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Indonesia is founded on discrimination against minorities, says Dragonwall.

Bribery, Corruption and Discrimination

New Order

After the ending days of President Soekarno, General Soeharto then took command as President and Supreme Commander of the Indonesian Armed Force (TNI) and began his rule of Indonesia from 1966-1998.

To commoners in Indonesia, at that time, when restricted media provided limited information to the general public, the ignorant citizens of Indonesia express in open arms that Soeharto with ambitious blood flowing in him, would better Indonesia and he will be a better person in running the country and he did without doubts.


Thus gradually thrusting Indonesia over the years into the forefront of economic emergence amidst discrimination and rampant corruption.

Numerous loopholes found by law makers providing an alcove for bureaucrats to segregate and disfavor minority groups even more when he continued using the Dutch colonial Staatsblad in ruling Indonesia to much applause of bureaucrats and politicians with intention to capitalize on the situation who then implemented various techniques in differentiating the Chinese and Christians with Muslim and the Indigenous excepted.

Identity Card (KTP), Birth Certificate (Akte Lahir), Marriage Certificate (Surat Nikah), Indonesianize Name Change (Ganti Nama) Certificate of Naturalization (SBKRI) and many other amenities and facilities much to disfavoring the minorities when rules were set by Government and Civil Departments.

Bribery became the source of new income for Civil Servants (Pejabats) and Departmental Staffs when minorities hoping to be law abiding and obedient citizens express their allegiance for Indonesia and conform to what was deemed mandatory to an Indonesian into discarding their other foreign identity.

Those indigenous and others, who embrace Islam were not annexed, breezes through Government Departments with nominal fees whereas the minorities began their sometime futile pilgrimage in obtaining the necessary documents at the discretion of Departmental predators. Bribery was then resorted to be the only way out in solving their problems.

These was still considered insufficient when religious leaders began waging their faction’s flagship ushering their support, under the tutelage of Soeharto, starts their foundation work to be outspoken gathering support from followers, believers and enthusiasts, but Soeharto was still considered to be liberal and tolerant towards other religions.

Crisis & Reform Era

It then reaches the pinnacle when other politicians felt that they should be given an opportunity in the Presidency, political parties started to flourish challenging the ruling party Golkar, with PDI broadening their embankments with splinter group claiming their footing on support together with other opposing political parties seeking reform amidst the falling Rupiah and a weakened economy.

Politicians tussle within Departments and Army Chief elbowing one another lobbying for support amidst propaganda that led to the explosive revolt that ended with the minority being targeted and made a scapegoat in an ethnic genocide.

Thus began the reform with inefficient political leaders with hyperinflation on the bull and economic on the bear. Slowly the political stability began to crack in the presence of terrorism and escalating crime rate. Efforts to rescue Indonesia’s economy by Central Bank had rendered helpless with parliamentarians sipping coffee with state provided perks.

The existence of discrimination remains unresolved when Presidents who champion Human Rights were faced with ever discriminative laws drawn by law makers who were unwilling to blow the cover to find a remedy. Though the law had abolished the pre-requisite of SBKRI, officials still leash the law with much hypocritical pretence. The government promise to abolish the “fiscal” for Indonesians leaving the country but it is still a dream come true.

There are still obstacles to have the SBKRI totally abolish and since the Government is unwilling to have the Staatsblad abolished, it is generating heat slowly waiting like a predestined time bomb ready to explode in lieu of a remedy towards discrimination.

Department officials are thought to be continuing their corrupt practice by demanding, receiving or requesting bribes making it hard to be eradicated.

Corrupt Civil Servants at PAM, PLN, plying their tricks by not reading the meters on time when consumers were slapped with utility bills mostly charged on overage.

The Inland Revenue would grossly manipulate with accounts to reduce the official payments with the shrinkage difference made to parties involved in private collusion and whereas the Justice and Immigration Department still ply their tricks with pre-requisites necessary for passport making in lieu of a bribe.

The integrity and public image of Indonesia as a democratic society seemed to have tarnish with their sovereign insulted.

Carrying an Indonesian passport to many countries decry one of the most corrupt country in the world and for most Indonesian minorities, it is every which way but lose.

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  1. Dragonwall says:

    @iamisaid, i think you have were disorientated because you said “does not espouse that the Malays are THE no. 1 citizens of the country” is infact a reality during the time of Mahatir. Lately I am not sure. What they were actually doing is that the make their presence felt and that all Bumiputeras is their priorities in the front, but in the back they priorities themselves more than their comrades. They can’t ouch the Chinese becaus eof financial and moral support that was deemed necessary for them to stay in power.

    @Sputjam, i do not regret what I put up but the suggestion of rain waters was an ancient way of obtaining water besides the well, and camels throat. In the olden days rain water was one of the source, river water another because the pre electronic and chemical era have not started and pollution was at the lowest. Now a days, fumes, chemicals, waste arsenic were found in rivers and into ocean. Heat rises and water evaporates into the air to become clouds. Chemical caontain in the cloud fell into rain water bringing along with them all the chemicals and other aborbed waste making it more dangerous to consume on the long run. And when they collect it through roof tops, it is expose to carcass of animals, faeces etc. Though filtered it still does contain those unwanted elements. Well water could be one but like one said these po=eople drill well by the meter at what 1 or 2 million per meter or something like that.

    Carbon filtration was thought of earlier but cost inefficient. I once visited several water supply company in Bogor, like Aqua and others one was owned by Astra’s son in law.

    I was there with those retired army guys from Ha*ur*ta but the hill was too steep for bringin water up the hill.

    The RO converting seawater into potable is one of the most expensive process but the most feasible and an answer to long term plan. Singapore tested one of those unit on board a tongkang in the filthy Singapore river and was successful. Now the singapore rive is crystal clean like you can go to phukte for snorkeling.

  2. Dragonwall says:

    iamisaid. How was your holiday? Meself I am all quiet and cold winter Christmas. I like Red Lodge in Montana and the prairie sweeping winter chill of Wyoming. Before home I was southbound through Reno and I guess all is still not moving a wee bit.

    Anyway I have gone through most of the blogs and find that people are only interested in talking rubbish, stupidity, just usual daily talk nothing important and I find some of the IM blogs even block our comments. I came across two of them who were prominent commentators who had wasted time writing rubbish or things they liked.

    I also guess it is going to get me bored to death and I will do the basic coordinations and roll the dice. The rest will be to them to pursue.

    When someone talks about something everyone starts making their post but none of them seemed to possess the dignity, except self proclaim pride, in fighting for their rights. Like I once said, Indonesians are mostly followers (ikut ikutan) than leader. All those that lead are crooks and thief like Marif said ‘Bangsa kita sekarang dipimpin oleh Maling’. How Abu Rizal Bakrie accumulate his wealth as Menko Kesra from 1.2 billion USD last year to 5.4 billion USD this years seems like David Copperfield or crooks like the so called Ndtangheta of the Italian Calabrian region who rules over the drug trade in Europe.

    I like to see something done to make sure these f**k**g crooks gets what they deserve. And recently Soeharto was implicated with the Petrus that killed many hardcore criminals. If there is any proof that he had abused their Human Rights I am all for it.

    Jusuf Kalla also recently said about land acquisition that was acquired by developers to which the lands were meant for the poor. He said to this effect that what are we going to do. This is what I consider a theif crying wolf.

    Kwik Kian Gie commented that tens of thousands of bank account were opened to receive BLBI Funds and are now mostly closed being acquire by foreign banks. Some owing milyaran but paid 5.9 juta rupiah. What kind of f**k sh*t is this. The Justice and BI and all the Menko Ekuin were all involved but there isn’t anything that is able to bring all these MF back to justice.

    WE NEED A CUTTING POINT TO START WITH. discriminatedminorities@yahoo.com
    is the email people could send their mails that I intend to make
    1. cc to SBY
    2. Criminal Court for Crime Against Humantiy
    3. The organization that is gathering details on Human Rights abuse.

    But before that I hope there is a breakthrough for mails to be sent to SBY.

    I am not sure which other departments that I could forward them to. Perhaps we will see what SBY reply is.

    I just can’t stand the sight of those blogger’s talking nonsense. Absolutely nothing creative and innovative.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    One more thing. I think the IM blog should concentrate mostly on the welfares and the environment of Indoneisa and Indonesians. I saw news reported that Bandung was having a flood. Then there will be water send gushing to Jakarta and flood will be all over again. Never is there a time, nowadays, that will bring back what life was 20 years ago. How I wish there is a way before Jakarta sinks like New Orleans something to de done by doing as much as possible to regain back all those MF who had taken away all those moneys that eightfully belongs to this country and put the moneyninto good use.

  4. Dragonwall says:

    iamisaid I guess you are in a better position to advice since you are in Indonesia (You know what I am saying) and I will send an draft of the email to SBY and the Criminal
    Court of Justice and see how you could help. thanks.

  5. Dragonwall says:

    sorry it should be discriminatedminorities@yahoo.com, thanks

  6. John Snider says:

    Indonesian Muslims are dangerous for mankind as I saw they used great violance agaist Christian and Ahhmadiyya minorities. If this Islam then beware of Islam it does not mean peace but violance as these Indonesian Muslims are doing to force their opinion.

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