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Achmad worries that Indonesia’s U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

Achmad Sudarsono

Achmad worries that Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

World powers are after Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology: We must get it first.


There is a reason China, Russia, and the U.S. are anxious to seek strategic alliances with Indonesia. Australia (they’re not all pot-bellied bastards), has good cause to build up its armaments whilst seeking defence agreements with us. The reason, friend, lies in our history and our night skies.

Friend, these powers are trying to get the U.F.O. technology buried in the secrets of Indonesia’s archaeological sites such as Borobudur and Prambanan. They are rushing to unlock the secrets of a science far beyond the imagination of today. We must beat them to it.

Consider these paradoxes: so many of the U.F.O. photos of the 1950s were round that the craft were called flying saucers. The Borobudur is round. The craft humans use to travel to space are rockets. Some temples in East Java resemble rockets. Javanese civilization has a subtlety of thinking centuries ahead of the westerners even now. Achmad is not racist – we’re all homo sapiens (except for some extreme rugby fans, who are australopithecus), so could the answer to why Java is so far ahead of the Bules be guidance from a more advanced alien civilization?

As documentaries such as the X-files have conclusively shown, the U.S., Chinese and Russian governments have since 1945 been involved in an elaborate cover-up operation to suppress information about their interactions with extra-terrestrial life. Obviously, if an advanced alien civilization were to choose a people to communicate with, they would choose Indonesians, especially a few centuries ago, when westerners were gnawing animal bones and gobbling yak fat to stop from freezing.

But Friend, Indonesia faces a historic opportunity to once again ascend to its rightful status as sole global superpower. This chance lies in unlocking the secrets of the U.F.O. technology. Friend, it is obvious: The Borobudur is a U.F.O. communications post. So is Prambanan. The temples dotted around Central Java are monitoring posts. Java was once “mission control” for the rest of Asia, including India, Southeast Asia, Thailand and North Asia.

So the next time Russian president Putin comes down here, all smiling and charming, we should top up his vodka and say das veedanya, Komrad (goodbye in Russian for all you illiterate Bules). When Ms. Condoleezza Rice comes here, we should politely give her a coke and burger, ask for money, but don’t let her anywhere near our ruins. The same goes for all those blue-suited Communist apparatchiks from China.

As Oscar Wilde, said, Friend,

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

What he meant was Westerners are in the gutter, but we Javanese are looking at the stars, meaning we are communicating with the pilots of those space-ships that visited Roswell and Area 51, (I’ll tell you about Studio 54 and partying with Andy Warhol another time). Indonesia must take what is rightfully ours. Scientists: time to get to work.

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  1. schmerly says:

    @ Assmad..

    Your reaction is normal for someone who has been abducted.

    I expected no more from a self delusional crank like you, you must have a very lonely life as I can see from your ramblings, typical of a short arse little runt with a huge chip on his shoulder and an inferiority complex to match, if anyone needs help you do I refer to my earlier suggestion, go and see a psychiatrist before it’s to late! and don’t bother to reply I’m bored with your stupidity.

  2. theMeek says:

    Do you feel superior since you know the truth?
    Why keep us in the labyrinth? Why not open our eyes if you know what’s really happening?
    Please do not say things that you are not sure with.

  3. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ schmerly & the Meek

    Here is proof: UFO sighted over Indonesia.

    Do you think Hillary is here to touch base? My foot.

  4. theMeek says:

    This video doesn’t prove a thing.
    Please do not delude yourself.
    Do not trust what you have seen on youtube.
    Those “people” are just fooling you around.
    It is a lie.
    There is truth that you don’t seem to comprehend.
    There is no such thing as aliens.
    Whatever you’ve seen is just one of God’s work.
    But No UFOs. No aliens.
    Humans has just conjure ideas just to amuse themselves.
    This something that you’re looking for, is actually under your own nose.
    Time will only tell.
    Things are not always what they seem.
    I repeat. They are not aliens as you think they are.

  5. theMeek says:

    Dear Sir Achmed,
    I’m sure you’re a clever and intelligent person.
    I need you to search about pineal gland.
    It’s one of our anatomy.
    Understand and found out the truth.
    And you will know that we have strength that God gave us.

    And if you understand what it is and what we are capable of.
    There is no need to know about UFOs and Aliens.
    Because the things you know will be secondary.

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Oh Baby, the gland I’m interested in certainly does start with a “p” — but it’s at the other end ! I will do some “research” on it after Jumatan at one of those plus-plus massage places.


    Va Va Voom !

  7. theMeek says:

    Pineal gland is part of the brain.

  8. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Friend,

    Prostate is part of the reproductive system !

  9. Hideo Kobe says:

    A very nicely written piece. Whimsical. Not too serious. But substantive. The underlying theme of the piece, as I understand it, is that we should not label as inconsequential those things that may have a link to what might be interstellar life. It’s been a lot of years since the book Chariots of the Gods raised the possibility that the earth is literally strewn with evidence of visitation but little “official” effort has been directed towards following those leads.

    We seem to be waiting to find E.T’s email address scratched on a rock somewhere.

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Halo Seksi Mr. Kobe,

    Yes, chariots of the gods, it can’t be ignored. At the same time, don’t you think the Borobudur just screams out alien visitation ? Also, wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s visit here just a bit on the vague side ? Could it be the secret service wouldn’t let her say what the real purpose was ? Maybe Obama hasn’t got the memo on the 1945 conspiracy of silence yet.


  11. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    At the same time, don’t you think the Borobudur just screams out alien visitation?

    Yes. Alien as in foreign to Indonesia. And Buddhists are certainly alien to, and did visit, Indonesia in centuries past.

  12. Alan Howard says:

    I believe your 100% correct Americans( the elite) are here to steal technology.
    I’m an American, a very senoir electronics technician and have served in two branches of the US military both times as a technician with a clearence.
    Most Americans like myself had absoluty no idea what was going on.
    But now that god for the internet we know,and for thous idiots who don’t read/research it deserve what lies ahead.
    But to the rest of the world I shout out and say, guard your secrets,they are POWER and that’s what the international elite seek out POWER. Be it money or oil or technology this all that they are after.By rook or crook if you have it, once they find out that you have something they covet they will get it. And by god they have no qualms about killing hundreds or thousands to get it.
    look at Afgasnstan,they had two things a route for an oil pipeline and opium, how many dead Afiganstains did they put away for this plunder.
    ll tht stnds between complete world domintion/ enslvement is a estern block of countries Chin, India and who every else will throw in with then. Figure it out if your going to have to go to war with the USA you’ll need ll the alien technology you can find.

  13. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Alan

    Thank for your encouragement. Yes, bules are evil.

  14. David says:

    What happened to the ‘a’ key on (A)lan’s keyboard?

  15. Odinius says:

    I hope that Americans are there to steal the technology of the padang kitchen…some better rendang options stateside would be nice 🙂

  16. Lairedion says:


    What happened to the ‘a’ key on (A)lan’s keyboard

    It’s ll encrypted lnguge msking UFO technology, I’m tellin you… 🙂

  17. Roel says:

    Gentleman please a little serious on the core of the topic.
    The key to the existance of Pulau Pulauan is Navy. The portugese, the dutch, the english all of them knew don’t lose Singapore to the Nippon but only then Nippon succesfully combined Ship and Air so they got Singapore after all.
    Now Indonesia can only exist as long as friendly submarines go through their waters. So since portugese and dutch, no indonesian fleet was ever able to control your total lenght of sea. If you ever will lose the submarines that are in your waters now to another nation patrollling there your world will change quite a bit. UFO’s is all about flying and air etc. But very seldom do you hear about wat is going on in your waters and that my dear fellows is alll that really ever will matter in any organisation considering the islands of the archipel. Please do not look to the stars and don’t walk with sherlock holmes tools around your ruins but consider a view on the sea. The only and most sure thing you have to keep yourself together. In this most modern world being in the front seat or at the top of this world will not be of any help if you are not considering cooperation. Even the most superpower realise this now and there is no chance if and when the Asian communities will increase their importance they might indicate directions but the time of dictating directions is over and do not come back. So keep it real and concentrate on the present situation of your navy and your navy allies and realise you can not patrol these seas alone but will always depend on someone else. In that case your only chance is to realise who you want that someone else to be and I figure until now you are pretty much well taken care for. You could have had someone much less attractive.

  18. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Mr. Ptoengs Yth, Seksi Mr. Lirdion,

    Never underestimte the lengths the U.S. will go to prevent the rise of Mojophit, including sbotguing the — key.


  19. diego says:

    Stop making fun of Misterrr Alan.,

    at least he spelled the opium-producing country correctly:



  20. Odinius says:

    Never underestimte the lengths the U.S. will go to prevent the rise of Mojophit, including sbotguing the — key.

    This is why they need Indonesia’s UFO technology. Sbotguing is simply not possible otherwise.

  21. Stupid Bule says:

    Yeah God forbid Indonesia loses the “UFO technology” to foreiners…Let’s all hope and pray for Achmad, and his imaginary UFO technology. Let’s hope that it will end up in the capable hands of Indonesians. This way we will see Indonesians in space, representing the Human Race. That is of course the Indonesians don’t turn it into a Mall or some other monstrosity…

  22. Stupid Bule says:

    As you can see, Achmad has made the number 1 spot on a respected Web chat group: UFO and Alien news. Not everyone doubts the truth, friend. Although some scepticism is natural in a democracy.

    What happened to your comment of being the “humble poet sitting in the rice fields sucking back on Kretek sipping Teh Poci”…???

    Achmad please stop talking. You are an embarrassment to serious Ufology, and simply do damage with each unintelligible, unintelligent word that you write.

    If there are aliens observing us, then you are giving them reason not to communicate with us. Your spastic (no offense to spastics) comments will scare them away.

    Please take time-out and visit a Psychiatrist, it would be for the betterment of all mankind…

    P.S. Please take your friends with you.

    Kind regards,
    Stupid Bule.
    Evil Whiteman
    World dominator
    Chicken Hunter

  23. Seksi Friend,

    I ever warn you in 2007 ! Now the Aliens visit Indonesia and leave a crop circle.

    Friend, the alien have been visiting for thousands of years. Just as it was hard to divulge the true thoughts of the Great Bpk Pembangunan Soeharto, it is hard to know their intention. They may be here to herald Indonesia’s ascent to sole global superpower after Amrik collapse due to its KrisMon. They may be just doing routine inspection and visit Dolly in Surabaya for refreshing.

    But Friend, you heard it first from…

    Seksi Achmad.

  24. deta says:

    Be afraid, Achmad. I heard they are also interested in learning pencak silat techniques to develop their mojo.

  25. agan says:

    I take offence that they send inept aliens to Good Ol’ Sleman to leave a rather crude crop circle as compared to the one in Inggris then; was it racial discrimination or just smoke screen for the usual suspects’ korupsi dan kolusi?
    Too little and too late.

  26. deta says:

    I take it as they’re not experienced in working on paddy fields… Anyway, wasn’t that a good break in the middle of boring news about Gayus and our president whining about his salary? 🙂 I wish they will do it more often. I mean the alien, not the president.

  27. agan says:

    I concur Mbak Deta next headlines prolly the sighting of Java homo erectus 🙂 from Trinil or the remain of Lusi (manusia lumpur Sidoarjo) never seen before.
    And truthfully as for Presiden Obambang is concerned in his many State of the Republik speeches (curhat) that he presided
    I would rather rather watch him sing than speak. Killing me softly.

  28. Ahmad Dani says:

    Thanks for the good laugh. Great post!!!

    It’s hard to believe that some of the commenter here actually think that he’s serious lol

  29. Informative and enjoyable says:

    Dear Achmad,

    Your website is very informative and glad to have found it.

    Will be going to visit Borobudur in the next few days. Will be back in touch soon



  30. bagio mintono says:

    Borobudur is a replica of a Mandala Spaceship from another world…

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