Bali Hotels & Resorts

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Bali hotel list, by region and town.

Bali Island

Bali is frequently the first, and sometimes only, thing that pops into the minds of people when Indonesia is spoken of. In fact more than a few people do not even realise that Bali is in Indonesia.

Bali Map
Map of Bali, click for larger size.

The beaches, peculiar and distinct culture, the friendly people, and the tremendous natural beauty make for compelling reasons to vacation in Bali, Indonesia, at least once in your life. Read some travel tips for Bali.

Reservations & Bookings Deals

The best service in Bali hotels reservations is put together here, whether for luxury 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts, or cheap budget Bali hotels.

South Bali

South Bali
South Bali.

The “villages” on the southern beaches of Bali, where most travellers end up going, are actually situated very closely together, but we have however separated them for organisation purposes.

East Bali

1970’s feel sleepy seaside resorts.

North Bali

Less touristy, just, quieter and more relaxed.

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