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Nov 7th, 2007, in Opinion, by

Achmad worries that Indonesia’s U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

Achmad Sudarsono

Achmad worries that Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology will be lost to foreigners.

World powers are after Indonesia’s hidden U.F.O. technology: We must get it first.


There is a reason China, Russia, and the U.S. are anxious to seek strategic alliances with Indonesia. Australia (they’re not all pot-bellied bastards), has good cause to build up its armaments whilst seeking defence agreements with us. The reason, friend, lies in our history and our night skies.

Friend, these powers are trying to get the U.F.O. technology buried in the secrets of Indonesia’s archaeological sites such as Borobudur and Prambanan. They are rushing to unlock the secrets of a science far beyond the imagination of today. We must beat them to it.

Consider these paradoxes: so many of the U.F.O. photos of the 1950s were round that the craft were called flying saucers. The Borobudur is round. The craft humans use to travel to space are rockets. Some temples in East Java resemble rockets. Javanese civilization has a subtlety of thinking centuries ahead of the westerners even now. Achmad is not racist – we’re all homo sapiens (except for some extreme rugby fans, who are australopithecus), so could the answer to why Java is so far ahead of the Bules be guidance from a more advanced alien civilization?

As documentaries such as the X-files have conclusively shown, the U.S., Chinese and Russian governments have since 1945 been involved in an elaborate cover-up operation to suppress information about their interactions with extra-terrestrial life. Obviously, if an advanced alien civilization were to choose a people to communicate with, they would choose Indonesians, especially a few centuries ago, when westerners were gnawing animal bones and gobbling yak fat to stop from freezing.

But Friend, Indonesia faces a historic opportunity to once again ascend to its rightful status as sole global superpower. This chance lies in unlocking the secrets of the U.F.O. technology. Friend, it is obvious: The Borobudur is a U.F.O. communications post. So is Prambanan. The temples dotted around Central Java are monitoring posts. Java was once “mission control” for the rest of Asia, including India, Southeast Asia, Thailand and North Asia.

So the next time Russian president Putin comes down here, all smiling and charming, we should top up his vodka and say das veedanya, Komrad (goodbye in Russian for all you illiterate Bules). When Ms. Condoleezza Rice comes here, we should politely give her a coke and burger, ask for money, but don’t let her anywhere near our ruins. The same goes for all those blue-suited Communist apparatchiks from China.

As Oscar Wilde, said, Friend,

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

What he meant was Westerners are in the gutter, but we Javanese are looking at the stars, meaning we are communicating with the pilots of those space-ships that visited Roswell and Area 51, (I’ll tell you about Studio 54 and partying with Andy Warhol another time). Indonesia must take what is rightfully ours. Scientists: time to get to work.

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  1. Christian Grevstad says:

    I have also seen UFO in indonesia, bali\kuta.
    It was incredible. It was a lots of them.. and it looks like they was having fun.

    I forgot to tell when I saw it”¦ it was 12.feb.2008 00:30

  2. Max says:

    Interesting theory… It’s no doubt that UFO has been visiting the planet in ancient years and maybe had contact/share technologies with terrestrial beings.
    I also agree about the temple structure resembling ufos for this reason.
    Good post, i see this blog is not updated anymore, don’t stop with this research!

  3. Parikesit says:

    Welcome to the JOWO Technologies, open your eyes, open your mind, we’ll see soon.

  4. Saul Wall says:

    The desire to believe in ancient contact with aliens to make ones history seem special ignores how special the real history is. The idea that ancient cultures could not have build inspiring architecture and sophisticated societies without help from aliens devalues these people. It also ignores the large amounts of evidence for these cultures growing and developing over time.

    Indonesia has a lot of potential if it can slow it’s population growth a bit more, notch up its literacy a bit, improve its business climate and secure more universal standards of human rights. Ancient temples that kind of look like UFOs have nothing to do with why the world is interested in Indonesia. A population of over two hundred million people as consumers, employees and innovators – many of whom have preexisting English language skills – is what is drawing government leaders there. Natural resources and an excellent geographical location don’t hurt either.

  5. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Saul Wall,

    That’s exactly what the aliens want us to believe.

    I ask you:

    * Have you ever dreamed of blinding lights in the window, humanoid figures silouhetted against the window pane ?

    * Have you ever set off the metal detector at an airport, only to have security remove a small chip from your but, had it analysed at a government lab, only to find the metal was no compound available on earth ?

    * Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to “beam up” ?

    I’m guessing yes to all of the above.

    Friend, check out Roswell, and the Area 51 stories and you’ll get the answers !

  6. fullmoonflower says:

    Pakde Achmad,

    Is there any alien who can play ukulele and sing “Garuda Pancasila” as you did? 🙄

  7. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    They have the technology.

    Enough said.

  8. fullmoonflower says:

    hmmmm…. 🙄
    Ok.. so, they have the technology….

    🙄 *I’m describing “Hikayat Cinta” by Glenn Fredly and Dewi Perssik in alien version

  9. ash says:

    Indonesia is littered with UEOs. Unidentified eating objects. Lets enjoy it. 🙂

  10. schmerly says:

    Achmad Sudarsono I think you’ve lost the plot, go and see a doctor ASAP!!

  11. barry prima says:



  12. Burung Koel says:

    I have also seen UFO in indonesia, bali\kuta.
    It was incredible. It was a lots of them.. and it looks like they was having fun.

    I forgot to tell when I saw it”¦ it was 12.feb.2008 00:30

    Yeah, I had those mushrooms, too.

  13. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ barry prima

    Javanese don’t discriminate against any race or aliens. That is the spirit of Javanese Kejawen. Be it Allah, Jehovah, Shiva or Djinns, we welcome them with open arms. Hope you understand that by now.

    However, one who thinks that he is above others, he is not welcome.

  14. schmerly says:

    AAB why do you always drag in clap trap like this “Javanese don’t discriminate against any race or aliens. That is the spirit of Javanese Kejawen. Be it Allah, Jehovah, Shiva or Djinns, we welcome them with open arms” why don’t you stick to point, barry prima did not mention anything about discrimination or religion.
    I wish an alien would come down and abduct you, it would do us all a favour.

  15. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ schmerly

    *yawn* Go read.

    You go castrate your own whitey traitor washing up our shore teaching us islam as if we don’t already know. BEWARE! your family will be safer among Javanese than with your own bule moslems like Barry Prima.

  16. schmerly says:

    AAB.. get a life sunbeam, and drop the same old rhetoric, “You go castrate your own whitey traitor washing up our shore teaching us Islam as if we don’t already know” now what the hell is that supposed to mean? by the way Islam starts with a capital letter, check your spell checker! in your words “Yawn” Go Read.

  17. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    schmerly schmerly

    You’re a serious retard (I am sorry to call you that, but you are), and like all whiteys are lazy to read the link I gave. Or maybe a Brown man’s directive is too much.

    Superior and sacred words like Javanese and Kejawen, as well as my name always start with an upper case letter. Inferior (foreign or imported) names/words have to stick with lower case letter unless they blend in with us.

    Learn some Javanese manner before your next post to avoid getting another turkey slap, understand?

  18. schmerly says:

    AAB.. before you post again learn some English grammar, this is getting tiresome having to repeat myself because your such a slow learner, now look in the dictionary at words that need to start with a capital letter, now where can I send you my bill for these lessons I’m giving you?

  19. Lairedion says:

    schmerly, what are you doing here on Indonesia Matters? You seem to get annoyed by everything and everybody here. You’re like the next dragonwall.

    Criticizing the English of non-native English speakers is somewhat patronizing, don’t you think? And normally I enjoy a good rant but I’m not impressed with your choice of words (as subtle as a pig’s fart). It’s lacking creativity and humor so actually it is you who needs to improve your English.

  20. schmerly says:

    Lairedion… I really don’t give a dam about your opinions, read all my other posts and then get back to me OK, also you don’t think it’s wrong when people write The White Man must pay Etc. I think that’s patronizing and racist or don’t you agree.

  21. ahmed says:

    The temples dotted around Central Java are monitoring posts. Java was once “mission control” for the rest of Asia, including India, Southeast Asia, Thailand and North Asia

    yeah rite, do u have proofs? talk like u know everything but u just spread hatred against other nations. the temples were built to worship god. do not assosiate god with alien. in quran god himself tells “other species” aka alien (in english word for undescribed entity) check it out. i doubt u will cause u refer them as jinn.

    open ur mind. religions made by men not god. god never make religion.

  22. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Pak Ahmed Yth.,

    That’s exactly what the government want us to believe.

    Friend, the UN Security Council was formed over an agreement to hide the contact of the governments of this world with extra-terrestrial life.

    On proof — yes I have it. But you must look for yourself. The Truth Is Out There, Friend.

  23. schmerly says:

    @ Assmad.. The next thing you’ll be telling us is that you’ve been abducted by aliens!!

  24. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Schmerly, Surely, Schmerly.

    As mentioned before.

    I think much, much better if you study…

    The Pancasila.

    Oke ?

  25. schmerly says:

    @ Assmad.. Why is it when you don’t have an answer you always harp back to studying the Pancasila, I don’t think you’ve studied it either, and if you have who’s philosophy are you following, Sukarno’s or Suharto’s? and if we follow your crackpot ideas we’d all be living in the funny farm.

  26. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    (* javanese smile *), Friend.

    Just study it.

    Then you will know. 🙂

  27. theMeek says:

    @ Achmad

    Are you being serious? or you just loves reading the replies for your amusement?
    No proof means whatever you said is invalid.

    I want to believe in it too.
    But sorry.

  28. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    So Bpk/Ibu Meek Yth., what’s your explanation for the phenomena ?? !

  29. schmerly says:

    @ Assmad.. As usual I asked you a pertinent question and you have no answer, I suppose that’s normal for someone with crackpot theories but with nothing to back them up, only a load of gibberish and back sliding, so come on step up and give us some proof, if you’ve got the guts.

    what’s your explanation for the phenomena ?? !

    And what’s YOUR answer???

  30. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Pak/Ibu Schmerly Yth,

    Your reaction is normal for someone who has been abducted.

    I suggest you check personal diary/e-mail records/personal records/ friends for evidence of long absences.

    Afterwards, hypnotherapy may be in order to remember those blanks, Seksi Friends.

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