Siti Fadilah Supari

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Siti Fadilah Supari, struggling for Islam and Indonesia against the hegemonic bules.

Health minister Siti Fadilah Supari spoke at a seminar hosted by the “Forum Kajian Sosial Kemasyarakatan” (FKSK) in Jakarta on 17th March and said that Islamic ideology was the most complete and was best suited for Indonesia.

“Forum Kajian Sosial Kemasyarakatan” (FKSK), is a front organisation for the radical group Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), which campaigns for a worldwide Islamic caliphate and seems to regard Indonesia as the most promising place to get things moving in that direction.

Siti Fadilah Supari
Siti Fadilah Supari

Westerners & Hegemony

Indonesians usually felt inferior when they met westerners, she said, officials bowed and scraped to them, and westerners were tricky:

We get fooled [by foreigners].

Siti said it was about time that the first world stopped using force against the third world, which was majority Muslim.

Hegemony doesn’t benefit anyone.

Foreigners acted as if they wanted to help Indonesia but what they did was actually dangerous for humanity:

Don’t let us hope for help from others, trust in Allah only.


Siti Fadilah spoke about how for the last 50 years the advanced countries had forced other countries to send virus samples to the World Health Organisation (WHO), samples (like for bird flu) which were then handed over to the US government and put to use for biological weapons development or for commercial purposes.

Siti said she could not stand the injustice of the WHO policy, and has penned a book on the subject, titled “Time For The World To Change, The Hand Of God In Bird Flu”. She broke into tears and said of the reasons for writing the book:

If it’s useful for Muslims, then why not?

Siti felt confident that the divine was on her side:

When you are carrying out Allah’s work, don’t have any doubts.

Bird Flu

Meanwhile the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned recently that the avian/bird flu problem in Indonesia showed no signs of improvement, with containment of the epidemic among poultry being very weak.

Dr. Joseph Domenech, the agency’s chief veterinary officer, blamed decentralization in government, a shortage of veterinarians, indifference by commercial producers, a lack of political commitment, and too many backyard chickens. nytimes

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  1. dewaratugedeanom says:

    @ Rob

    Whether the Minister wears the veil or jilbab is not relevant to how she does her job! My understanding of the Al-Qu’ran, limited as it is, suggests that women (and men) are to dress modestly.

    Of course whether she wears a veil or jilbab isn’t relevant to how she does her job. But her job is that of a health minister, not a propagandist for HTI and Islamic ideology. I alluded to the jilbab because it is becoming more and more an outward sign of Islamic militancy and as such would be in line with her policy of diverting health matters to religious fanaticism and anti-Western frustration.

    The title of her book ‘Saatnya Dunia Berobah’ (Time for the World to Change) is just another way of expressing the message on HTI’s banners in Jakarta ‘Saatnya Khilafah Memimpin Dunia’ (Time for the Caliphate to Lead the World).

  2. finaleditz says:

    greetings to all,

    It may be time to consider what really goes on behind the scenes and give this woman some credit for refusing to supply the virus signatures to the pharma money giants (regardless of whatever else you find wrong).. these corporations without a doubt will use it for unscrupulous gain without a grain of conscience which they have been doing since their inceptions.

    It’s rather sad to see how so many of these comments are merely regurgitating what the mainline media has indoctrinated them with. The reality is that it is possible to find the threads of truth once you diversify your reading and knowledge. It would be virtually impossible to access the expanse of what is going on until an understanding of human greed is gained. Once you research the history of “lost” inventions, oil giants and pharma companies including chemical companies like Monsanto, you begin to understand the nature of the beast and that it is no different now than what it was a century ago.. and in many cases, run by the same people (revolving doors).

    It’s time people realized that 99% of us are really quite low down in the pecking order and this is the case even for so called top executives who feel immune to the poorer classes.. the systems of medical insurance, poor nutrition, unnecessary medication and banking debt instructions, all share the same common goal.. greed & control, or the love of money without any concern or conscience for a fellow human being.

    .. so do yourself a favor and follow the money and greed incentives of these corporations and individuals and do some research.. you may just find the truth, that’s if you can handle it.. most can’t since its way easier to live like sheep and pass up the responsibility of being truly honest with yourself about all you have bought into throughout your life.

    Take care

  3. Astrajingga says:

    What she gonna says about swine flu? That it was created by bules kaffir, because not only that it kills, it’s haram too. Sudah flu, babi pula!

  4. Andrew H.Y. Kim, OMD, epidemiologis says:

    Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesia’s Health Minister, spoke about how for the last 50 years the advanced countries had forced other countries to send virus samples to the World Health Organization (WHO), samples (like for bird flu) which were then handed over to the US government and put to use for biological weapons development or for commercial purposes.

    The minister has refused since 2006 to share all but a handful of Indonesia’s bird flu virus samples with WHO researchers, saying the system is being abused by rich countries to develop profitable vaccines which poor countries must buy.
    We have to listen and think carefully from conspiracy theories of Health Minister Supari with following reasons:

    1. The western medical community including WHO does not know yet about swine/bird/seasonal flu’s etiology (cause). According to Indonesia’s Health Minister the reason for that can largely be put down to climate. She is right, smart, wise, and courageous.

    It is “weather-geographical diseases” including tropical climate and temperate climate zone. The current western’s virus shape can be various types depending on mixed weather-color (wind, hot, cold, dampness, dryness, severe hot, humidity) factors in different geographical location. The equatorial region is a point of concern because in equatorial regions the flu season tends to be all year round under tropical weather condition.

    How can you explain that 36,000 Americans die with seasonal flu every year? These kinds of medical controversy will continue by the current western medical imperialism.

    2. Nobody knows current vaccine’s efficacy rate or effectiveness manufactured by without knowing the underlying causes. It is extremely low effectiveness that no government wants to spend the money for unproven medical product, vaccine for exorbitant costs.

    It should be proved and compared vaccine’s efficacy rate with 5,000-year-old Oriental medicine which they know the causes and treatment formula. It is much wise to grow herbal plants to treat the flu for self-sufficient in developing countries rather than purchasing unproven vaccine.

    3. The flu is not epidemic/pandemic, not transmitting animal/bird to human or human to human. Nothing was proved yet, but it is just western medicine’s speculation. Using mask, washing hands, quarantine is frivolous and useless medical joke from ignorance about flu or common cold, which is primitive medical level, irrespectively.

    That is why western’s panic or wondering about flu itself can provide enough situational evidence in conspiracy to all the global communities. Ex-president in South Africa has been rejected idea for AIDS medicine, which was the similar pressure from the western pharmaceutical group with American government. Don’t be a “blind follower.”

    Dr. Supari is “medical warrior.” I admire her courageous act under the danger of political and public pressure.

  5. Observato says:

    Dr. Supari is “medical warrior.” I admire her courageous act under the danger of political and public pressure.

    Mr. Kim
    Good to hear an opinion from an expert.

    IMers .. enlight your self 🙂

  6. matahari says:

    I am not an expert. I am only a physician who also study biomedical science.

    The reason there is pathogen sharing because apparently some countries have no resources to develop (not produce) their own drugs. If Indonesia can develop & produce their own drugs, so there is no need to share the pathogens. But can we?
    Here is how I see it. There is a matter of intelligent property rights. Country X, the origin country of pathogen A, shares the pathogen to country Y. The drugs is developed by scientist in country Y. Does country X have to the rights on the drugs? Of course, NOT. Does country Y have the “moral” obligation to country X? Only God knows, and in my not-expert opinion, WHO should plays its role in this situation. So, when my minister makes an accusation of conspiracy to exploit the shared pathogens let alone to make biological weapon (or any other accusation), which I assume based on the factual data (to be honest I’m skeptic about this), I will support him/her. But, if my minister stops efforts of drugs development like stop pathogen sharing, i will say she is not wise and obviously not smart.

    Secondly, a minister should come not only with a good credibility but also academic ethics. Issue of plagiarism can not be handled lightly in the scientific world. Moreover, I’m myself concerned about medical education in Indonesia.

    I admire people not only from one act but taking into account all the contributions he/she has made. Praise should be delivered cautiously (and I should say this, in particular in Indonesia).

  7. Astrajingga says:

    Can’t find anything about Andrew H.Y. Kim, OMD, epidemologist.

  8. Andrew says:

    To matahari:

    I am glad that you are physician to provide better “wise” direction to help your own people as well as other countries with effective “natural” formula, which will be a couple of million times better efficacy rate than any other western synthetic products in treating tropical flu including bird/swine/seasonal flu as well as other tropical flu such as dengue fever, malaria, HIV, meningitis, Ebola, cholera, influenza, which put different label (name) with one or two additional symptoms. Common flu symptoms are fever, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea from both tropical and seasonal flu in moderate climate.

    In response your question the answer is, “Yes, you can.” You can develop high and noble class of natural treatment formula with affordable low price, not using any chemical products.

    Chemical drugs are dangerous to treat tropical climate disease such as tropical flu (bird/swine/seasonal) due to increase additional heat from the toxic medicine. One of estimated 12,800 Americans a year develops acute myelogenous leukemia as side effect of vaccine. When American routinely received smallpox jabs, 15% of patients who developed progressive vaccinia died. The number of patients from the rest of countries that follow religiously western vaccine you can imagine their agony and financial losses.

    But you are in wrong direction at the wrong place now. You are caught in western medical box in concept of drug, intelligent property rights, plagiarism in scientific world, etc. I do not blame you that you are not the only one brainwashed under western medical church. Remember, there are many ways to reach Rome.

    There is huge Oriental medical “Blue Ocean,” still 5,000 years advanced in weather-borne disease or internal medicine compared with western counterpart. You can cure over 80 to 90% of human chronic illness including tropical flu. My recommendation is to study Oriental medicine. It will take one or more years to finish for you. You can suggest additional Oriental medical course as optional for the medical students under your current medical school system, or establishing independent Oriental medical school in your country.

    You can find the all the answers and solutions from Oriental medicine to help your own people. Hot, rainy Indonesia has an ideal climate for growing various medicinal herbal plants. This will provide low cost for the treatment instead of importing major ingredients from over seas. You don’t need to worry about intelligent property right or other things. Look at the car industry from many countries using its own brand name or learn Coca Cola history, which you can utilize your own brand name.

    To be a good doctor you should study both medicines. Otherwise, consumer complains that most western medical trained doctors are functioning as “medical technician level,” mainly distributing pharmaceutical products. If you want to be called as a “doctor,” you should “cure” the disease utilizing any methods instead of delivering life-time medication. That is the high standard of Oriental medicine. If you cannot cure illness the consumer is shopping around another more experienced doctor.

    You are in amid of new era, “re-emerging Oriental medicine” and declining western medicine since 1970’s. Medical system in China and Taiwan is one of the good examples. Over 62.5% of Taiwanese utilize Oriental medicine and covered by national insurance. In China patient can choose either western or Oriental treatment approach as “freedom of choice.” America has been suffering skyrocketing medical cost with low quality under western medicine’s monopolized system.

    The 3rd Medical Revolution (3MR) is already underway in 21st Century, which is collaboration East (Oriental medicine) and west. The 3MR is to change the “millennium medicine” toward the new creative one. It is opening a “new era for medical revolutionary dream.”

    It is a new era from surgery to non-invasive (natural treatment) technique.
    Your clean body is possible changing from toxic chemical medicine to natural one.
    All the mysterious disease in the West, You can find the solution from the 3MR or East. 3MR can demonstrate “cure” of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease at the same time. All the chronic diseases including mental illness, pulmonary disorders can be cured by the 3MR instead of life-time medication. You cannot believe this fast changing world.

    You need a strong “spirit of challenge,” raising questions from existing system, different point of view or way of thinking just like your Minister. That is the strong and bold message from Indonesia to the outside world as a “wake-up call.” This is not only Indonesia’s problem but for over 100 countries (over two or three billions of population) in tropical climate zone as well as worldwide including advanced countries.

    We have benefits and disadvantages from the Nature. Human-beings, cattle, sheep, birds, pigs, and all the species has been affecting “equally” from the weather-borne illness. Then you should and could find the answers (solution) from the nature also, not synthetic (chemicals) materials.

    In Indonesia you have both good climate environment for producing various herbal plants, and at the same time you are creating various tropical climate diseases. The Nature provides a great opportunity and challenge to you or Indonesian people ironically. If you find the right direction and right methods you can achieve your goal with passion and accomplish our common goal, “green medical democracy” for the global community.

    Good luck!

  9. matahari says:

    To andrew,

    just some questions, could you please be so kind to give me an idea how to develop such vaccine for let say avian influenza from ‘natural’ source in Indonesia? I don’t mind reading ‘hard-core’ biochemical stuffs than the epidemiologic data in this case. Do you still use our DC or MHC class systems to fight against the virus? China has developed panflu (Sinovac’s inactivated aluminium-adjuvanted whole-virion prototype pandemic H5N1 vaccine) in 2008, why is it not ‘natural’? China doesn’t use ‘natural’ resource for hep B vaccine either, why is that so?

    i don’t mind giving ‘natural’ med to my patients. i happen to be an obstetrician as well. should i give “akar fatimah” to my patients in labor? or garlic compounds to my severe eclamptic patients? i only use it for my pre-eclamptic patients. i deal with cancer patients (these are my chronic cases) and ask them to consume ‘sarang burung walet’ to hold the chemo impact of hypoalbuminemia but i give albumin if it’s too low, shouldn’t i do that? stick to ‘natural’ med better?

    i had done a small research on ‘natural’ medicine using curcuma for helminthiasis, had problems with finding the articles. could you please also give me any information on at least 5 universities in Indonesia which has an open access to pubmed/picarta/cochrane in order to support my using on the ‘natural’ medicine? how many scientists (who really work on life science research) are born in Indonesia compared to clinicians or public health experts? it’s important for me because the following system. public health experts who find the problem from their studies will pass the information to the scientists who work at the lab and make innovation, after that the scientists will work hand in hand with public health experts in particular translational researchers to do study on the novel innovation in the society. public health experts make the plan, scientists make the innovation, translational researchers observe the innovation in the larger setting. am i wrong?

    back to the minister topic. i am trying to be wise and thinking outside the box since i was brainwashed by so-called western medicine, so can i just use others publication (western pub) to deliver my idea, they are western anyway? has our minister finally got her professor from Universitas Indonesia, because if yes, then it is okay for me to use others publication to deliver my idea since it is not published in any journal?

    actually, i don’t care about western or eastern medicine. for me as long as it makes sense and reasonable, i will of course suggest it to my patients.

    thank you

  10. Stef says:

    You criticise your minister so much. I know nothing of her credentials.
    The commenter’s flaws are naivety. WHO is not just a benevolent organisation. Do your
    research. It is funded and advised by private cartels who profit from vaccinations and fear.
    The Spanish flu was resurrected and genemodified in the US not so long ago For your safety!
    The mass vaccination program will only create more disease, while the bastards profit. And this time the BULE is targeted.
    Power will be transferred to the WHO.
    National sovereignty is compromised.
    Produce your own vaccines, free of poisons.
    In Europe and the US millions of people refuse the vaccine, and many will fight it, Governments are being sued…

    Sorry Muslimahs. The best protection against disease is Vitamin D3.
    It is produced partly in your skin, with sunshine, Mata Hari, so you have to open up
    a coule of hours aday to get your dosis. Muhammed SAW forgot to tell you.


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