’s very difficult. Bali is “tourism-ready” from the beginning of time.

    I spend many hours to find beautiful pictures (fotos) of other parts/regions of Indonesia (in internet) to put on our website, and sadly, there are not many of them. Meanwhile, it’s easy to find pictures of Bali, such as temples, women with offerings, processions, festivals, rice paddies, beaches, elephants, birds, monkeys, dolphins, you name it…and last but not least surfers.

    Compared to “world-class” surfing waves like Nias, Mentawai, Pacitan, Plengkung G-Land, the waves of Bali are “nothing” except for Dreamland. Sadly the fotos from those other parts are rare to find.

    By the way, we don’t put pictures of traffic jams, slums, junkies, riots / demos, and such when we “sell” Indonesia. Nobody does !

    That video is trying to portray how warm and hot, and friendly this country is, and a surfer guy with a friendly smile at the beginning of the movie is the best way to put it into such a short movie. And I have to admit the Balinese (men, women, boys, girls) are really friendly.

    There is nothing wrong at all with that surfer guy, and I just wonder what if the opening scene was an attractive Balinese girl with a lovely smile, with offerings (fruits and flowers), wearing a see through Balinese kebaya ?

  11. Mimpimanis says:

    Hey Timdog

    My first time on here but I see you elsewhere… I spent all my childhood summer holidays in Cornwall, with family in St Austell. Whereabouts are you from ? I met someone else online a few years ago that knew my family from the Bandroom in St Austell 🙂

  12. timdog says:

    Hey mimpi – good to see you on here, but be warned – it’s a bit rougher in these parts than where we usually cross paths!
    I’m from right down the bottom, as far as you can go – Penzance. I’m afraid I don’t know anyone from up S’nozzel way, but in my expereince wherever you go in the world, whoever you meet, you’ll find some kind of Cornish connection… 😉

  13. erdot says:

    Out of topic, just how about indo guys lookin 4 hot blonde tourist? How if mostly man here wanna get married them? Any conclusion to organize?

  14. Liv says:

    It’s not like women haven’t been exploited for tourist trade in Asia. Laff

  15. devilkitty says:

    Hot surfer guy ? that “hot” surfer guy type is not far from reality i meet that kind of guys everyday from ojeg to tukang bangunan to pegawai kantoran, but.. ihhhh… come onnn, that’s “Hot”?!? yuck.

  16. pondheekataray says:

    good places are everywhere, include in Indonesia, i saw them.
    bad places are everywhere, include in Indonesia, i saw them.
    hot guys are everywhere, include in Indonesia, i saw them.
    ugly guys are everywhere, include in Indonesia, i saw them.

    good things and bad things are around the world, include in Indonesia, i saw them.

    Sawaddi Kab

  17. simao luan says:

    i laki hot gay indonesian , penis oke,

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