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The number of Internet users in Indonesia reaches about 10%.

According to the head of the Internet Service Providers Association, APJII (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia), Sylvia Sumarlin, 25 million Indonesians are now users of the Internet (an increase of about 5 million since 2006 detikinet), 2 million among those being direct subscribers to an ISP. apjii

It is not clear whether these statistics include the users of handheld devices and systems such as GPRS and 3G.

Sylvia said she expected internet usage numbers to grow by about 25% in the near future, to 32 million users, given that, according to her, the government is planning to lower telephone tariffs (as most Indonesian internet users have a dial-up connection) and asia.cnet

…bandwidth costs are becoming cheaper now

Sylvia said she expected a number of bandwidth providers to reduce their prices by 50%, from $2,000 per Mbps to $1,000 per Mbps.

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  1. Nad says:

    Thanks for that Information, Patung, I was looking for more up-to-date data. You already said that it´s not sure whether this count (25 mill) includes G3, GPRS users, but do you have any idea how it deals with warnet/ Café users?

  2. David says:

    Hi Nad, well I assume it includes them, considering that of the 25 million only 2 million are direct subscribers to an ISP. So if 23 million people are using the net without subscribing to an ISP I guess they are doing it mostly at work, or at warnets.

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