Rianti Cartwright

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Immigration troubles for actress Rianti Cartwright, and Japanese wife seekers.

Rianti Cartwright

One of the stars of the movie Ayat-Ayat Cinta, the impossibly beautiful Rianti Cartwright, was hauled into the Jakarta immigration office on 19th March on suspicion that she was working in the country illegally. Rianti was born in Bandung but her father is a British citizen and so she inherited his citizenship.

Rianti Cartwright

The MTV VJ, full name Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright, accompanied by boyfriend and lucky fellow Banyu Biru, was “interrogated”, or perhaps left sitting around waiting, for three hours and was finally allowed to go home on condition that she later hand over some documents from her sponsoring company, representatives of which were absent. l6

Wedding Raid

And in Bogor a wedding ceremony between Fijii Yuichi, a Japanese man, and one Iis Maryanti, was broken up by immigration officers on the 14th.

Yuichi had only two days ago flown into Jakarta and immigration officers suspected he was engaged in a contract marriage. He had travelled on a tourist visa and did not have the proper documents to marry in Indonesia, they said. l6

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  1. Teng says:

    Ouch… so much for the best day of your life.

    That pic just looks painful. Couldn’t they have checked a day later. If it’s proven to be ilegal it doesn’t count right?

  2. Sylvester says:

    Maybe he was just an honest Jap who did not bribe the immigration. In Indonesia, everything can be bought, including law.

  3. Rob says:

    Rianti Cartwright was born in 1983 so she does not get to take advantage of the dual nationality now afforded to children of mixed marriages under the age of 18! Too bad for her!

    Irrespective of where she was born and the nationality of her mother, if Rianti is carrying a British passport and to all intents and purposes she is a foreign national, then she is required like the rest of us foreigners to comply with the prevailing laws and regulations in this fine land!

    However, that said for the purposes of living here if an Indonesian spouse can sponsor a foreign spouse to live here then it would make sense that an Indonesian mother could sponsor a biological adult child with foreign citizenship (although my reading of the law suggests that this would be subject to considerable argument). However, if a foreigner wants to work then sponsorship is required from the employer. I would have thought if it was a fly in fly out arrangement to shoot a film then there probably is some kind of specialized permit for this under the social-culture visa scheme. I figure films have a cultural purpose.

    Even if this is not the case a regular KITAS would do the trick…

    If the paperwork for Ms. Cartwright is not in order then the people responsibile for organizing it need to be reprimanded as well and perhaps their operations shut down for a period of time. As foreigners living and working in a strange (at least at first) we are heavily reliant on others, particularly with regard to proper licensing and permitting. Ms. Cartwright if she is here illegally will suffer the consequences of that but it really is the handlers that probably assured her that everything was taken care of that need to be slapped around the head!

    Just my two cents worth!

  4. Rob says:

    oops…”strange land”

  5. Rob says:

    On the Japanese bloke falling victim to the interpretations of the law by the immigration officials that turned up and made his special day one to remember for more reasons than the obvious, neither the post nor the SCTV story give enough detail as to what doucments are not in order.

    There are myriad of reasons as to why Mr. Fujii Yuichi may have fallen foul of the laws and regulations. Having flown in 2 days previous is hardly solid evidence of a contract marriage, but without the necessary detail it is hard to know for sure…

  6. Deng Xiao Phing says:

    As usual, the motive is UUD = ‘Ujung Ujung nya Duit’ , you can say prejudism of Indonesian beraucrate but that is the reality show.

  7. Riyoz says:

    why now ? …”wedding raid” ? that’s insensitive and rude !! i mean…they could’ve done it after the marriage’s done, could they ?….

  8. sputjam says:

    Poor miss cartwritght. It is unfortunate that her employer was negligent in performing their duties by applying for her work permit. But I reckon there must be some jealous people out there who must have reported the incident to the authorities in order to embarrass her and the employer.
    As for the Japanese chap, these poor fellows are sex starved in their own country. That can only be the reason why they would rent a whole hotel filled with prostitutes and gro’s in china for a weekend of orgies.
    Anyway, Singkawang in Kalbar is regarded as “THE PLACE” for brides for those from the Korea and Japan. I Wonder why?

  9. Pena Budaya says:

    How mess Indonesian’s immigration system could be, but yeah, in my experience, immigration process is always lousy anyway..everywhere..

    If a foreigner has been living in Indonesia more than 5 years, then she/he can apply as Permanent Resident (PR/KITAP), right? Then their rights as PR should be similar with WNI like working permit should not be necessary anymore etc, except of course for political rights and involvement in military or civil services. I guess Rianti could obtain permanent residentship as if she has stayed in Indonesia more than 5 years already.

  10. Rob says:

    Indonesia’s concept of permanent residence is unfortunately not like it is in some other parts of the world…I agree immigration in most parts of the world is complicated and when combined with poor service then perhaps lousy might be a fair description!

    The KITAP which is Indonesia’s equivalent of permanent residency is generally more expensive than just renewing each year with a KITAS…There are some advantages, particularly like the fact that you do not have to do the immigration stuff each year but with the amended rules for extending a KITAS there is not a need to make a quick dash to Singapore each year. The extension can now be done “in-country”…

    The new immigration system allows for spouses to sponsor a living arrangement but if you work then you will still need to notify immigration, department of labor, police, and others of your working status and who is sponsoring your employment.

    In the Australian context of PR, at least as I understand it, the PR permit is valid for 5 years and at which point it is either renewed or you decide to take on Australian citizenship…as far as I know once you are there with valid PR status I do not think they are employment reporting obligations (as in terms of whose your sponsor now), but I could be wrong…The point though is that the concept of PR in Indonesia is a little different from other places…


  11. boyke says:

    Dear Rianti,
    just want say, since I saw you in Ayat-ayat cinta, I became your big1000x fan. wish you luck with immigration matters. You are still a beautiful Indonesian girl to us….



  12. Jejaka says:

    Dear Rianti,
    you are so lovely when I first see you acting in ayat-ayat cinta, I will become your fan. And interest with your lovely eye.

  13. Hafiz says:

    Dear Rianti,

    I’m one of your fan from Malaysia. After I saw Ayat ayat Cinta film, very interest with your acting and your lovely eye. This film very touched.

    hope will see you on your next film. Miss you!


  14. Syahril Aries says:

    Dear “sweatgirl” Rianti.
    Excellent… it’s so nice girl. Your acting in AAC it was very special for me, especially in my heart. Your eyes behind your veil i

  15. Nessa says:

    Hey…I’m nessa from indonesia. Excactly at bojonegoro-east java. I’m one of rianti’s fans. I’m 13 years old and of course still in 8th years. And the last, I hope you can go to my town next time. Good luck my idol!

  16. Putera Jebat says:

    My dear Rianti,
    I’m from Malaysia. You are so lovely when I see you in ayat-ayat cinta, I will become your die hard fan. Hope will see you on your next film. Miss you…..& all the best for you!!!


  17. Fad says:

    Rianti, i love u…

  18. Bambino says:


    You are wrong about the 1983 cut off for dual citizenship. Maybe if her mother is British then you might be right but her father has British citizen. Rianti automatically gets British citizenship as it runs on the male bloodline.

    I am half Indo and half Italian but my dad was born in Britain and I was born after 1983. I have dual citizenship Aus/ Brit.

    Rianti you are gorgeous!! However not all mixed babies turn out so well. Some look hideous!

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