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Stop Press! First edition of Playboy out!

Wer’e not big fans of pornography here but Playboy is typical of one kind of porn that is fairly innocuous. I’m sure someone could make a case that, in general, soft porn leads one to harder things but it never happened to your scribe.

So with certain mixed feelings we look at the current minor brouhaha in Indonesia over the possible publication of a local version of Playboy magazine. Some Muslim groups have predictably, according to the Jakarta Post, reacted angrily.

The magazine will damage the morality of the nation.

said a spokesman of the “Majelis Mujahidin”, which translates as Holy Warriors’ Council, a group led by Abu Bakar Ba`asyir, who is currently in prison on terrorism charges.

Majelis Mujahidin

The Indonesian businessman, Avianto Nugroho, who claims to have the rights to publish Playboy in Indonesia, said that it would be a toned down version of the original with no full nudity. There already exist a number of these magazines, Popular being the most well known, featuring awfully beautiful girls usually clad in swimsuits and with come-hither expressions on their faces.

Popular Magazine

Likely it’s the fact that Playboy is some sort of symbol of American, err, culture, that raises the most hackles.


It’s not only malevolent groups like Majelis Mujahidin that are opposed to the publishing of Playboy in Indonesia. Hasyim Muzadi, running-mate of Megawati in the last election and a leader of the moderate Nahdatul Ulama has plowed in with:

It will cause a lot of problems, it’s better it doesn’t happen.

A senior member of the House of Representatives, also, said that the magazine must be in accordance with the nation’s culture and the traditions of the east. He said the only form of nudity allowed under the law was a traditional or cultural kind such as among the bare-breasted women of Papua.

It now appears the magazine’s first issue will appear in two months.

20 Comments on “Indonesian Playboy”

  1. Terence P says:

    My support to the publishing of this Magazine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Go for it…. there is no pornography in it, it’s all about a romantic relationship between male and female… anyone think it’s pornography, then they have evil thinking… duh~

  3. Andreas says:

    yup, I agree with anonymous. Go Indonesian Playboy.
    Playboy magz bisa merusak moral??? that’s really bullsh*t, “muna”, yang merusak moral tuch The Corrupt Government, not this magz.
    Give my support to publish the magz ASAP dude.

  4. ohid says:

    This is against Muslim “Parda”. I think nude photograph of Muslim male and female should not be published.But you can try with other relegion if they do not express any objection. regards to all.

  5. DA says:

    Indonesia is a Muslim country, and magazines like this should not be published under a Muslim state, because it is prohibited under Islamic law. it only makes sense.

  6. Andreas says:

    No no no, that’s absolutely wrong. Our country is a “REPUBLIK” country, and it’s a “Democratic” country, not a Muslim country. Couse not just Moslem live in this country.
    And ’bout the magazine, why do you bother? just don’t see, look, read and even touch it if that against with your religion rules or your will.
    I’m absolutely don’t mind to read and see the magz, cause I just enjoy the beauty that God give to humankind, that’s it.

  7. Aditya says:

    I like this magazine. Welcome to Playboy.

  8. Rockstar says:

    to Ohid:
    I’d say it depends on the person.
    I believe there is no religion in this world that encourages its believers to do things like that. So even if s/he a Moslem / Christian, as long as s/he still has faith and afraid to his/her God then I believe s/he wouldn’t do things like that.

    So i’d say, just let them be whatever they wanna be. At the end those who keep the faith shall be rewarded.

    to DA:
    under a Moslem state or not, it shouldn’t be published at all. For me personally, I don’t care, I’m just worried about how our younger generations deal with it.
    palyboy or not playboy, at the end it depends on how strong your faith is, to deal with this test.

  9. ohid says:

    to Rockstar
    I agree with you. But at times bad practices make people habitual to encourage the same. As this is against the Muslim practice that may make some impact on the people. Bad/forbidden things attracts people and I am just afraid of that.Regards.

  10. crito says:

    GO PLAYBOY!!!!!
    there’s nothing wrong with this magz.
    porn or not, it’s all depend on the people who read this magz.
    but for me personaly I don’t see any pornography on playboy.

  11. RC39 says:

    I feel there no wrong with publication of this magazine, because government have released it’s publication permission. If it’s wrong why don’t we blames the government for it. We don’t make religion as an subjektif for side’s which interfere in. Plz, look at our self first before we judges other…

  12. hasan says:

    Only Indonesian can decide its publication. It seems they dont want it. If this is not matter for them there should be people on streets to support its publication.

    To me,
    this is very wrong. if you consider the number of American teenagers girls get paid from pornography. Hey! do you want indenosian girls in porno to get money. This is how started in America and they came to this ugly point. no way to go back. somebody should stop them. this is just wrong. we know the sh*t going on internet.

  13. me2 says:

    I agree with Rockstar.
    yah,evrything it’s depend on the person itself,wether it’s right things or even bad ones.
    now,rather than interfeering others sinner business we’d better make sure that we are walking on the right way(based on qualification of our own religion)

  14. esna01 says:

    To andreas and other non-religious people who have shared their opinion,

    Which God are you referring to? Do not be mistaken between Satan and God. Please becareful when you use the word “God.” I am sure in Islam and Christianity, God prohibits such magazine to be published.

    Since you mention about Democracy and i dont think you are aware of the definition of it. Therefore, let me share the definition of Democracy according to Mirriam-webster (U.S. English based dictionary): “government by the people; especially : rule of the majority.”
    From the definition we can see that in the end Democracy always end up with majority rule or we can say a “mob rules.” The minorities does not have the power to protect their interestests.

    Constitution, Legislation, Regulation
    Andreas, we shall not go further to discuss the constitution. Let us just look at our (Indonesian’s) basic philosophy called “Pancasila.” Have you forgotten it? The first principle goes “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa” which in English “Believe in the one and only God.” Have you really forgotten this?
    Please be Indonesian. Dont be a Poser.

    Thank you all and may God Forgive Us All.

    Stupid opinion (I think)
    # andreas Says:
    April 19th, 2006 at 5:32 am

    No no no, that’s absolutely wrong. Our country is a “REPUBLIK” country, and it’s a “Democratic” country, not a Muslim country. Couse not just Moslem live in this country.
    And ’bout the magazine, why do you bother? just don’t see, look, read and even touch it if that against with your religion rules or your will.
    I’m absolutely don’t mind to read and see the magz, cause I just enjoy the beauty that God give to humankind, that’s it.

  15. Tomaculum says:

    To esna01:
    To understand the meaning of democracy is the short sentence of Mirriam-Webster doesn’t enough. We have to know the whole history about it (Greek democracy and its development).
    Rule of the majority, but under the watch of the minorities, which have instruments to avoid abuse of the authority. Freedom to speak or the opportunity to go to the high court belong to these instruments. There are also guaranted civil rights and off course civil duties.
    And: is in Indonesia our safety guaranted if we express our opinion as the opposition even of those majority?
    So the point is not that the minority doesn’t not have the power to protect their interests. They have facilities to try to enforce their interests without afraid of their security, because the state assures this. This is one of the typical attributes of a real democracy.
    to a democracy belongs also the religion freedom. It is allowed to believe in Allah, Christian God, Brahma/Shiva/Wishnu or even in nothing. And this freedom is untouchable. Nobody is allowed to close any state of worship anarchically even if this is illegal built (is there only churchs which are illegally built?). The state will do it in legal manner if the court has decided about it. You can demonstrate against such places or even against such magazine, but not further.
    Or do you mean a majority democracy a la Indonesia? Where the state lets the majority try to control the legislation and its implementtation/realization?

    Btw: I don’t understand your arguments under the point: constitution, legislation, regulation.
    If we say Pancasila, we shouldn’t forget: there are also 2. Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab, 3. Persatuan Indonesia, 4.Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmah kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan dan perwakilan, 5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia.
    I agree with you: be Indonesian, and if you are not Indonesian: be a good and loyal member of a state or better of the human being . Be tolerance and loyal to the state and its constitution.

  16. Rumi says:

    those who agree with this magz. can’t you just think about your own preference. try to see from mothers’ & teachers’ point of view. that will wipe out your egoism, and rise u wise. I’m just wondering what this magz contribute to the godness. u have had already more than enough similar magz, why should PLAYBOY be published

  17. Close1Eye says:

    I feel sadden that the court decide to jail Mr. Erwin Arnada because he make a bad decision to publish PlayBoy in Indonesia. As I understand the version in Indonesia is very toned down as compared to other mags in Indonesia.

    What blows me away is that the court actually let someone like Abu Bakar Ba’ayir (a suspect terrorist leader) go but jail some poor bloke just because he not popular among the Muslim in Indonesia. Haha talk about justice, my arse.

    Make you think about if you popular you can get away with killing but if you not they will crucify you because you go against popular belief system. What a joke.

  18. Hanavi says:

    1st of all to tomaculum opinion, wow dude that was so true,be human be tolerance n be true to our state (that doesnt count as being hypocrite,right.. ).
    And to esna: I can only say, that is why such a bad idea to mix politics and religion beside the guy talking about the country idea not the religion, is true that most indonesian are moslem but still doesn’t make it muslim country.
    Finally to all who complain that playboy not good to moslem (ckckck..such an old story) or maybe you guys right about that, I guess killing people and having multiple partner at the same time and accusing other people left and right instead looking at the mirror and self correction are really better moral than few businessman/woman who do anything to get money.
    My point is…let the “Greater being” judge, after all our life is our responsibility, no one can save us but ourself, regardless how much we ban anything from our life but if we can control ourself then all the anger all the conflict all the naive is useless…but after all is the oldest story in the book that 2 things that will have endless argument is about religion and politics.
    Well all and all, a smile is far better than a frown.

  19. dewaratugedeanom says:

    I intend to publish a magazine in Indonesia with pictures of naked pigs. Do you think this will be acceptable to the Muslim majority of this country?

  20. Fajri says:

    I agree with majelis mujahidin indonesia.This magz can make drop down the morality of teenager. We must say no to pornography.

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