Obama Lookalike Ilham Anas

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Photographer Ilham Anas’ new career as Barack Obama celebrity lookalike and impersonator.

Ilham Anas, born in Bandung, West Java, in 1974, but living in Bekasi, a professional photographer, has taken up a new career as an impersonator and star of television commercials (in the Philippines) due to his odd resemblance to Barack Obama. He has signed a one year contract with a Philippino advertising agency, here is his first effort:

Anas tells of how he was discovered:

I was in the airport in Malaysia in transit and a man approached me and asked: “Are you Obama?” I was very surprised when he asked to take a picture together and bought me a meal.

Obama Lookalike Ilham Anas

Meanwhile here is the real Obama, speaking a few words of Indonesian to Charles Silver, a former staffer at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta:

8 Comments on “Obama Lookalike Ilham Anas”

  1. Burung Koel says:

    The woman pretending to be GMA is pretty good, too. I love the height difference, and the fact that her cooking makes ‘Obama’ ill.

  2. joao says:

    I’d rather see Indonesia’s Partai Demokrat nominate him (Ilham Anas) than SBY as the next President of Indonesia. Imagining that the two would meet in some international event and let their pictures taken by world press. That would be cool. 😀

  3. Mbak Sri says:

    Aiyyaa am I the only one who finds this sad? That the closest indonesia can get to greatness is one lookalike and one SD menteng dalem. And there are Indonesians who are actually proud of this too… sigh. How sad.

  4. Arai says:

    don’t stress it Mbak Sri. ‘proud’ isn’t the word. they just feel it’s funny.

  5. Alsnusra(NIG) says:

    If the real Obama was to fall in his oval office and cease to exist,may that not happen,Ilham Anas would be a good replacement without Michelle and the world knowing.;-)

  6. sadie says:

    Poor Bastard

  7. April says:

    Well it is said that we all have a look-a-like somewhere in the world. No one ever said that the person had to be of the same race or ethnic background.

    As long as Ilham can represent with dignity a President that represents all real, working class people, no matter what color or ethnic background, or what counry, I say more power to him. Go Ilham

  8. Gloria Huffman says:

    April, it is inconceivable that two people of completely different racial and ethnic backgrounds could look so much alike. FoxNews said in an article on them, “Like Obama, Anas is of American and Kenyan descent.” I wonder whether they fact-checked that. I’m not sure that I believe them. I think Ilham Anas could be Barack Obama’s brother!


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