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The role of the Khawariji doctrines in terrorism.

The emergence of the Khawariji sect represented the first splitting of Islam, in the 7th century, under one Dhul-Khuwaysarah. It is from the Khawariji sect that the idea of a Sixth Pillar of Islam emanates, instead of five, the sixth pillar being jihad, or holy struggle/war.

In contrast to its radical cousin, the Salafist sect, Khawarijism holds that excommunication can occur with almost no restrictions. The excommunicated are the unbelievers or infidels, on whom war can be waged freely. This is partly because, even in the view of mainstream Islam, the one who rejects Islam is considered to be innately aggressive and hostile to the faithful. Therefore jihad against such people can be considered self-defence, in the extremist view. These things I learned from here.

The author of Mereka Adalah Terrorists (They Are Terrorists), Luqman Ba’abduh, dealt with the issue of Khawarijism in a lecture delivered at the Al-Fatah Grand Mosque in Jakarta to former members of the militant group, Laskar Jihad, or the Holy Warriors’ Force. This disbanded jihadist group is most well-known for its role in the conflict in Maluku where it is widely believed to have helped turn the tide of the war to the Muslim side. Also attending the lecture were members of the Indonesian armed forces and the police.

Luqman Ba’abduh said that the followers of the Khawariji ideology had caused the deaths of millions of Muslims throughout history and that militant Muslims, like the men who had committed the bombings in Bali, often used Khawariji ideas as inspiration and justification for their actions. He recommended two courses of action against them: fighting their ideas on the ground, and aggressive pursuit and arrests of them by the authorities.

The lecture is part of the government’s and mainstream Muslim groups’ efforts to combat the spread of radical Islam in Indonesia which was largely begun in the wake of the second terrorist acts in Bali in October 2005. The men who committed the suicide bombings left farewell videos and it is these videos in particular which are believed to have spurned the authorities into some sort of belated action.

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  1. Felis says:

    Pillar or not Jihad has always been included into the MUslim duties even outside the Khawariji sect.

    The following suras are important for they state that all able Muslims who do not participate in jihad won’t get into paradise:

    [9.81] Those who were left behind were glad on account of their sitting behind Allah’s Apostle and they were averse from striving m Allah’s way with their property and their persons, and said: Do not go forth in the heat. Say: The fire of hell is much severe in heat. Would that they understood (it).
    [9.82] Therefore they shall laugh little and weep much as a recompense for what they earned.
    [9.83] Therefore if Allah brings you back to a party of them and then they ask your permission to go forth, say: By no means shall you ever go forth with me and by no means shall you fight an enemy with me; surely you chose to sit the first time, therefore sit (now) with those who remain behind.
    [9.84] And never offer prayer for any one of them who dies and do not stand by his grave; surely they disbelieve in Allah and His Apostle and they shall die in transgression.
    [9.85] And let not their property and their children excite your admiration; Allah only wishes to chastise them with these in this world and (that) their souls may depart while they are unbelievers
    [9.86] And whenever a chapter is revealed, saying: Believe in Allah and strive hard along with His Apostle, those having ampleness of means ask permission of you and say: Leave us (behind), that we may be with those who sit.
    [9.87] They preferred to be with those who remained behind, and a seal is set on their hearts so they do not understand.
    [9.88] But the Apostle and those who believe with him strive hard with their property and their persons; and these it is who shall have the good things and these it is who shall be successful.
    [9.89] Allah has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide in them; that is the great achievement. And the defaulters from among the dwellers of the desert came that permission may be given to them and they sat (at home) who lied to Allah and His Apostle; a painful chastisement shall afflict those of them who disbelieved.
    [9.91] It shall be no crime in the weak, nor in the sick, nor in those who do not find what they should spend (to stay behind), so long as they are sincere to Allah and His Apostle; there is no way (to blame) against the doers of good; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful;
    [9.92] Nor in those who when they came to you that you might carry them, you said: I cannot find that on which to carry you; they went back while their eyes overflowed with tears on account of grief for not finding that which they should spend.
    [9.93] The way (to blame) is only against those who ask permission of you though they are rich; they have chosen to be with those who remained behind, and Allah has set a seal upon their hearts so they do not know.
    [9.94] They will excuse themselves to you when you go back to them. Say: Urge no excuse, by no means will we believe you; indeed Allah has informed us of matters relating to you; and now Allah and His Apostle will see your doings, then you shall be brought back to the Knower of the unseen and the seen, then He will inform you of what you did.
    [9.95] They will swear to you by Allah when you return to them so that you may turn aside from them; so do turn aside from them; surely they are unclean and their abode is hell; a recompense for what they earned.
    [9.96] They will swear to you that you may be pleased with them; but if you are pleased with them, yet surely Allah is not pleased with the transgressing people.

  2. Kareem says:

    Yea, the government should quickly abondoned the quickly spread ideology of kharijites (khawarijism). As what been mentioned by brother Luqman.

    They should fear Allah for many body that they killed which many of them were also Muslim. I recommend people to read this book. Unfortunately there were no english translation from this book.

    May Allah Protect our noble brother Luqman Ba’abduh for his work.

  3. Adel says:

    Although the Khawarij were foretold by the Prophet (SAW) and warned against; we must note that the Salafis have nothing in common with them – neither in belief nor in practise nor in methodology:

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