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The ways that Indonesian webmasters and bloggers can make some money.

While many people blog, make websites, or spend time online purely for the fun of it or other reasons earning some money while you are writing can be a nice bonus.

For an Indonesian webmaster or blogger one of the problems encountered is that some internet advertising networks will not accept their applications, because of the poor reputation the country often has, while other networks simply have a very cautious approach to Indonesian applicants, but will accept them.

These are some of the main networks that will accept Indonesian accounts, whether CPC (Cost Per Click – you get paid per click) or CPA (Cost Per Action – you get paid per sale or lead), or CPM (Cost Per Thousand – you get paid for displaying ads based on number of ad impressions).

It helps to have a Paypal account for many of these networks (Paypal now, finally, offers Indonesians full send and withdraw accounts – sign up at Paypal).

Text Links

Other websites pay you to put text links to their site. Nothing to do with selling things, just a kind of advertising. You get paid for the length of time you display the text links, not per click.

Paid Posts

These networks pay you to write a post about another website, obviously websites that are selling some sort of product or service. In order to be accepted into these programs you must display the entire content of your posts on the front page of your blog.

  • Pay Per Post – probably the biggest pay for post network, prices for paid posts range from $7 up to $100 per post. Great if you like writing and increasingly popular with Indonesian bloggers. Get paid to write about the things you love.
  • Sponsored Reviews – Very similar to Pay Per Post, just another option. Sign up – bloggers earn cash.
  • Smorty – yet another earning opportunity for blogging folk, get paid to blog at Smorty.


You put ads on your site, usually text ads, and get paid every time someone clicks on one of them. Don’t click your own ads, you will likely get kicked out of the program!

Example of the “Reports” page in Adsense, showing today’s earnings (nothing to do with me).

  • Google Adsense – the Big Daddy, with the biggest ad inventory on the internet, they have advertisers who’ll pay for clicks on virtually any topic. Has text, image, and video ads. Payments to Indonesian accounts are only by cheque, other countries have direct deposit. Highly recommended but not at all friendly to Indonesian publishers recently.
  • Adbrite – Has text and banner ads that pay out either per click (CPC) or per 1000 views (CPM). Generally a second best option compared to Adsense though, but very popular with Indonesian webmasters. Sign up at Adbrite.
  • Widget Bucks – Displays Flash format ads, either contextually, by crawling the content of your pages, or by the choice of a product category. For non-north American traffic not well-recommended. Payment by Paypal or cheque. Earn $$ with WidgetBucks.
  • Affiliate Bot – Affiliate Bot might be the most suitable CPA network for Asia based sites as they have a large number of “International” offers, including some Asian ones. Sign up with Affiliate Bot.
  • Chitika – A newish network, advertisers are overwhelmingly in the computer/handphone/ipod areas. Strong filtering of non-North American clicks/traffic however. Payments are once a month via Paypal when your balance passes $10, or by cheque, when balance reaches $50. For tech, gadget and general shopping traffic, well recommended. Sign up for Chitika.
  • Bidvertiser – A smaller pay per click network. Payment by PayPal. Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.
  • Adtoll – A new pay per click and per per impression network that lets you set a “rate card” to display to potential advertisers. AdToll: Sell Ads On Your Site And Make Money.

Example of an from Chitika.

CPA, General

You put ads on your site, usually for some kind of product or service, if the user clicks through and then performs some kind of action, like buying the product or service, or filling in an enquiry form, you get paid a commission (usually around 10% of the sale price) or a flat fee (for leads).

Auction Ads
Example of an Auction Ad.

  • Auction Ads – has Ebay ads, user clicks an ad displaying an Ebay auction, you earn money if they then make a bid at Ebay. Get paid via Paypal, no minimum payout threshold. The network has reporting problems but on the whole is recommended. Sign up for Auction Ads.
  • Clix Galore – is a large network which pays on commission for sales and leads, based in Australia but with a lot of US, UK, and Canadian merchants as well. Payment by cheque (I think). Join ClixGalore.
  • Shareasale – similar to Clix Galore, but US based, has a good reputation among affiliates, tons of very niche type merchants. Payments by cheque only. Get paid for your great content at Shareasale.
  • Clickbooth – a smaller network with mostly lead based offers and email submit programs, Clickbooth – Make Money!
  • Pepperjam – a brand new network, very well run and highly recommended, payments by direct deposit or cheque. Join Pepperjam Network today!


Smaller, in-house programs that pay on commission or per click.

Good luck and ask if you have any questions or problems.

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  1. Hans says:

    Fine post. Do you know of any Asia-specific advertising networks? I’ve read about Nuffnang from Malaysia, any of the kind for Indonesia?

  2. David says:

    Hi Hans, thanks, there are also some in Singapore aren’t there, like, but for Indonesia I don’t think so yet.

  3. Seattle Fan says:

    @ Patung possible blog post in there… “ Review” Coming from the stateside prospective any insight you could forward on even to us on the West Cost… possibly Seattle would be much appreciated! Thanks Patung!

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