Jakarta Massage Parlours

Jan 29th, 2008, in News, by

Massage parlours in Jakarta, and what might be going on in them.

Police in central Jakarta raided the “Tropical Spa” establishment on 29th January and arrested the owner, the germo, and the cashier. Policeman Helmi Santika said:

They were arrested for running a massage parlor (panti pijat) that is also used as a place of prostitution.

At the same time 14 other people were briefly detained, they consisting of masseuses, prostitutes, and one unfortunate guest, caught with his pants down. antara

Police also netted:

  • 4,3 million rupiah
  • 14 payment reciepts
  • three sheets
  • three condoms
  • 10 room keys

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  1. Robert Joe says:

    I was in Jakarta a few years back and loved the massage I had in one of the parlors there, i never had such good massage in my life ever.

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