Forbidden Love in Cheap Hotels

May 28th, 2008, in News, by

Mesum Police in some areas are keeping up the pressure on courting and adulterous couples, by raiding night spots and cheap hotels.


Padang, West Sumatra, 17th March. The Bukit Lampu area, popular with young couples and filled with night warungs, was raided by public order officers and six unmarried couples were arrested. One of those caught was an off-duty policeman.

The couples were later released without charge but required to sign a statement promising not to stay out late with their girl/boy-friends again. indosiar


Tangerang, March 23rd. Seven lower class hotels were raided by 60 public order officers, and five couples, said to be “adulterous”, arrested.

One man arrested, 52 year old “AM”, a member of Forum Komunikasi Anak Betawi (Forkabi) in West Jakarta, said he had no idea Tangerang authorities took such a hardline stance against extra-marital affairs. He said: okezone

It’s different from Jakarta.


Palembang, South Sumatra, 14th April. 100 policemen raided a number of hotels looking for illegal drugs. They couldn’t find any so turned their attention to other matters and arrested 13 not husband-wife couples. indosiar


5th May, Jambi, central Sumatra. A number of hotels were raided and dozens of women, said to be prostitutes, arrested and thereafter despatched to a rehabilitation centre.

A young student age couple was also found, and handed over to their parents on condition that they be married off. l6


Babarsari, Sleman, Yogyakarta, 16th May. Two police officers, Adib Rojikan (30) and Rahmawati Wulansari (30), were arrested for having an adulterous relationship.

Wulan’s husband, Dody Maris Hendrawan (30), had seen his wife enter the Pondok Seturan Hotel with another man and then called the police, who raided the hotel.

The two police officers face internal disciplinary measures. okezone

26th June 2008. Adib Rojikan (30) and Rahmawati Wulansari (30) were dishonorably discharged from the police force. It appears they had been warned by superiors three times previously to stop seeing each other. antara

32 Comments on “Forbidden Love in Cheap Hotels”

  1. Dilligaf says:

    I think that if they performed this type of raid on any of the Five Star Hotels in Jakarta they may catch some “very interesting” fish….

    The comments on the raid in Jambi where the women were sent to a rehabilitation centre is however disturbing. I have spoken to a girl who used to work in a hotel in Jakarta with a notoriuos 6th floor who was despatched to one of these centres after a police raid. She assured me that not a lot of rehabilitation went on, quite the opposite in fact and I quote” It was like working in the hotel without the drinks and without the money” (For the record, she now works in an internationally franchised Coffee Shop and is much happier)

    The balance of the posting shows that tolerence levels across the country are shifting, one wonders where they got their definition of “adulterous” from?

  2. Rob says:


    This has always struck me as strange…if you are doing the deed in a five star hotel does that mean it is not adulterous? Or does it mean that if you have enough money to be checking into a five star hotel then you should be having affairs because you can afford it?

    The other part is with so many gossip shows permeating the airwaves, it would seem that the really interesting fish are a field day waiting to happen!

  3. sputjam says:

    You don’t really make positive impact on anything by staying late nights, whether in the warungs or the mosques.
    Couples should try renting rooms in non-malay areas if they are succumb by influx of hormonal imbalances, preferably in local chinatowns.

  4. Carla says:

    An interesting thing that I just found out a couple of weeks ago when accompanying a friend on an AIDS/HIV mission in one of the brothels in Bali was that as long as the hotel paid enough “commission” to the local police or any other related institution, the business would be secured. Apparently if you finger-point a 5-star hotel (or even a rather upscale melati-type one), they’re much more than able to secure that section.

    It’s a wild world and money does matter.

  5. kinch says:

    I once knew the daughter of a prominent New Order female author and magazine editor who was also (not coincidentally) one of Ibu Tien’s chief sycophants. Eventually I found out what this daughter did for a living. She was a high class pimp who arranged TV starlets for tycoons, etc.

    According to her, the favoured hotel for this kind of hanky panky is the Mulia Senayan because it is (I don’t know about now, after the advent of exploding folks with beards) one of the few 5-star hotels where you can get into the elevator in the underground car park and go directly to your room’s floor without having to transit the lobby.

    I’d love to see the FPI turn up and try to enforce morals at a 5-star hotel. The Brimob heat that would come down on them would be a joy to see. But it’s just a dream – being not much more than standover thugs, FPI know how things work and who’s fair game and who is not.

  6. Lairedion says:

    Rehabilitation centre, is that another word for penal labor camp or gulag?

  7. kinch says:

    Fortunately ‘Rehabilitation Centre’ in today’s Indonesia in this context just means ‘Police-run Brothel’ 😀

    I guess that’s actually a kind of progress.

  8. Rob says:

    I thought that it was “lokalisasi” in action! Rounding up all the service providers and sticking them in one place. This, I am lead to believe, makes management and supervision much easier.

    Kinch…Whether this is progress, I imagine, depends on who you ask! 🙂


    Penal labor camp? I have heard there is a lifestyle awareness campaign run at these centres that provide useful skills like sewing and cooking…

  9. kinch says:

    Rob: Such centres might officially and theoretically provide such training in useful skills… but how much do you wanna bet that the local Plod doesn’t rent these girls out to all and sundry by the hour when the ribbons have all been cut and the guests at the opening ceremony have gone home? 🙂

  10. Lairedion says:

    kinch, Rob,

    I didn’t know that. I was referring to penal labor camps because the sheer fact police can decide for people to be re-educated sounds like a totalitarian state to me.

    But I understand the cooking and sewing lessons. These activities make it easier for people to keep women in their homes because these “moral people” believe that’s the place women belong.

  11. kinch says:

    Cooking and sewing lessons are also utterly useless for repurposing chickens…. I mean in any given 3rd World Turdpile, it’s not like there’s a shortage of people doing these things. Possibly hairstyling lessons might be of some use. Perhaps Spew could write a monograph on what percentage of Indonesian hair dressers started out on the game :D.

    Anyway, they should send the good looking ones to me for Moral Instruction.

  12. Diego says:

    Instead of hairdressing, why don’t teach them how to use microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint? I mean, seriously, one can do lots of neat trick with microsoft excel….

  13. Rob says:


    Gotta say, the mind boggles at the thought of “Moral Instruction” and the re-purposing of chickens Kinch style! 😀

  14. kinch says:

    Diego: I suggest you google ‘norvig powerpoint gettysburg’ – Powerpoint is an abomination and the refuge of small minds. Edward Tufte has had a few (not nice) things to say about it too.

    If one taught the ayam to use Excel, one could go a bit further and teach them some financial mathematics… give them a chance to investigate the utility of pre-selling their future services at a discounted rate, for example :).

    Frankly speaking, I’m not very convinced of the utility of teaching basic computer skills to people who haven’t been motivated to go sort this out for themselves already. You can’t convert chickens into secretaries by teaching them to touch type. In fact, I completely and utterly fail to see why anybody should think it’s their business to recycle tarts who perform a perfectly reasonable and useful function in this vale of tears we inhabit.

    Rob: It’s pure altruism. Trust me!

  15. spew-it-all says:


    Can’t get over me, can you?

    You seem to know alot about this stuff. Personal experience perhaps? Or any other explanation? Did your chicken business go so bad so you moved out of Indonesia kinch?

    If you can’t convert chickens into secretaries then what happens to secretaries who ‘chicken’ themselves?


  16. Rambutan says:

    BTW, Mulia is still a favorite spot for certain forms of ‘entertainment’. Very close to the DPR where a lot of the best customers ‘work’. It’s an open secret that there are many calo in the DPR offering models, TV starlets and singers to our honored legislators. Ganjar Pranowo of PDI-P just acknowledged that the required characteristics of personal assistants for legislators are ‘cantik dan modis’. Go figure…

  17. Cukurungan says:

    Ganjar Pranowo of PDI-P just acknowledged that the required characteristics of personal assistants for legislators are ‘cantik dan modis’. Go figure…

    Friend, please do not think too far, if a musician need drug to boost their imagination in creating a good song whereas our legislator need to be accompanied by “cantik dan modis” creature in preparing a good regulation

  18. Janma says:

    “cantik dan modis” creature in preparing a good regulation

    yeah…. like the app ruu…… great regulation!

  19. kinch says:

    Spew, you really should get a new nick.

    As for secretaries who become chickens… certainly would have more utility than kampung chickens with half-baked ambitions above their station in life…

    In all cases, better they prostitute their bodies honestly for money than their brains in the herd-following worship of some ephemeral degenerate intellectual fashion.

  20. kinch says:

    Now how does a Bule get himself elected to a nice soft spot in the DPR? 😀

  21. Dilligaf says:


    I wonder upon your outlook on life!

    “their station in life…”

    I wonder also what your mother, sister, daughter may think about that statement!

    I am not above fault, but certainly above statements of that nature!

  22. shorty says:

    a moral or a fiscal exercise?

    with a bit of luck the polisi will spring a prominent, wealthy, married and middle aged lothario with a nubile, the younger or more prominent the better coconut drainer.

    think of the ‘fine’ !

    people screw…sometimes outside and before wedlock……..sometimes for money.

    the state and the ‘church’ (no matter which flavour) has no place in people’s bedrooms. (even if they are rented for a short time)

    ri has problems more worthy of police/legislative/religious attention than who’s screwing who.

  23. billitone says:

    This is very interesting.

    “Some” just can’t help it but screwing.
    People are screwing and those are just plain motive to put the screws on others.

    Those lower star hotels need to screw up their courage, or perhaps have their head screwed on right. Then not to screw around with the police.

    The world has a screw loose, indeed.

  24. kinch says:

    Diligaf: Back in your box or we’ll be aiming a can of mace up yer kilt.

  25. I think it’s two different activities – sleeping with someone who’s not his/her souse, and paying for sex.

    I wonder if there’s a law written somewhere that bans adulterous activities? Enforcing police officers to raid hotels etc. suggests there is. But, really? Can someone show me?

  26. waghwah says:

    This is certainly an act against human freedom.
    Does anyone feel at loss if two people decided to have sex with one another?
    Those conservative hypocrites at the government have more interest in nosing around our privacy than taking care of the economy and the education.
    Feel free to explain to me why I am not allowed to screw my girlfriend or anyone else using logical explanation, cos i dont give a damn about some religious bs. Thank you.

  27. PrimaryDrive says:

    Finally Woken:

    I wonder if there’s a law written somewhere that bans adulterous activities? Enforcing police officers to raid hotels etc. suggests there is.

    I’m not sure what the state of the affair now is, but yes there was this controversial law for indecent behavior. Pairs doing “kumpul kebo” risk two years jail. My guess is that this law is now indeed in effect.

  28. indahs says:

    Finally Woken:

    I wonder if there’s a law written somewhere that bans adulterous activities? Enforcing police officers to raid hotels etc. suggests there is.

    Yes, there is regulation that ruled out adultery. Article 284 (to 303) of Criminal Codes or KUHP or Wetboek van Strafrecht (sincerely I’d prefer the last one to show how pathetic it is – using ancient Dutch laws as primary criminal codes) rules it. However, no prosecutions can be made until complains raised by the actors’ spouse.

    KUHP will be revised and I read somewhere that they would like to finalised the revision in 2009. Perhaps it will be postponed due to election. However, I heard that this article is still appeared in the revision. I wish media focuses on the revision progress so people aware of their rights.

    Palembang, South Sumatra, 14th April. 100 policemen raided a number of hotels looking for illegal drugs. They couldn’t find any so turned their attention to other matters and arrested 13 not husband-wife couples.

    This is bothering me. How come investigation or raid could be changed immediately so easily like this? I don’t think the changing of raid without proper legacy is fair for any citizens. Even criminals do have rights. Besides, I always thought raid could only be conducted after approval of the presiding chambers (judges) and knowledge of prosecutor. Am I wrong all this time or was I watching Law and Order too much?? 😉

  29. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Wow, Indonesia and Malaysia certainly seem to be learning a lot from each other. Must be a case of success transfer. Malaysia has been conducting “Khalwat” raids by its religious police all these while…

    Way to go, Indonesia…

    But don’t stop at cheap hotels…

  30. Gatteau says:

    I guess it’ll be a very long time before Muslim nations reach the 21st century, and by then the rest of the world will already be in the 22nd!

    Fair enough for the Indonesian people within your own country maybe. But when hardline Muslim spokesmen try to influence society in Western society it leaves a bad taste.

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