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Indonesians go sex mad abroad, says Dragonwall.


In our daily life we see of many people from all walks of life. Sex has been one that is omnipresent and had in many ways affected our life for the better and for worse.

One should never over indulge in this activity, as for people with married life should refrain in extra curricular and extramarital affairs.

My witnessing in countries I travelled, tells me that there are people who rather splattered their wealth just for a one night stand that usually turn out to be their worst nightmare.

Indonesians Abroad

In the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi, Europe and Netherlands especially the US to many who have consider this country a land of greener pasture which many Indonesian have come and go with the initial intention to seek a better future for their family back home in Indonesia. Many seemed to have forgotten their vow of being sincere and loyal to their kinfolk especially their children.


Philadelphia has been predominantly an Indonesian domain of sweatshops where many struggle up to two shifts to make ends meet. The lack of adrenalin had caused some dying from overwork and exhaustion. The grizzly sight of dying while travelling in a packed van back from work or while going to work is beginning to see an increasing unworthiness in the endeavour.

Free Sex

Men and women, young and old from all ages, character and race. Most of them ended with one another looking for a shoulder to cry on and the only way out was seeking consolation if not their sexual desire in this land of free sex with regardless.

Toy Boys

The paranoia of older women picking up younger men to fill the vacuum of their sexual urge and desire with the younger counterpart jumping in on a free load and many to pamper from. Gifts showered, money extorted and even woman fight one to be possessive while another just to be with the “KUMPUL KEBO” trend.


They all have seemed to overlook with intention on what happens in Indonesia with all those mouth waiting to be fed amidst high unemployment rate. Some ended divorcing their spouse to be complete and an easy getaway to end their frustration of having to care for someone else. Excuse of high expenditure comes handy by the lot to do away with responsibilities they once shoulder.

Families and hearts were broken with children dropped out from school in search of, if only the sex, desire and urge could go away with human for one who were a once devout and religious person not by not forsaking your loved ones.

I wonder if they ever thought of being forsaken or their hard earned money that would have made their children a better person or for a better tomorrow.

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  1. Dragonwall says:

    I witness instances of a 50 plus woman. You could imagine a person coming out from a sweatshops overworked. The body condition was sweaty oily look in her. She came home and start cooking for her ‘young pacar gelap’ waiting to be fed. This guy was seen going out with another younger woman and both these two women fought each other just so that they could be ‘f**ked’. How disgusting people with such despecable look in them as though fighting for a prize trophy.

    And another instance when these two women were sharing an apartment with one who is married. The other woman will from time to time f**k each other in a minivan parked by the road. After doing that they return tp the same apartment without any sin or being sorry for themself or the spouse waiting at home.

    And another is that a woman in her 50s is cohabitating with her son in law while in the US. When her daughter came to the US and found them together they fight and the daughter was thought to have divorce her husband.

    A friend’s wife who was a home maker in Indonesia left her husband to be in the US seeking better income to supplement their household expenses as well as putting her children to college. Her husband was a watch repair guy with a well known company in Jakarta and later owns a sports goods shop in Muwardi.
    The woman was in LA working as a nanny but later left for Philadelphia to work as a cleaner and a chocolate factory worker. There she follow the trend of having a ‘pacar gelap’ from Surabay who had a wife and childrens in Indonesia.

    Both have the responsibilities but seemed to have forgotten and perhaps her sexually urge she have may have made her a nymphomaniac craving for sex. The became sex partners. She even tell her husband that I am what I am, so don’t bother what other says. When I returned to Jakarta I am still your wife.

    I don’t fancy such whore abouts. How would she face her children or husband who were loyal to her and that fascinates me!.

  2. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Sad but true, pris women are more hardworking than their men. Usually it is the women being the sole bread winner.

  3. Anita McKay says:

    What I don’t get from the above story, is because it’s done by women, it’s extraordinary. If men do this, it’s normal?

  4. iamisaid says:

    Quote article title:

    Indonesians go sex mad abroad, says Dragonwall.


    Here are my thoughts.

    Perhaps it has something to do with any or a combination of these reasons outside the need for cash/extra cash:

    1. The exhilaration of being freed from the shackles of a repressive life style in the places that they live in Indonesia.

    2. The influence of a more permissive environment in their new home abroad.

    3. Loneliness and being homesick. Possibly having sex to assuage the primordial human need BUT doing it vicariously with thoughts of their husband/wife back in Indonesia while the humpin’ and the pumpin’ is at full acceleration.

    4. Having heard Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” repeatedly over the Indonesian Media.

    5. Everyday counts while the going is still good.

    6. Promoting Indonesia better than ads could do.

  5. Sputjam says:

    Don’t really have to go so far. In malaysia, Indonesian maids will go for other men even if they are still married to their indonesian husband. The good side is that Indonesian maids are ignoring Malaysia as they pay the lowest amongst maid dependent countries. Newly recruited maids prefer to work instead in hong Kong and Taiwan where their pay may be three times more than Malaysian equivalent, despite language difficulties, or singapore where pay is twice Malaysian rates.

    Some of these boyfriends will then take advantage to rob the house of the employer, after getting valuable information from their love birds. So now, employers are strictly enforcing rules that disallow maids from having any companion outside their home, nor are they allowed to venture out by themselves.

  6. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Indonesians are probably oversexed because of
    – longstanding religious taboos
    – sudden and unprepared availability of erotic material via internet

    Look at the most viewed threads here in IM. Almost all are sex related.

    In Bali busloads of Javanese men come to visit just for having a peek at the bikini or monokini clad tourists or at the Balinese women and girls having their topless mandi in ditches and canals. What they see as outrageous and titillating is here something no one notices. What the religious zealots however don’t understand is that by repressing and hiding what is basically natural they stir up and pervert a powerful innate drive. The result is that things can go nasty. Most countries – also in the West – where pornography is rampant are those countries where nudity and sexuality have historically been considered as something dirty and therefore swept under the carpet.

    Come to think of it: it might be a good idea to organize mandi-spotting excursions in Bali’s country side. Can be promoted as ecologically sustainable and spiritual healing tourism”¦, better than yoga.
    Dewa’s Magical Mandi Tour PT.

    I see visions of dollars coming my way.

  7. Dragonwall says:

    Anita McKay, believe you me yes it’s the women and I faile to understand why? They failed to touch their concious of knowing between respect, incest and adultery. Perhaps some even think that a closer relations mean no one else will know kind of attitude.

    Some extra cash? No not that way because they even voluntarily give money to younger men! It is like ‘piara kambing’ gigolo kind of activities. Like many years back in Indonesian the trend of ‘Tante Girang’. Simply disgusting.

    Exhilerated being free from repression is no good reason enough to condone such activities. Whether haway or at home it is they who chose to live the lifestyle they want. They have the right to choose but had ignored it. But they are not ignoring it while they were away!
    Like when the situation permits they cheat on their spouse? No concious, nothing at all?
    As to being lonely is highly doubted as these people slaught between 10 to 16 hours work shift. You will be dead tired for want to stir the desire to burn. Their social had becom despecable and sick.

    These people will gradually export this habits back to Indonesia and marital life and divorce rates starts to climb for their failure to see what is lurking in their way.

    When the going is good they forget, when times are bad they blame and whin.

    In Malaysia is an entirely different case story with money as thei main intention and work become secondary.
    In Philadelphia and even some of them in LA sex is their priority and money does not seemed to bother these men at all. They don’t need to work and someone will give them. Whereas those ‘sick’ women will grow old, wither, fade and left alone with nothing Indonesian style.

    They failed to sense the urgency. It is not the matter of sex and desire. It is becoming a disease and probably worsen their own economic situations.

    I came across a female Chinese National working in a restaurant. Lonely town and some of the workers went far out just to relief their pressure. (This should be seen as an entirely different to the topic of discussion as the men pay between 100 to 250 for the service)

    This lady then offered them an easy way out. They paid her 50 bucks for a shot. Only a doorsteps away in the same building apartment. (This is clearl cut for the women who needed the money and the men paid for service rendered)

  8. WP says:

    Come on folk, what people do in their sex life is their own private concern. Who are we to judge? I don’t know how much years of life you count dragonwall, but life is often more complicated than a simplictic student life.

  9. ecky says:

    What if the men did all of those things?

    Have young mistress, and after he f**k his mistress he goes home and f**k his wife.
    How would he face his children or wife who were loyal to him and that fascinates me!.

  10. Purply Ana says:

    Dragonwall, are you an “insider” in this? Where did you get such information? 🙂
    Apparently the “tante girangs” you mentioned are those who work “cash only” in sweatshops? They literally live an “underground lifestyle,” don’t they? How about those who live “normal lives” in the USA? Are they like that also? Just curious.

  11. Dragonwall says:

    I don’t understand the meaning that they work cash only in underground sweatshops.

    I mean this is open to everyone who lives in Philadelphia. It is no secret anymore and I don’t need to be an insider. Just open your eyes and you will be able to see. They don’t, I mean they don’t sell themselves but keeping younger men to service them get me. There is also no such things as underground life. They rent, share an apartment, room and do their personal things, like the kumpul kebo stuffs.

    Onje things is that sure it’s their private life. May I asked you this question if you don’t mind. If you are in Indonesia and your wife is in the US working and kept a younger men to service their sex urge. I wonder how would you feel? I am sure you won’t mind at most divorce her right!.

    Of course we are not mentioning those who led a normal life or married to a local being a janda, then I suppose that is a different topic don’t you think so? I hope Purply Ana could get a first hand glimpse into what life is in Philadelphia.

    I am well aware that life happens this way, but I am sure Indonesian were not brought up to be with this culture right? So if the men did that and goes home and f**k his wife, then isn’t that what we are talking about?

  12. Dragonwall says:

    Someone just came from Philadelphia and according to what they said the operations carried out ICE is getting fierce where there were people being ambushed by these law enforcement officers. The moment they board a van for work they will be stopped half way to check their IDs. Before most female were release but now it is all in ‘masuk bui’. Process and sent home.

    There were even people who already receive their residency here and acted in such arrogant manners like ‘who wants to go against me I will call the ICE to come and have them arrested’.

    And yet these people are not able to see their future getting shorter and shorter. Once they were caught and sent home they won’t have another chance to find those kind of money and of course they will no longer be able to enjoy the Kumpul Kebo Lifestyle ala Phila.

  13. Dragonwall says:

    Oh oh one more thing there were even those disgusted people who became snitch for the FBI whom they refer as tiga huruf.

    These snitches are thos in this country illegally and they report on other illegal aliens and make 500 bucks each when the person caught was indicted and repartriated.

    All in Philadelphia.

  14. iamisaid says:


    I resent two emails to you using my yahoo email account. You ought to have received it because its yahoo to yahoo, yours and mine.

    Should I send it to some other email address of yours?

    Please advise.


  15. Dragonwall says:

    bo la. ma na ada. okay iamisaid plz send to my friend’s email thanks la….can’t wait 2 ha.ha.ha.

  16. Dragonwall says:

    iamisaid. Merry Christmas n Happy New Year.

    I came across some indonesians in LA riding a bus. I kept listening to what they said and pretend not to understand. One lady in her 50 was sitting on the lap of a Hispanic guy 50 plus. Someone that was with us says she knew this lady who have grown up kids and husband living in Kelapa Gading. I was wondering if she ever look herself in the mirror and recall if she had missed something in her life back home in Indonesia. Apparently she didn’t seemed to be bothered about that at all.

    I don’t think they would do that back home but failed to amazed me how could they be doing this here. Really unbecoming ot their behaviors.

  17. Dragonwall says:

    Not too long ago the New Jersey Justice Department had pass a restraining order to corner every illegal immigrants in the US and Philadelphia took the wrap when they start to make their raid. Recently there were numerous arrests, reports were blacked out momentarily, and many have been waylaid by those ICE and FBI while on their way to work, Once they got into the truck for work they will be cut off along the way. All were being arrested and sent brought into remand and process. But in one instance there were men and women being arrested and several women began to pray hysterically and they were being left to go freely.

    What I am trying to say are these, that the time remaining for these illegal immigrants are limited and whatever time they have left remaining in the US to make money while they still could is their best hope. I wonder if these people ever repent and try and mend their way, just in case they are caught they still could make up for what they had left out for the families in Indonesia.

  18. barry prima says:

    This kind of thing is inevitable. Indonesian men are very neglectful of their wives and their sexual rights. I think if a man allows his wife to travel to the other side of the world on her own doesn’t really care too much for her.
    Any situation where people are away from their normal restraints, will result in them doing things that are out of character. Some things are not worth losing for all the money in the world.
    Most of the Indonesian men I know lose interest in their wives very quickly. So when the opportunity becomes available to the woman without the usual reminders of guilt, they will feel little shame in doing the dirty. It will even often be an act of revenge, which unfortunately always creates a worse situation.
    A lot of traditional Indonesian women often even expect their husbands to have some kind of affair at some point.

    Indonesians are probably oversexed because of
    – longstanding religious taboos
    – sudden and unprepared availability of erotic material via internet

    True on the second count, dubious on the second count. The whole world is oversexed due to factor 2. I don’t think indonesians felt sexually repressed until the concept of free sex became introduced to them. A lot of Indonesians still find the idea shocking, and all my indonesian friends (all well educated) said that even 15 years ago, even amongst their university circles where girls and boys intermingled quite freely, very few people even entertained such possibilities.
    It was something alien to them. Unfortunately this is no longer so as this idea is reinforced via the media to them every single day, and the indonesian media is as guilty as the west.

    Look at the most viewed threads here in IM. Almost all are sex related.

    That would apply in any country to any forum. You want to believe Indonesians are oversexed because its part of you oriental fantasy isn’t it?

  19. Andy says:

    It is true, without the restrictions of their families they play up probably more than most ethnic groups. Girls become highly promiscuous and don’t think twice about cheating on their guy.

  20. BubblyBlue says:

    I have one colleague who’s married for more than 10 years, she had a little daughter and she said as women, we have to close our eyes of whatever our husbands doing outside (f****ng here and there), because that is the only way we can protect the marriage. This is a very sad reality, and yet, there are a lot of men agree with this. Hm…

  21. Harvey Halder says:

    A few months ago, I got a letter from my x wife telling me. That I was SEX CRAZY because of nude photos. I figured nude photos were art.

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