2007 Exports

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Exports rose by just over 13% last year.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) figures show that exports for 2007 were at a value of $114 billion, or up by 13.09% on 2006.

Non oil and gas exports were almost $92 billion, increasing by 15.5%, just past the government’s target of 14.5%.

Some major export categories for 2007:

  • fats and oils, mostly crude palm oil – $10.2 billion
  • machinery – $7.4 billion
  • fuels – $7 billion
  • rubber products – $6.3 billion

Agricultural product exports rose by 17%, manufactured goods by 16.7%, and mineral ores by 7.8%. antara

2 Comments on “2007 Exports”

  1. Sputjam says:

    Not surprised.
    All commodity prices have gone up, including rubber and palm oil, by a significant margin.
    Cars produces in Indonesia are being exported to thailand and malaysia due to ASEAN prefferential tarrifs. Trouble is, Malaysia restricts imports to protect its local car manufacturer Proton, one of Mahathir’s dinosaur relics that refuse to disapear. If this was done away with, expect more exports to malaysia and more trade amongst ASEAN members.
    tyres produced in indonesia under goodyear gaining market share in Malaysia.
    Giant indoensian brands such as Indofood and sampoerna will someday be in the same league as nestle and BAT(British American Tobacco).
    With multinational owned Hero/Careffoure/Tesco controlling the retail hypermarket trade in ASEAN, expect more quality ASEAN products to be traded and amonst member nations and become household name, region wide.

  2. Dylan says:

    Moving towards import substitution through increasing exports, the government and central bank should give more trust and confidence to domestic investors and households to increase production of primary commodities, part of which is to increase exports.

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