Strange Things, Strange People

Mar 26th, 2008, in Opinion, by

Looking for answers to strange questions on this site.

Some search engine referrals to this site recently, some of the weirder ones:

Someone using Google searched

can you still have sex after female circumcision

and was delivered to the female circumcision article, whether helpfully or not.

A rather open-ended question

What are the nationalities?

Landing page –

Achmad has the answer to

what to do when you have smelly armpits

The person who typed

teacher molested my pussy

should contact the police instead of reading the seventh page of comments on the expats piece.

Someone here ought to know how much a

blok m lady cost

The answer doesn’t appear to be on Village Field Trip.

Special religious knowledge is required if

christian predict indonesian stock market

Referred to the Micro Nuclear Bomb page.

I’ve never seen a

naked demo in indonesia

And there are no pictures of one at

Fanglong could answer

will buddhist monk tell your fate?

Ferry Surya Perkasa probably isn’t the best person to ask.

This can’t be the right place for info on

shagging in the philippines

But the topic seemed to come up on the 10th page of the Dating Girls thread.

Teacher soul searching perhaps in

global tesol is it worthless ?

Referred to the 3rd page on the Expats thread.

How long did it take this person to notice

my daughter has male genitals

Referred to the female genital mutilation story.

Someone asks

what do people of indonesia looks like

Referred to Poor People.

A patriotic query

love your wife defend your country and believe in God

went inexplicably to I Love Islam.

A forbidden movie question

should muslims watch fitna?

Referred to Fitna by Geert Wilders.

Are the

malays jealous of chinese

Referred to Anti Chinese Violence.

A visitor from Belgium is concerned about the state of

indonesia toilets

and visited Best Toilet.

Somebody in Germany wants to find a

muslima naked

and failed to do so at

4 Comments on “Strange Things, Strange People”

  1. Mach Jabber says:

    The hell. This list is dead hilarious.

  2. Rambutan says:

    my daughter has male genitals

    That’s pretty sad…

  3. Erma says:

    So Funny… 😀

  4. Melita says:

    I think this is by far (mind you that I’ve read only 4 pages in this site) my favorite.. :’)

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