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Dewi Sandra Dewi Sandra, who is not Sandra Dewi, reassures her fans that she has not re-flipped on the religion front.

The mildly annoying singer Dewi Sandra was raised a Christian, but converted to Islam in 2000 in order to marry her first husband, Surya Saputra. This marriage was shortlived and Dewi in 2006 found love in the arms of another singer, Glenn Fredly, who is a Christian.

Dewi and Glenn expressing their love for each other.

When the singing couple married there had been plans to marry in a church in Bali, but the location was changed to a hotel at the last moment when somebody realised that Dewi was still a Muslim. Nevertheless the wedding ceremony was led by a Balinese pastor.

Important Notice

Many it seems have been speculating of late that Dewi will revert to Christianity, but on May 6th 2008, on her own website, she made it clear that she was still a Muslimah and had no plans to switch back to the other side.

Yesssss….i am still a muslim

Dewi says she has read all of the holy books of several religions and they all have their good points, and that ordinarily she doesn’t like talking about religion but all the rumours in the media have forced her hand.

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  1. Marisa says:

    When I fall in loooooove..
    It will be (monogamously) FOREVER…

  2. Rob says:


    Good luck in your search and I hope it all works out as you plan!

    Humans I think tend more to serial monogamy and in a strictly anecdotal sense a high divorce rate would lend itself to such a theory 😀

    Religion is an intensely personal affair and to each their own. If she wants to return to her roots, so to speak, then she should go for it! If she is happy where she is, then she should stay!


    “mildly annoying” means what? You like some of her songs?

  3. David says:

    I mean she’s mildly annoying, the way she comes across, read her post on her website that I linked to above to maybe get an idea of this. Her songs, I couldn’t even name one of them, but I’m sure Marisa could, young thing that she is.

  4. Marisa says:

    Not too fond of hip hop and r n b, Patung. Only that Pandji guy – done a review on his music in the Journal, if you’d like to check it out – that could get me into listening to hip hop again. Just that one time.

    Rob, haha, I was just singing along to the music in the vid.
    No plans.

  5. therry says:

    Been to her site. Font too small. Hurt my eyes. And why is it such an important announcement that she actually put in the NEWS section? She said it herself it wasn’t an important issue lol

    Dewi Sandra, Agnes Monica, Mulan, Maia … all of them sound very annoying to me. But I especially detest Indo RNB singers – for some reason, they just don’t get it. They don’t know how to sing RNB, how to create RNB but they’re adamant to keep doing it and think it’s cool.

  6. Rob says:


    I think that was my point…what was mildly anoying about the post? I think most would find it a bit more annoying than that 😀

    Is she an RnB performer? Well, I’ll be! Never would have pinged her for a RnB singer…

  7. mel says:

    Dewi Sandra is moslem ever since she was born (her mom is Indonesian moslem). People think that she was Christian because she is indo (her father is brazilian right?).
    So its untrue that she convert to christian when she got married to Surya. Dewi has always been moslem.

    source:multiple infotainment, teen magazine (I read it when she was teenage)

  8. Mima says:

    She is muslim or convert to christian or hindu…whatever…that’s her own business, her choose, her life..So, don’t too fanatic with the religion, the important thing is keep the life in balance, peace n harmony..that the religion are for.

  9. Sonny says:

    Agreed with Mima, why in the world religion is so important!!!

  10. tya says:

    I know it’s not my business, but what she did is crazy and unappropriate. Why she did such things like that, religion it seems didn’t matter for her and just nothing,
    Whoever defense on her which mean didn’t know the meaning of Islam and moslem, I didn’t mean to be fanatic, but if someone learn about ISlam which is clearly that moslem girls couldn’t marry with other religion, only the same religion which is Islam.

    Anyway, from long time a go I don’t like her ….
    So let’s God will decide……

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