New Year’s Eve Parties

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Whether New Year’s Eve parties are inappropriate in Indonesia.


On 16th December Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Amidan worried that New Year’s Eve celebrations were often too “free” and that New Year’s Eve would become known as a night of sin. detik


While Amidan didn’t recommend banning such parties a member of the PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), Zulfikar, said the government could ban wild New Year’s Eve parties, as long as they provided some alternative entertainment that was more respectable. detik


Meanwhile Ahmad Bagdja of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) simply advised that since the times were difficult for many people celebrations of New Years Eve should not go over the top, should be in accordance with religious norms and be a time of calm and quiet self-reflection. antara

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18 Comments on “New Year’s Eve Parties”

  1. iamisaid says:

    These people have too much free time and they use their time to play god.

    Hey! it’s N_E_W_____ Y_E_A_R’S_____ E_V_E.
    These people worry about sin more than God does!

    So what? Mankind sins all year round.
    Now don’t tell me that there is a special sin held in abeyance until New Year’s Eve.

  2. TONI says:

    People have choices and nobody force them. So let them be.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    I hope bomb doesn’t goes off anywhere this coming New Year. We hardly celebrate New Year. If you have the money, everyday is New Year, Christmas.

  4. iamisaid says:

    welcome back dragonwall,

    I sent you an email this afternoon (+8 hrs GMT -my location). Did you receive it?

  5. Dragonwall says:

    iamisaid I have not check that out yet. I receive unaccountable emails from clients, pop up spam but I will checked that out. Yesterday I have to go to attend a court hearing and this morning too. I try to skip between time. I started 0700 Pacific Time and I can see you are staying up late.

    iamisaid, sorry I guess it didn’t went through and appreciate you resend again thanks.

  6. yuki tobing says:

    Although I personally do not celebrate New Year’s Eve in parties, I do understand why there are so many people who celebrate it in parties. Perhaps, they just passed one long and boring year, why not let them to have some fun?

    Anyway, sin is just a natural things, I agree with iamisaid, those people mentioned above acted as if there is special sin in the New Year’s Eve? Mr. Zulfikar mentioned the ban of wild parties, I think he really should find out more about Jakarta’s night life which I think is already wil enough. Could it get any wilder?

  7. Pulutan says:

    The worries of the good MUI-leader are more than justified. Celebrating New Year is much too sinful and free. People should be forced to spend Ney Year in the mosque reciting the Holy Koran. Maybe burning a church would be ok, too. But people who are happy and celebrating should be flogged immediately.

  8. raden says:

    How about AMOK & vandalize Jakarta Cathedral ?, Gereja Katholik Kalimalang ?, ransaking & looting Gereja BHK ?, Gereja Kemanggisan ? does it sounds familiar ? have we settled these cases many many years in many many occasions ? why not repeat it again this coming X’mas & New Year Eve? no law anyway
    Uncivilized & moron country can only run amok with the lowest GDP ranking and the largest population in ASEAN who can only secure 4th rank after Vietnam in SEA GAMES

  9. ecky says:

    Those people don’t have anything else to do so they try to look for more “work”.

    If you’re talking about sin, the prostitutes aren’t working only on NYE, right?

  10. Julita says:

    To those who celebrate:
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.
    All the very best of health and happiness in the years to come.
    May Our Lord protect and guide each you always.
    May peace rules your heart, your family, your country and our world.

  11. falcon says:

    What’s the matter with these leaders, I supposed, they are the angels and the rest of us are satans. In their minds most Indonesian become abnormal when come new year’s eve. The earth was created with Satans as well as Angels and all the satans appear during new years eve celebration. Angel’s advise “behave your” self while satan’s advice “go out and have fun, its time to celebrate” so the satans go out and celebrate, its is a sin. Alternative to new year’s eve celebration by angel is go to bed, tomorrow is just another day. The satan celebrate the new coming year reflecting the past year which has been bad, little money and terrible job. lets celebrate with the hope of improvement.

  12. ecky says:

    Angels will defeat satans…. Good side vs dark side… Who will win?

  13. Philly Mcfadden says:

    Look who’s talking… amidan, zulfikar & ahmad…. what a bunch of hypocrite!!!!!!

  14. raden says:

    this rubbish ‘fatwa’ issued by a bunch of moron who think they command premium decree above the country’ laws hv made this country perpetually , I repeat again : perpetually make Indon as the lowest GDP rank among the world. It doesn’t matter it is good or no good for muslim, it does harm this country’ progression & incompatible with universal human life progression

    we should ban those fatwa which are confusing public’s law enforcement domain

  15. Dragonwall says:

    Come on raden lets hope nothing in history repeats in claiming innocent lives. If they do so then you can called these radicals Islamic factions whatever you like. But lets keep fingers crossed for a moment. Understandable there are people in the IM who likes worshipping heroes and felt those clerics who issued fat-wa s knows what they are doing. Remember the FPI says they will protect the Christians, lets see what they’ll do.. okay Merry Christmas N Happy New Year man.

  16. Raden says:

    Merry X’mas too to Dragonwall & others in this IM.
    We should carefully relook the sentence though, the fatwa aimed for only the coming new year’s eve parties banned, so it has nothing to do with X’mas eve & if you did party last night, I think the MUI are okay so long you pay the bill (tidak ngutang), ha ha ha.

  17. Mood says:

    All religions who has celebration or ceremony to remind us, New Year celebration is no religious and it is for all human on earth to remind ourselves. So why should it be related to sin.

  18. Antonio says:

    The Majilis Ulama have no credibility in my eyes! They already lost that when they asked Muslims NOT to greet Christians during Christmas… Don’t listen to those bigots…

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