Terror Threat

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Whether Jemaah Islamiyah is a terrorist organisation, and the current situation in Central Sulawesi.


Nasir Abbas, former Al Jamaah Al Islamiyah (JI) leader turned police informer, gave testimony at the trial of Abu Dujana in Jakarta on 21st January and said that JI had never taught its members to commit acts of random violence, or terrorism, and especially not murder.

Any terrorist acts that had been committed were done by renegade members, such as Noordin M. Top, Dr Azahari, Imam Samudera, and Amrozi, who were not loyal to the JI leadership.

Abbas said that JI did, and does, carry out military and weapons training, but that these skills were not meant to be used to randomly kill people, as in the Bali bombings.

Abbas, who used to be the “Mantiqi 3” (Third Command) leader of Al Jamaah Al Islamiyah, with responsibility for operations in East Kalimantan, Sabah, Central Sulawesi, and the southern Philippines, said that JI had members throughout Asia and Europe, and in Australia, although he wasn’t sure how active the organisation still was, if at all. antara


Meanwhile a Crisis Group report says that JI’s “playground” of Poso, Central Sulawesi, has not seen any violence in the past 12 months, and that the JI command in the area, centred on the Tanah Runtuh district, has been smashed by police, rather brutally (Poso Fighting & Poso Jihad).

Radical Javanese clerics that had come to the town have either been killed by police, or have run away or been chased out of the area, twenty of the “Poso 29“, the men most sought after for terrorism offences, have been caught, and some of them tried and jailed, without any backlash from the Muslim community, and the government is funding de-radicalisation programs and implementing vocational training projects to keep likely types out of trouble. crisisgroup

This article in Indonesian – Ancaman Terorisme.

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  1. PAPI says:

    My friends ,
    Terrorism is terrorism. What ever the cause!
    Okay some said that some countries triggered the terror.
    But remember the government changed by time . Policy make its way and always changed.
    Dont punished every body.
    Be good.
    All mankind created the same.
    I think all religions , colors, races can live together in harmony.
    Remember we are same and live in the same earth.
    No terorism no in equality , no racism , no discrimination.
    Viva mankind.
    Live together and take care of your humanism

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