Rise of Islam

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The West always tries to destroy Islam in Indonesia.

Professor Dr H Muslim Nasution, MA, a lecturer at Jakarta State Islamic University (UIN), in a discussion at Medan, February 1st, on the future of Islam, said that currently there were two regions that had the capability to lead the world Islamic community into the future, they being:

  • the Indian sub-continent
  • South-east Asia, comprising Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia

Of the Malay/South East Asian peoples Indonesians were in a unique and advantageous position to take the lead, because they:

  • have lots of natural resources
  • are in a strategic location
  • are tenacious, tough people
  • have a family-centred culture
  • are very religiously observant

In other Muslim countries Indonesians’ Islamic faith was much respected, he said.

The problem however was that the western world, America and Europe, consistently attempted to thwart Islam’s rise in Indonesia, going back to the Dutch colonial occupation right up to present western efforts to create and promote deviant Islamic sects, presumably such as Al-Qiyadah Al-Islamiyah and Ahmadiyah

Additionally the Americans and Europeans made determined efforts to prevent the leadership of the Organisation of The Islamic Conference (OIC) falling into Indonesian hands. If an Indonesian were to lead the group, he said, the western countries would have to step up their efforts to destroy Islam in Indonesia. beritasore

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  1. Janma says:

    Goobers, Allah just means Almighty God…… just not in English….. ‘Allah’ is not a muslim.

  2. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Good point Janma. All the Arabs, including the Christian Copts say Assalamu Alaikum.

  3. dragonwall says:

    Alas Janma you tried to make them understand that saying the word does not make them God..Good one..

  4. Aufar Bahri says:


    Muslims prefer to use the word ‘Allah’ to refer to the concept of the almighty Creator, as opposed to ‘God’, because:

    it has no masculine/ feminine connotations (as in god – masculine; goddess – feminine)
    it has no singular/plural connotations (as in god – singular, gods – plural)
    it cannot be altered to such words as demi-gods or half-gods.

    And this is suitable, because the Almighty should not fall under human classifications as male/female or singular/plural.

    To accentuate this the Qur’an does not use the number ‘one’ (wahid) when stating God is One. It uses the word ‘ahad’ Qul: hu Allah hu ahad. (Say: He is God, the one and only) Ahad is not a number and hence there can be no 2 or 3 or 4.

  5. Aufar Bahri says:

    And yes, the Arabic-speaking Christians and even the Indonesian Christians, use the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God.

    If you choose to make a distinction and say ‘I do not believe that Allah is the creator’, you are denying those Christians their beliefs as well.

    And Cuk, why be so discriminative against Al Kafirun? Maybe insha Allah those infidels you are referring you may become your brothers in faith one day.
    Wa Allahu alam.

    The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born, and lived, in an ‘infidel’s world’. did he not?

    were we not taught to say to Al Kafirun: lakum dinukum waliadin? (To you be your Way, and to me be mine)

    We can see how capitalism isn’t working for the best interests of its people afterall. Only the profits count.

    Just look at the healthcare and education industries in America that creates a people ridden with debt before they even have incomes, and the automobile and oil companies that care naught for the environment and refuse to switch to cleaner alternatives for transport even though it is readily available.

    To them be their way of life, and to us our Deen (Al Islam).


  6. sputjam says:

    Aufar bahari said –

    The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born, and lived, in an ‘infidel’s world’. did he not?

    and today, many people of the religion of islam, are blind to the fact that they have been misled into idol worship by the very people prophet muhamad had confronted.

  7. Mach Jabber says:

    I am amused how Sputjam promotes his Shabbir-Ahmed-esque version of Islam whenever he gets the chance.

    Seriously no offense here. Carry on.

  8. Yadi says:

    Ok fair enough, I would stop to take or eat anything made by the infidels, if the infidels are also stop to breath using Air/Oxygen made by Allah.

    Allah happens to be the same God as a large percentage of the infidels,

  9. prabhu says:

    basically indonesia is hindu nation….indonesia’s real religion is hinduism…..

  10. sam muhammad says:

    for 900 yrs since the pope sent the first sword wielding crusaders[1095] the attacks against islam has not stopped…..had there been a shred of truth in their pauline christianity with belief in a tri-god then force would have been unnecessay…they believe in paul not jesus [asa] pbuh….jesus prayed by touching his forehead to the ground…fasting….abstaining from pork…..today only muslims do these things….they may attack us for another 900 yrs but we will never follow paul……’and they try to extinguish the light of God but they will never do so no matter how much they hate it’ [quran]

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